Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                            Right Association  10




  All beings emanate from You, exist within You, and dissolve within You.  All sentient beings have their common origin, aintainance, and dissolution in You.





Changeless, beyond form and formlessness, Omnipresent and Omnipotent,  You are the Supreme Source of all the worlds.  All Praises  to You again, and yet again, without end. 





   "You" centered, constant praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation, is our method of dissolving the bondage of self ignorance. As this happens we are cleaned up, remade, restored, into Your likeness again.




 As the bondage of self-ignorance is dissolved slavery to desires for sense gratificfation also loses its grip on our consciousness; simultaneously we are reawakening to our eternal life of knowledge and bliss. 



 All Praise to You, Supreme Freedom and Consciousness of all the worlds.  Your One Awareness is reflected in all that exists.  By meditating on You, The Supreme Pure, we are associating with You.  Through Your association,  we purify our consciousness and in so doing, cleanse our doors of perception and realize You, the origin and goal of freedom.

Always thinking of You by associating with You awakens us.  We gradually see the eternal self looking out through the temporary material body which is within it. The bodies are within the Self which pervades and transcends all.



Always thinking of You, we gradually realize the difference between body/nonself and the self/ egoless spirit, The Supreme Silence.  

You, our Supreme Spirit/Consciousness are always with us.  You simultaneously exist as the Supreme Spirit/Consciousness who pervades and transcends the consciousness of all.



Constant remembrance of You protects our consciousness from the onslaughts of ignorance, while it simultaneously dissolves our bondage to the illusory worlds of ignorance. 

Constant association with You through offering everything and chanting Your Holy Names is our way of fixing the mind on You and purifying our consciousness.  Association  assimilates.



With You as our charoteer and the light on our path, we ascend the path of self realization.  Our virtues, lack of egoism, self-control and calmness of mind increase as we surrender the reins of our life to You.




A life centered in You is a life in association with You.  A life in association with You is a life always thinking of You, The One who does not die.  In this way, centered in You, we follow You and never go astray.

Through association with You, our consciousness is purified.  We live in Your  Harmony, Your  Peace and Your  Love. Thus, we can greet all sentient beings with kinship and sincere warmth inspired by spiritual Love. This is the basis of a civilization centered in You.



We are controlling our mind by always thinking of You.  As a result of always thinking of You our consciousness is purified, ignorance is destroyed, and the enlightenment of our original Loving presence dawns, waxing ever more in its Divine Radiance. 




 Association with You through the spiritual science of Raja Yoga, as articulated throughout everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, shatters the delusion caused by our ignorance of self.