Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                               Right Association 13



 According to the knowledge passed down by You, and our personal observation and experience, the problem is rooted in our ignorance about the nature of the Self, our belief that either the material body, the mind, the intellect, or the ego, is the self.  This is the of the illusion of Maya.  The reality is, we are eternal spirit.  I am no body, going nowhere, doing nothing.



As we become conscious of the fact that the self is nonmaterial, and that our salvation lies in taking refuge in You, we resolve to work out our salvation with diligence by submitting all we think, feel, will, say, and do to You. This spiritual practice helps us associate with You.  Through association with You, The Most Pure, our consciousness is gradually purified and we are reestablished in our original pure conscious state of existence.



You are our original nature. Eternally free from the vice, sin and corruption of the ephemeral world,  You do not discriminate among the variegated sentient beings. You treat all equally. Justice is administered by Your Law, Karma. As we sow, so we reap.

  You are the life force of all, and the Source of our salvation.   Salvation in You is to live an infinite life of bliss and discernment.  Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to be devoted to associating with You by serving You through all sentient beings.



     The body, although not the self, is the habitat of the self, and is thus the temple of the Supreme Eternal Spirit.   Gradually, we see the Self in a very different light. We are spirit, in quality one with You, our Supreme Spirit, the Supreme Being of all.  This Spirit is The Most Pure and is the Source of  Freedom, Justice/Karma, and the limitless virtues of Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace.


    To the extent that our existence is purified by association with You, the greater we are edified and we realize the Beloved Community, Your Kingdom, here and now.  This is our original, constitutional position.

  We are fixing our mind on You by associating with You, and are realizing a state of consciousness we had forgotten.  It is increasingly blissful, completely natural, and transcendental to the worlds of illusion.



We are interested in positive change.  Seeing the Self or Soul as eternal spirit, in quality one with You,  is the quintessence of positive contemplation, which leads to positive change.

  We have inadvertently fallen into the material contamination.  This we know.  When we are completely out of the fallen condition, by associating with You,  if we are so inclined, we can determine how we fell into the quagmire of illusory existence. As for now, we are concentrating on how to stay evermore free of the quagmire by associating with You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.



Thank You for showing us how to experience the fulfillment of You while rising out of the illusory levels of existence.  The more we associate with You through this spiritual practice, the greater is our ability to detach and resist attachment to that which does not exist, Your illusory energy.

Thank You ever more for revealing to us this well worn path of devotional service to You by associating with You.  It is a way of ever increasing inner joy, contentment, security, freedom and peace. 



Supreme Being of all being, You are our vision of an awesome past, a glorious present and future. Thank You for showing us how universal love, freely caring and sharing, comes with purification of consciousness. 

 Supreme Source of All Sound and Silence, thank You for giving us a complete revolution in our concept of self and its relations; thus granting us  Peace of understanding, our original position of excellence. 



The Stillness of Your Peace shows us where we have been, where we are, how we are enlightened as a result of trials and tribulations, and the great benefits of purifying our consciousness. 

 You are the source of the goodness and love that are pervading and transcending every positive vibration.  Thank You for helping us to associate with You, thus realizing and living in Your purifying presence. 

 Thank You Supreme Consciousness of the Universe.  The One, the greatest simplicity, You are the source of infinite beauty and boundless blessings. Thank You for enlightening our intelligence and leading us on the path of shedding our ignorance and realizing  You, here, now, in  this present moment.

You are beyond glamorous, and glorious.  Mere words can only make a feeble attempt to point at Your infinite beauties.  To the extent that our consciousness is purified, we regain our natural clean heart, right spirit, and our virtuous nature.


You are the source of thought, the One at the source of all being. You are all the resources we will ever need to do whatever we need to do. Thank You for showing us how to be still inside through assoicating with You. so that we might follow Your righteous will.



All loving kindness and all auspiciousness have its origin within You.When we are so fortunate as to be able to remember You in all we do, we are in  constant association with You.  By persistent association with You,  we gradually experience the Supreme Unity of Pure Consciousness again.