Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                 Prayer/Study/Sacrifice  11



 You pervade and transcend the universal sound, Aum .   This sound is also known as Amen and Amean the invisible One, the unseen One, visible only from the Pineal Gland, the Third Eye.  More subtle than the infinitely subtle vibrational strings which are more subtle than the subatomic particles, You pervade and transcend the Pineal Gland, Aum, and the Infinite Stillness of being.



There is no high nor low, rich nor poor, inferior nor superior in You.  By meditating on You, through our prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice, our Pineal Gland is purified, and we, the consciousness which pervades and transcends the Pineal Gland, are less inclined to dwell on sense objects, and superficial material differences.  We are more inclined to experience joy, fulfillment, and security in You, our mutual Source.




You, the All Attractive One at the base of all consciousness, are  the basis of our support structure.  The source of all love, and the  beneficiary of all our works of devotion, You are the Source of the resources that change our life from negative to positive. Constant rememberance of You is the Master Key to our liberation from the illusory energy, Maya.


All that we do, we do as offerings, as submissions, as surrender unto You.  This helps us to always think of  You.  Always thinking of  You is healing us of the sickness of self ignorance, the root cause of all suffering.  You, the All Attractive One, are beyond the reach of suffering although You pervade it.  Verily, You  are the Source of the  Enlightenment of Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.





When all we think, feel, will and do is done as submission to You, the Source of infinite knowledge, wisdom and infinite illumination, we can be quiet, live purely, meditate, and be ever more conscious of our unity in conscious with You.  

When the consciousness is contaminated we act in ignorance.  The effects of acting in ignorance is a life of more or less suffering.  The consequence of acting with a consciousness that is being increasingly purified is a life of ever-increasing fulfillment and peace.






  You are the Source of our individual and collective integrity.  By surrendering all to You, we associate with You. Association with You frees us from slavery to insatiable lust, anger, and greed.  Gradually, we regain our integrity with You, ourselves, and others.  Thank You for leading us ever-more in our spiritual practice of never forgetting and always remembering You.


This spiritual practice is purifying our Pineal Gland and our consciousness within it.  Consequently, our original consciousness is being rejuvenated,  freeing us  from the supervision of lust, anger, and greed, the heartless over seerers  of the frustrating and disgusting illusory worlds of ignorance.





Prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You  is one of our primary tools for becoming free from the bonds of desire and gaining liberation from the miseries of repeated birth and death.  The more our consciousness is purified through this spiritual practice the greater we are illumined in consciousness, and the more we experience the eternal pleasure of the Self.


For blessing us with the ability to pray to You, study about You, and make nonviolent sacrifices to You, all harmoniously interposed with music of praise and thanksgiving, we sincerely thank You.  It is this spiritual practice that is helping us rejoice in and be satisfied in the Self alone.





 You are the Most Subtle, Super Conscious, Supreme Being of all.  The more our consciousness is purified by association with You through our prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice, the less we are disturbed by the incessant flow of desires that enter the consciousness and try to tempt it into engagements with the external illusory energy. 

 All philosophical questions are being answered from within and without, and all doubts are ceasing.  Gradually, we are being Supreme Silence, this "That" which precedes, pervades and transcends the original "I" thought.



You pervade and transcend all names, mantras, prayers,  forms, illusions, ministers, and Gurus.  The more we fix our mind on You by doing our work for You alone, the more we work without attachment for the illusory worlds of ignorance and experience the fact that You pervade and transcend all.

   Moreover, the more we work without attachment for the fruits of our activities because our fruits are offered to You, the less our mind is agitated in misfortune, or happy in good fortune or gain.  We ever-more exist in our natural self satisfied, self fulfilled state of  eternal being.



 You, our Infinite, Supreme, Stillness of Being, are our best interest.  Purification of consciousness, turning from outside in, making a one hundred and eighty degree turn, coming from outer space to interspace, depends on fixing our mind on You with devotion and love.

The more our consciousness is purified because of the mind being evermore fixed on You the more we are devoid of ego;  our desires for material sense pleasures dissolve, passions, fear, senses of ownership, and anger break up and gradually leave our life. 




Our inner joy and contentment is ever on the increase because everything we do is done  as an offering to You.  This devotional spiritual practice dedicated to You helps us fix our mind on You.  Thus our awareness is cleansed of contaminants and all things that cause us to act contrary to our best interests.

As we live as spirit, offering all our prayers, studies, and sacrifices to You, our intelligence is cleansed, our mind is sharpened, we are comforted and strengthened on all levels.  Less and less are we devoured by lust, the sinful enemy of the material and spiritual worlds. 




 As lust is purified out of our consciousness we are naturally more strengthened to turn from, transcend and resist our wicked inclinations; the desires to engage in the senses and even thoughts of engaging in sense pleasures gradually subside and are eventually cleared out of consciousness.

As the purification process continues, there is a  rejoining of that which was seemingly divided, a renewal of that which was seemingly worn out, a renovation of that which was seemingly dilapidated, and a effortless rememberance of that which was seemingly dismembered and forgottened; the living entity's knowledge and experience of self is unveiled.




 The different degrees of  lust are transcended the more the living entity is purified by fixing the mind on You, submitting to You, with all of our mind, might, intelligence and ego.  Gradually, the living entity ejoys the self within the Self and is fully satisfied within the Self.




   We said "seemingly" in the preceding paragraph because in the truest sense You, the Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, are always the Complete Whole.  Your integrity is never compromised.  We are never separated from You because You can never leave us.  However, we can fall into the illusion of forgetfulness of You.

You are our Supreme Spirit, the Source of all mental strength, intelligence, energy, morality, creativity and power to persevere.  The reawakening to our eternal integrity with You depends on fixing the mind on You.  Fixing the mind on You begins with always thinking of  You, our Supreme Spirit is the beginning our our reawakening to our eternal unity with You. 




Seeing the self as consciousness/spirit, and purifying our awareness by always thinking of  You, transforms us at the very foundation of consciousness.  This is truly revolutionary. Our value system is changed from materialistic to spiritualistic, we remember ourselves as spiritual beings and remake our life on this basis. 




As our consciousness is purified,  we are unfolding  greater forbearance and are seeing and serving You evermore, everywhere, in every person, place and thing.  Consequently, we are increasingly free from envy and the bondage of Yen and Yang, the world of fruitive actions and their concomitant reactions.




You are Supreme Reality,  The Supreme Love.  You are This, Here, Now, beyond empty, fullness, formlessness and form.  We meditate on You through our prayer, study, and sacrifice to regain You, our Love Supreme; You who are the foundation of all awareness.  Verily, You are truly Omnipresent.   You are always with us, everywhere, in everything and simultaneously beyond everything, while everywhere.



   You, Supreme Stillness, Supreme Peace,  pervade and transcend everything everywhere.  You are never created nor destroyed.  You are the all pervasive Supreme Stillness, changeless in all circumstances, things and events.  Therefore, giving up all desire for gain, free from egoism, and lethargy, we are submitting all of our works to You.  Thank You for showing us various methods of fixing our mind on You.




 Perfectly Still, You, The Supreme Intelligence of All,  are beyond uncreated, created, and any other dualities.  As a result of always thinking of You, we are increasingly remaining consciously one with Your Perfect Peace in all the tribulations, vicissitudes, and other circumstances of life.


The more our  Pineal Gland is cleansed of all misgivings, as a consequence of always thinking of You, the less we fall under the control of the senses and sense objects.  Thus we experience true love, peace, and freedom, doing all that we do as an offering to You.