Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


       Right Association 14




You are the source of the goodness and love that are pervading and transcending every vibration.  Thank You for helping us to realize Your Omnipresence.

Thank You for teaching us how to a clean our consciousness by living as spirit, associating with You by offering everything to You, and by chanting Your Holy Names.  Thus we gradually reawaken to our Most Awake Self, Pure Consciousness.



To the degree our consciousness is cleansed of misconceptions of the Self, we realize Your Pure Consciousness which is always available here, now in this Omnipresent moment. 

You pervade and transcend all dualities.  Your reign of of unlimited power and glory, pervades heaven and the entire universe. Thank You for Your mercy upon us. 



By always thinking of You, we associate with You, the Master of waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and transcendental consciousness.  The more the consciousness is purified by Your association, we can recognize, honor, and respect each other; seeing You, the eternal well- wisher, pervading and transcending all.





You are beyond past, present, and future.  Please accept our obeisance.  We offer You our life, our every breath.  Thank You for helping us control our mind and senses by thinking of You. By associating with You in this way, our consciousness is being purified. 

 Everything we have been through, everything we are going through, everything we will go through, we offer unto You.  Thank You for showing us how to experience the fulfillment of You. 




    By constantly thinking of You we are realizing the ephemeral nature of material things, and the ignorance of chasing after them.  We are seeing that it is our own righteous labor and industry, done as an offering to You, which raises us spiritually, to our original nature of an eternal life of bliss and knowledge.

Just as the one either pervades and transcends the universe, You are The Most Powerful, The One Supreme Being, the Source of bliss and knowledge who pervades and transcends all forms, fashions and circumstances.


 The greater our fulfillment by always thinking of You, the more we are losing our attachment to Your illusory energy, that which does not exist. Now we are increasingly acting for You, with intelligence, mind, body, and senses;  in so doing, we are experiencing the real, purifying  effects of Your association.

Thank You ever more for revealing this well worn path of devotional service to us.  It is a way out of the illusion, to a real life of ever increasing inner joy, omnipresent, vibrational bliss, contentment, security, freedom and peace.



The more our consciousness is purified through association with You, the more it is transformed from anger to understanding and compassion, from greed to charity, and from lust to Love. Thank You for revealing to us a methodology for  purifying our consciousness and thus reviving us to our original Pure Nature. 

With purification of consciousness comes harmony with Your will, the way of Peace, we can see Your everlasting beauty all around us.  We can see You, the foundational sacredness of all life and space, in everything, everywhere.



Supreme, Divine Being all being, thank You for showing us how to purify our consciousness by association with You.  You are the Source of  Universal Love, freely caring and sharing, for all sentient beings. 

 To the extent our consciousness is purified, by way of Your association, we are reestablished in our original nature of Divine Consciousness.  We know this from knowledge of scriptures, saints, sages, prophets, incarnations, and our own personal glimpses of Your Eternal, Divine Reality, our birthright.


Supreme Source of all Sound and Silence, than You, for granting us  Peace of understanding.  This understanding shows us how we are enlightened as a result of  holding on to Your purifying association through trials, tribulations, and other seemingly negative vicissitudes of life. 



Thank You for showing us how we can associate with You, clean up our our consciousness and leave a legacy of blessings as we transcend the illusory worlds of ignorance.  Thank You for showing to us how we can do this as surrender to You with devotion and love.  


 The greater our devotion to You, the more we worship You in complete surrender.  This surrender purifies our consciousness by fixing the mind on You.   As the consciousness is purged of all impurities we can again see every living being with equal vision.  We can see the Supreme Divinity, You, within all and all within You.  Gradually we experience evermore,Your Infinite Peace that pervades and transcends the Cosmic Manifestations. 

As a result of purifying our consciousness by fixing the mind on You, the realization of our oneness with You as an eternal, incomparable, beautiful soul, becomes more lucid.  Moreover, we know that this Sacred Reality is the birth-right of all.

The more we surrender to You all we think, feel, will, say and do, the greater is our realization that  Other than You, there is none worthy of worship. It is You and You alone who are the pilot and co-pilot of our lives.  You rule exclusively.  You have no partners. All are the same in Your sight.


 Your Supreme Reality is at hand, in this present moment. You are the One, the greatest simplicity.  You are Supreme Consciousness, The Fountainhead of all consciousness.  Thank you for teaching us how to fix our mind on You, without deviation, by associating  with You through our spiritual practice of consciousness purification.


The more we  purify our consciousness and associate with You and You alone, the more abundant are our virtues. Thank You, All Mighty One of all sentient beings, for allowing us the privilege of  chanting Your Holy Names, and surrendering all our mundane affairs and activities to You.  Thus we associate with You, and our consciousness is restored to its original Pure Nature.


Keeping the mind fixed on You keeps us totally, consciously, in the present  moment, performing our mundane tasks more efficiently with greater love and devotion for You.  Furthermore, our consciousness is cleansed by this association.  Thank You, and please accept our most humble, prostrate obeisances from all sides, from above and below, inside and out.


Your Supreme Reality is at hand, in this present moment. You are the One, the greatest simplicity.  You are Supreme Consciousness, The Fountainhead of all consciousness.  Thank you for teaching us how to fix our mind on You, without deviation, by associating  with You through our spiritual practice of consciousness purification.