Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


     Prayer/Study/Sacrifice/Service 18



We are consciousness.  To help us realize this crucial fact, for our edification, purification, and realization, we offer You our hopes, our dreams, our plans, our schemes.  We offer You our "Stuff", along with our nights, our days, our hopes, and our praise.  Thank You for granting glimpses of Your eternal reality within all sentient beings.  Thank You for showing us how to be relieved of burdens by offering everything to You.






You pervade and transcend all dualities.  Your reign of power and glory pervades heaven and the entire universe.  The beginning of spiritual transformation is intellectually grasping the fact that we are not this material body. 





Upon further inquiry, we will see that we are not the body looking; we are consciousness/spirit looking out through the body; one eye or consciousness looking out through, and giving the power of function to, two eye balls.  





At this point, investigating why we fell from bliss into misery is irrelevant.  We are now fixing our mind on You and constantly remembering You; as a consequence, we are gradually rising out of the quick sand of ignorance and realizing our original, enlightened state of inner bliss, contentment, freedom, and Eternal Peace.



The more we purify our consciousness by always thinking of You, the greater our awareness of You as the source of unlimited dimensions of infinite consciousness.  Moreover, You are the changeless Unity in all dimensions of consciousness.




Fixing the mind on You purifies the consciousness, empowering us to recognize, resist, and even find unattractive, the former attractions which cause us to fall deeper into the illusions of the temporary worlds of ignorance. 



The real selfless Self, according to Your revealed Scriptures, Your sages, incarnations, and prophets, is You:  Eternal, full of unlimited knowledge and bliss;  beyond all dualities, incomparable, indescribable, beyond the reach of the mind to comprehend.




We are blessed with glimpses of You in each other.  As we continue to shed ignorance from our consciousness by always thinking of You, we are also freed from desire for name, fame, and adoration from others.  Gradually,  we realize, there is no "other".  There is only "You" in various disguises. 

This knowledge of self and You,  Supreme Self, is the supreme secret knowledge which, since time immemorial,  has given us the ultimate physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual education, fulfillment, and the bliss of Infinite Peace.





  As one sows so does one reap.  Thank You for teaching us how to purify our consciousness by being in constant rememberance of You.  In so doing, we remember who we are.  The more we do this, the more we sow seeds of goodness and mercy for the highest good of all, and the less we are liable to stray from Your path of Righteousness. 

Realization of You as our Love Supreme and Self-realization are synonymous; the greater the realization of one, the greater the realization of the other.  All are seemingly different expressions of You, who are the Undifferentiated, Infinite Awareness.





Through association with You, our consciousness is purified, we reevaluate our perception of self, ignorance drops off,  we  rise above petty, superficial differences associated with the material body, and continue to be here, now, as Eternal Consciousness, fully aware of  Supreme Consciousness as the Selfless, Eternal, Changeless Awareness of all. 

We are aware of You as the Supreme Awareness, The Eternal Unity in all the diversity.  The way out of the the internal and external worlds of dilemmas is to fix the mind on You.