Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


          Right Association 15




You are the source of the Highest Law, Karma. Thank You for teaching us the art of fixing our mind on You.  This scientific process is the art and science of  cleaning and purifying our consciousness, within which is the illusory mind.  It is this purified consciousness that enables us to survive, and thrive in security, freedom and peace.



 Your reign of truth transcends all the heavens.  All the heavens are within You.  However, all the heavens cannot contain You.  Please accept, with love and devotion, our humble submissions.  By submitting all to You and giving all the praise and glory to You, we free our consciousness from the troublesome, illusory, ego. 

You are beyond glamorous, and glorious.  Mere words can only make a feeble attempt to point out Your Super Excellence.  Like a child offering the vastness of the universe a leaf, a flower, or a little water, we offer our humble praise and thanksgivings to You.



You are Supreme Being, alone, the only one worthy of  our praise, selfless service, and worship.  These are means of assoicating with You and thus purifying our consciousness.  Nobility of character comes out of a consciousness that is engaged in the purificatory process.  All glories to You. Please accept, unconditionally, with love and devotion, our thinking, feeling, willing, speaking, and doing.



Our life is in You, Supreme Being of the universe.  By offering everything to You, with love and devotion, we fix our mind on You. Gradually the consciousness is cleansed of all misgivings and other impurities.  To the degree the consciousness is purified, we exibit nobility of character.  Positive change and wholesome contributions to the edification of our universe come from characters that are truly noble.


It is You and You alone who are the pilot and co-pilot of our life. No one other than You are unconditionally qualified to guide our life in the most right direction.  Fixing the mind on You purifies the consciousness.  This process cleans the consciousness of material contamination, restores it to its original nature of Pure  awareness and in the process, qualifies us to follow Your righteous direction.  Finally, in the process of purifying our consciousness, we regain our natural clean heart and right spirit.




 You pervade and transcend all dualities. You are the source of the goodness and love that are pervading and transcending every positive vibration.  Thank You for helping us to fix our mind on You.  The more we fix our mind on You, the more we are awake, and consciously living in Your loving presence.


You are our inspiration, our concentration and our meditation. Your reign of power and glory pervades heaven and the entire universe. You are the radiant essence of our intelligence.  When we concentrate on You we live consciously in  the present moment. Thank You for enlightening our intelligence and leading us in the right manner to experience Your Loving Presence. 


Here before the beginning, during the middle and You pervade and transcend the end.  You, the Greatest Divinity of all life, are the Reservoir of Supreme Wisdom and unadulterated Peace. Doing all as an offering to You, disentangles us from the illusory energy also known as Maya.  Please accept our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving.

By thinking of You constantly our consciousness is purified and we are increasingly able to control our nature and mentally renounce all actions. Gradually we experience the fact that we are the soul, doing nothing, coming from no where other than this present moment, and going no where other than this present moment. 


We are evermore  victorious in the inner and outer world in our efforts to remain free from Your illusions the more we think of You.  Thus we are constantly experiencing Your gentle, loving, presence again.