Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


       Right Association 16




 You are The Most Powerful, beyond creation and annihilation, The One Divinity who pervades and transcends all forms, fashions and circumstances. All loving kindness and all auspiciousness have its source within You. Thank You for showing us how to be still and quiet inside so that we might follow Your righteous will.



 Supreme Love, our road map to reunion with You consists of chanting Your names and glories, submitting all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, and being ever conscious of the “Sound" of Your Silence.




 Our consciousness is purified through association with You. We are transformed from beings of anger to beings of compassion, from beings of greed to beings of charity, from beings of lust to beings of Love. 


 Supreme Love, we are evermore content  chanting Your names, singing Your glories, submitting all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, and being conscious of silence.  These spiritual practices are purifying our consciousness and enabling us to live in ever greater peace.




  Thank You ever more for revealing this well worn path of devotional service to us.  It is a way of ever increasing inner joy, contentment, security, freedom and peace. Thank you for showing us how to do Your will the way of Peace. 

 When we are in harmony with Your will, the way of Peace, we can see Your everlasting beauty all around us.  We can see You in everything, everywhere; Thus we are liberated from slavery to the material world and its objects of the senses.




 Thank You for teaching us how to do everything as an offering to You.  In this way we live our lives so as to always think of  You.  Always thinking of You brings us back to You, our original consciousness.

 The more we fix our mind on You, the more we are awake, purified, alive in the present moment.  Gradually, we are able to look beyond the superficial covering of  the "Other" and see no difference at all; we see only You looking out through a particular covering.




Thank You for showing us how to be devoted to You and You alone by aways thinking of You. The more we think of You, the greater our devotion to You. This devotion leads us to realization of the Everlasting Omnipresence of You.  Upon this realization is our faith.  The more we worship You with faith and devotion, the greater is our realization of You.

 The more we realize Your Omnipresence,   the greater is our realization that the cosmic manifestation is one family under You.  This inspires us to surrender even more all we think, feel, will, say and do, to You.



 Thank You for Your  inspiring us to always think fo You.  Always thinking of You is association with You.  The greater our association with You, the more we realize our natural state of love, compassion and forgiveness. Gradually, we transcend inharmoniousness and see only the Oneness of Your Everlasting, Omnipresent, Love.

Thank You for allowing us to see that it is You and You alone who is eternally the same, pervading and transcending all of nature.




 Thank You for teaching us the art of fixing our mind on You.  This scientific process is the art and science of surviving, and thriving in security, freedom and peace.

Thank You for teaching us how to unfold a clean heart and a righteous spirit by concentrating on You.  When we do this we live consciously, fully, in  the present moment. 





  You are the Heart, The Centerless Center, and The Infinite Consciousness within all bodies.  Please accept our most humble, prostrate obeisances from all sides, from above and below, inside and out.

You are the radiant essence of our intelligence.  Thank You for enlightening our intelligence and leading us on the right path to reach You.




You are the source of the goodness and love that are pervading and transcending every positive vibration.  Thank You for helping us to realize and live in Your presence.

You pervade and transcend all dualities. Thank You, Supreme Power, for teaching us how to worship You in all we think, feel, will, say and do.  This empowers us to set right what we conceive is wrong, beginning with our own consciouusness.




  The more we worship You, and You alone, the more we recover from our sin-sick forgetfulness of You.  This breeds ignorance, the enemy which causes us to be  victimized by lust, the all devouring enemy of the worlds.


The ignorance that is the enemy disolves as we fix our consciousness on You.  As a result of transformation of consciousness because of fixing the consciousness on You, we begin to develop and thrive, spiritually, intellectually, mentally and physically.  In the end, we are completely one with You, Pure Consciousness.



You are the source of auspiciousness, auspiciousness itself, and the possessor of auspiciousness.  Pervading and transcending time and space, how can anything contain You?