Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


    Right Association   1





You are the most virtuous One. By associating with You our consciousness is cleansed, our thoughts are purified, and we build up our character; thus we develop our original loving relationship with You.  A  by product of this development of a loving relationship with You is the development of a love to love relationship with others.

You are the Immovable One in the many. Associating with You, through surrendering and chanting Your Holy Names is association with You.  This helps us return to our original cleanliness, stability and quietness, of consciousness.  Some attributes of our original  quietness of consciousness are Self-knowledge, inner joy, contentment, and Infinite Peace.





By always thinking of You, thus associating with You, our deepest fears, insecurities, and untold terrors are destroyed.  We know within all sentient being is You, the Supreme Master of illusion and all sanity.

  A life centered in You and Surrendering to You is a life in association with You.  By virtue of associating with You, the denseness of ignorance is gradually cleared from our consciousness.





We meditate on You.  By this association we are positively transformed. We become again truthful, humble, polite, giving and forgiving without discrimination, and seeing You at the foundation of the "Others'" consciousness, we able to love others as ourselves.   

  Always thinking of You leads to meditating on You.  This association is the way we make the change from negative to positive existence.  We are making our small contribution of positivity to the universe by first making a positive change in ourselves.  We are doing this by always thinking of You.






    Surrendering all to You, we see and serve You everywhere, in everyone and in everything. You are the Source of all Prophets, Messengers, Massiahs, Madhis, Incarnations, and Avatars. Please accept this humble offering at the dust of the feet of Your devotees. 

   Associating with You by calling out Your Names, surrendering all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, and intellectually accepting the self as the soul and not the body nor the ego, these are the tools we are using in this spiritual revolution



This revolution back to our original spiritual nature is not based on bringing anything down.  It is about detaching from the material illusion and developing ones own divinity.  Sitting in the Lotus position and meditating is enough, if one is sufficiently advanced.  Otherwise, fixing the mind on You and engaging in our duties is another way  to shed ignorance and realize our original divinity.


  This ancient spiritual practice causes a gradual dissolving of the ego, thus freeing us from ignorance of self.  Now we see the self as self-less, Eternal, Pure consciousness. 





As ignorance of self dissolves, through purification of consciousness, we are better instruments of Your Righteous Will.  We slowly and surly realize Your Most Righteous presence in this present moment.  We now see clearly that that which we,  in our ignorance, thought was the self was the nonexistent ego. 

Always thinking of You makes us powerful in the defense and offense of our spiritual well being as well as powerful in the offense and defense of our welfare in general.





 Concentrating our mind on You is what truly develops our character into its original pristine nature of Pure Consciousness.

 Associating with You, the Supreme Pure, purifies our consciousness.  To the degree the consciousness is purified, we return to You, The Origin, and remain, where we have always been, here, now, in the tranquility of the present moment.





The more we  associate with You we regain our boundless compassion and love.  We do not harbor hatred or enmity towards anyone and are blessings to all sentient beings.

  The more we associate with You through our spiritual practice, the greater our comprehension of the mundane crafts,  arts and sciences, of mathematics, science, music, language, philosophy, medicine, etc. 





 This spiritual practice of regaining our spirituality and love for all sentient beings by associating with You is the ancient Nile and Indus Valley method of realizing ones own Divinity.

 Our ancient spiritual practice revolves around always thinking of You through constant submission to You.  This is our primary duty and privilege.  Thank You, for allowing us to humbly come before You with these meager, irregularly composed, offerings.





 The truly wise know the level of cultivation and the level of civilization we have by our personal hygiene, and the way the treat other sentient beings. 

The more we associate with You through our spiritual practice, the greater our purification of consciousness.  This is the self-cultivation that leads to better personal hygiene and greater appreciation of the divinity inherent in “Others”.



   By seeing and serving You in all things everywhere, we are associating with You constantly. Thus, consciously and unconsciously, we are very naturally making a positive difference in our own lives and in the lives of others.

   It is in our greatest self interest to worship You by engaging in a spiritual practice that is centered in You and has You as the ultimate goal.  Chanting Your Holy Names and offering everything to You are limbs of this spiritual practice of associating with You, The Most Righteous. 



The more we fix our mind on You the more we can live seemingly alone, yet are never lonely. We realize You are always here, with us, around us, within us. You are us.  It is in our greatest self interest to always think of You and become Your devotee.   As a devotee, we worship You and offer our homages to You.  In this way, we  are consciously returning to You, here, now, in this present moment.