Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                Right Association 18






  All sentient beings are intimately connected with You.  Thank You for showing us various methods of keeping our mind fixed on You, thus associating with You in Your liberating, loving, presence.



Thank You for awakening our intelligence and guiding us on the right path, here and now, to associate with You for Your Glory, our liberation, and the highest good of all sentient beings.



 Keeping our mind fixed on You frees us into our eternal, most intimate relationship with You, our eternal position of infinite bliss and  knowledge.  We are all one in You.  The more our consciousness is applied toward association with You, our natural attitude of gratitude and loving compassion toward all is manifested in our daily life.





Although all are within You and You are within all, all can never contain You.  All loving kindness, all attitudes of gratitude, and all auspiciousness have their origin within You.  The more we purify our consciousness by associating with You, the Most Pure, the more we experience this indisputable fact.




You are the source of auspiciousness, auspiciousness itself, and the possessor of auspiciousness.  Pervading and transcending time and space, how can anything contain You.



As we associate with You through constant remembrance of You, we become grateful to You and move ever more diligently in our efforts to consciously live in Your presence, exclusively.



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 You are the radiant essence of our intelligence. When all that we think, feel, will and do is done as submission to You, we are purified of anger, lust, and greed, the contaminants of consciousness. Thank You for enlightening our intelligence and leading us in the right knowledge to reach You, here, now, in this moment. 




Thank You for accepting our homage.  You are Supreme Consciousness of waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and transcendental existence. Thank You for awakening our discrimination and leading us to conscious union



As we return to conscious union with You, we experience more happiness and fulfillment; our natural condition,  Supreme Bliss and fulfillment comes to the forefront of our life.  From our experience, in You we trust, and in You we always have and always will dwell.




You are our Highest Self.  No matter how high we get, You are higher still.  The little knowledge we have of Your magnificence is like unto a few small grains of sand from a universe of infinite grains of sand.



A life centered in You is a life in association with You.  Through association with You, the Supreme Pure, our consciousness is gradually purified, and we live evermore consciously in Your  Harmony, Your  Peace, and Your  Love, again.