Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


            Right Association 2



 As we purify our awareness by always thinking of You,  the First and Final Guru,  we are gradually healed, healthy, whole again.  Our  awareness grows, expands, ever more free from the illusions of dismemberment and remembering. 


Gradually, we regain our natural centeredness, balance, and harmony.  We return to transcendence of the three Gunas: Goodness, passion, and ignorance.  We are empowered to do this by always thinking of You.




Everlasting Life is about purifying and expansion of consciousness.  As we purify our consciousness by always remembering You,  we are gradually freed from the illusion of coming and going, rising and falling, higher and lower, ignorance and enlightenment, attachment  and detachment. 





You are the Source of all origins, maintainances, and disolutions. Thank You for revealing to us ways to purify our awareness.  We do this by fixing the mind on You. In this way we, by Your grace,  make a contribution toward leaving the universe better than we found it.

When we accept the Karmic responsibility for our condition we cease blaming others, take responsibility for our own condition of life, lift our lower self by our higher self and gradually reawaken to our eternal union with You.  




You are our greatest reality, our rehabilitation, edification and liberation from the ignorance and bondage of Your illusory energy known as Maya.  

Other than You, the source of all happiness and security, we have no guardian nor advocate.  We offer our obeisances to You, of boundless bliss and limitless power. 

    You are the Source of Goodness, Humility, and Righteousness.  By meditating on You, the Ccnter-point of our culture, and the source of our righteousness, we gradually strengthen, refine and edify ourselves, our families, and our communities throughout our universe.



Chanting, offering, and remembering engages us in Your full-time liberating service and restores us to who we really are, even as we engage in mundane affairs.

 We take refuge in You by always thinking of You as the eternal reality, at hand, in this present moment, the infinite stillness of being. 

  The more we think of  You the greater our devotion to You.  The greater our devotion to You the more we submit all to You.  As we submit to You,we are freed from slavery to the senses, including the mind, intellect and ego. 





  The greater our devotion to You the more we worship You  who are beyond form and formlessness, name and namelessness, blame and blamelessness.

 The more we worship You the more we come back to You, awaken to You, here now, in this present moment.




  Seeing the self as spirit, chanting Your Holy Names and offering You everything, our devotion for You increases, and we worship You ever more.

 The greater our worship of You, who are the most pure, high, powerful, and compassionate, the more we remember what we have forgotten; we are resuscitated to our original Pure Consciousness. 





Remembrance of You purifies our  consciousness to the reality of You, Supreme Spirit, who are eternally pervading and transcending body, mind, intellect, ego and all levels of lower selves.

Purification of consciousness frees us from the sufferings associated with the illusions of waking, dreaming, deep sleep, birth, death and rebirth. 





Purification of consciousness emancipates us from the sin and bondage of ignorance, and reawakens us to Your Eternal Spiritual Kingdom which is beyond all concepts, yet here and now in this present moment. 

 You are the only reality,  the only Good , the only one we can truly depend on;  everything else is the illusion.  Please accept these humble offerings with all our love and devotion.




You are the foundation of all being. We gradually reawaken to this/our Divinity as we purify our consciousness by our unswerving devotion to You, the Supreme Consciousness of all.

     We suffer due to impurity of consciousness, caused by forgetfulness of You.  Thinking of You, the most Pure Consciousness, is one of our primary aids in remembering You and coming back to You.



Remembering You helps us surrender to You. This surrender helps in our efforts to always think of You.  Always thinking of You is our primary means of  associating with You.  This is our primary vehicle for coming back to Your Total Awareness, our awakening from the illusion of Maya.





Remembering You, Surrendering all to You, we return to our strong and serene state of Pure Consciousness.  Thank You for showing us various means of remembering You.






It is in consciousness of  You, the unity in all, that we begin to realize, self-confidence, ever increasing spiritual progress, and eternal peace.

 Constantly submitting all to You is associating with You. Through this process, our consciousness is gradually transformed into Your likeness again.





Thank You for showing us how to do our duties in remembrance of You.   It is in remembering You that our awareness is purified and we are freed from enslavement to the mind, ego, intellect, eyes, nose, tongue, hearing, and touch.