Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 9

  You, the Eternal Unity which keeps together, pervades and

transcends all diversity, are the source of all thought and

intelligence, the Supreme Knower and observer in all sights,

forms, sounds and silence. Verily, You are the Immovable,

Centerless Center point of all.

Thank You for teaching us how to fix our mind on You and thus

keep it well centered, calm, cool, and collected. Certainly, keeping

the mind fixed on You is producing ever greater consciousness,

bringing us back into Divine Consciousness.
You are the uncreated, Omnibenevolent, Supreme consciousness

of all. You are the Omnipresent One, the source of all

creativity, intelligence, mercy and forgiveness. By offering

prayers, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You we are seeing that

our consciousness is becoming more purified and we are gradually

transcending the weakness of desire for the fruits of our actions.

We are increasingly doing everything in consciousness of You.  It

is by this spiritual practice that the Pineal Gland is purified. From a

purified Pineal Gland comes purification of consciousness. This is

the self-purification and transformation which returns us

consciously to our origin where we have always been.

Thank You for showing us how to see You in Your external

material energy and Your external material energy within You. 

This growing equanimity of vision is purifying our consciousness,

and thus helping us, in the midst of very stressful situations, to

return to our original, increasingly calm and imperturbable, state of


  You are the Supreme power, the ground of our being. You

animate this body, and all bodies throughout the cosmos. You are

Divine Reality. Thank You, for teaching us how to breathe slowly

and deeply. Thank You for showing us how to worship You in all

we think, feel, will, say and do. In this way, we empower ourselves

from the root of consciousness in this body, the Pineal Gland, back

to You, the ground of all being, the Source of all Consciousness.
When all we think, feel, will and do is done as submission to You,

we are purified of anger, lust, and greed. Consequently, the Pineal

Gland is purified and the consciousness is evermore open, awake,

and aware. Gradually, You are seen as the Ever Present, Supreme

Reality of the Cosmos. All Thanks and praise be to You, and for

You, forever and ever. 

By constantly thinking of You, we are realizing the ephemeral

nature of material things, and the insanity of chasing after them.

Thank You for showing us how to experience the fulfillment of

You. Consequently, we are losing our attachment to Your illusory

energy, that which does not exist, and are regaining our sanity.
You are the witness, the doer, the deed done, and the source of

Everlasting Life. Thank You for revealing to us how to lead our

lower self with our higher self. We do this by acknowledging and

thus remembering You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.

It is through remembrance of You that we associate with You and

get higher and higher all the time. We need no other stimulation to

get high, other than Your association. Through this association we

clean up ourselves and awaken from the illusion of ignorance. 

Ignorance of self causes us to think that the self is suffering and

needs external stimulation or medication to get high or feel

exhilarated. Always thinking of You is all we need to get higher

and higher in all ways, always.

You, The Supreme Divinity of all the worlds, 

are the Source of all highs. There was never a time when You, the

unsurpassable, did not exist. 

You exist beyond all illusions such as time and space. Thought

cannot reach You. Nonetheless, prayer to You, study about You,

and nonviolent sacrifice to You brings us into the experience of

You eternal loving Omnipresence. Through this spiritual practice,

we seek and find refuge in You alone.

You are You are the One Spirit of all who pervades and transcends

all, yet You always remain the same. Thank You for showing us

how to experience the fulfillment of You. Consequently,

 increasingly we are  less elated when there is so-called happiness

and are ever more free from attachment, disappointment, fear, and

anger when things do not develop in the way that we, in our ego

intoxication, wanted them to.

       Most Positive One, the more our awareness is purified through

association with You, the more our thoughts are transformed from

negative to positive. Thank You ever more for revealing to us the

science of Your positive association. It is by Your association that

our mind is quieted and mastered. As this happens our

consciousness is brought back into its original positivity and

tranquility. Your positive association is a way of ever increasing

inner joy, contentment, security, spiritual love, freedom and peace

with ourselves and with others.

Supreme Soul of the universe. The most important thing we can

do, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to fix our mind on

You. This purification of consciousness process, is our natural way

to Your Eternal life of freedom, security and bliss, our original

constitutional position. Thank You for teaching us how to take a

deep look at ourselves in the light of our ancient history and our

eternal spirituality. In this way, we go back and come up from our

ancient, righteous roots, moving ahead to union with You.

Purification of consciousness frees us from anger, worry,

lamentation, and hankering. It restores us to our natural state

beyond compassion, celebration, and craving. As we are purified

and awakened to our original virtuous nature, we are more

grateful, honest, kind, free from desire, and  increasingly able to

make quiet and edifying contributions to the welfare of all sentient


Thank You, Ever-Present, Intelligence of all sentient beings,

for showing us how to use our prayer, studies, and nonviolent

sacrifices to help us fix our mind on You. The more we fix our

mind on You, the more we are awake, morally straight,

exceedingly alive and positive in this present moment.

You are the Source of the oneness of all sentient beings. You are

the Source of the all within all which all can never contain. All

vibration is pervaded and transcended by You. Thank You for

teaching us how to get our self right with You. We do this by

getting our will in harmony with Your will. This is done by

surrendering all that we think, feel, will, or do, as an offering to

You. This is how we get right, get right with You.

Just as the one ether pervades and transcends the universe, You are

The Most Powerful, the One Divinity, who pervades and

transcends all forms, fashions, circumstances, and states of

consciousness. Thank You for teaching us how to love You, the

Source of all. It is through loving You that we are empowered to

love others. Others are You in various costumes. "They" are but a

reflection of our Self. In the light of this purification of

consciousness, we love and treat others as we would be loved and


  By the spiritual practice of studying about You, praying to You as

our Innermost Reality, and offering all nonviolent sacrifices to

You, we are always thinking of You. By always thinking of You,

our Pineal Gland, and through it, the awareness, is cleansed of all

impurities. Gradually, we return to You, our original Divinity, here,

now, in this present moment, where we have always been.

By constantly thinking of You, our Pineal Gland and

consciousness are purified, and we are increasingly able to give up

sense desire and turn from our wicked ways. Gradually, we are

experiencing inner joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in You alone. 

We are really seeing that  anything other than You is a purposely

distraction of Maya, the illusory energy.