Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 5

You, the central position of all our expressions, pervade all genders

and any other dualities. You are controlled by no one. You, the

Supreme Consciousness, beyond controller and controlled,  are the

Ultimate Goal of our assertions and activities. Thank You for

teaching us how to align with You and thus restore our lower

consciously to Divine Consciousness.

Supreme Being of Infinite Consciousness and Intelligence,

Thank You for helping us realize that better learning comes when

the student is constructing on a foundation based on knowledge of

You, Supreme Consciousness. One of the main avenues from

which this knowledge comes is the spiritual practice of prayer,

study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You.

Unoriginate One, Thank You for teaching us knowledge of Self

and how to realize it through prayer, study, and nonviolent

sacrifice. Thus, we are able to give up none-sense material

attractions and reach exceedingly greater heights of excellence by

fixing the mind on You.

You are the foundation of all awareness throughout the cosmic 

manifestation. You are Supernatural in all respects. None can

compare with Your Omnipresence. Thank You for teaching us how

to string together prayer, study, and sacrifice to You. This spiritual

practice has survived the ravages of the elements, and of time

itself. Moreover, it is definitely helping us return to harmony with

the universe.

Of all structural bodies, You are the keel. Of guides, You are the

Supreme Helsman, Pilot, Co-pilot and Steward. Thank You for

allowing us the intelligence to choose You and Your Most

Righteous Will, The Way of Peace. 

You, the Most Holy and Wise, pervade and transcend the oceans, 

the air, the original primeval sound and the most subtle vibrations. 

You are the Source and perpetuator of our unity. Thank You for 

helping us to always remember You through prayer, study, and 

nonviolent sacrifice.  this helps us associate with You, 

contemplate You and unite with You evermore.

You are within and beyond the five material elements from which

this body is made. All things and being are within You yet,

simultaneously, You are infinitely outside of them. 

You are within and beyond the five material elements from which

this body is made. You are the primordial energy, the life force,

the prana. All things and beings are within You yet,

simultaneously, You are infinitely outside of them.

All praise to You, Most Merciful and Completely Generous One.

Thank You for Your ceaseless mercy upon us. Thank You for

showing us that forgetfulness of You leaves us ignorant, while

remembering You leads us forward to wisdom and enlightenment. 

Thank You for encouraging us in our humble efforts to always

remember You.

As a result of always studying about You, praying to You, and

making our nonviolent sacrifices to You, we are rising in boldness,

and strength, taking responsibility for our condition, knowing that

"Others" are simply instruments, Your various disguises, through

which our Karma manifests.


You are The Supreme Teacher, Ruler and Most Righteous Guide.

Awakening our dormant love for You by always studying about

You is resuscitating us to our original Pure Consciousness. This

resuscitation is the ultimate goal of all we think, feel, will, say and

do as an offering, a sacrifice, to You.

 You, the Supreme, Pure, Consciousness of  all, are the Source of 

our virtue, vigor, compassion,  grace, mercy, patience, 

perseverance, zeal, and will.  Surrendering all

to You is one of the means we are utilizing to accomplish our end, 

which is union with You, our Eternal, Divine, Consciousness. 

You, Divine Providence, are the All Attractive One. When we are

constantly thinking of You we gradually realize fulfillment and

peace. Thus, we cease running from one material thing to the next,

thinking the next sense pleasure will surely bring freedom,

justice, joy and contentment.


As we remember You through our prayer, study, and sacrifice, our

consciousness is being purified, expanded, and we are behaving in

a more polite, even-tempered, and self-controlled manner. We are

at ever greater peace with ourselves and our worlds. Please accept

our humble offerings.

The illusion does not exist. Having no independence, it has  no

endurance, it comes and goes. You are the One True, 

Pure Consciousness.  The only reality, watching

the comings and goings of the temporary existence is You, all else 

is illusion.

 We did not know we were such diseased sin-sick souls until we

realized we were not the material body. We are the eternal soul, the

knower of the body. Our struggle is to be free of the material

disease by always remembering You.