Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                 Right Association 3



 You are the Supreme Equality within and beyond all inequalities.  Always Omnipresent and Unconditioned, no sin can come near to You nor can it ever contaminate Your Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace. 

Pervading and transcending the strength and strategies of Maya, You are the Supreme Power the Source of all Radiance, the Ultimate Spiritual Effulgence at the foundation of all being,  You are our Supreme Being.  Please accept these humble attempts to praise and thank You for Your presence and mercy, here, now, in this moment.





We pray to You, study about You, sacrifice for You, serve You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  In this way, we associate with You, the Most Pure.  Through Your association we purify our  Pineal gland and in so doing regain our original Divine consciousness.


 You are the Supreme Goodness at the base of all being.  The more the consciousness is purified the more we are free of the disease of desire.  This freedom enables us to see and experience Your goodness in all sentient beings. 




Infinite freedom, true liberation, is Absolute.   It is realized as we purify our awareness and are beyond I, AM, AUM, Silence, unconsciousness, consciousness,  knowledge, ignorance, enlightenment, experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss.  We are healed, healthy, absolutely aware, whole again.

 Thank You for helping us to always think of You and see You, The Supreme Self, everywhere.  Consequently, we are invested with the power to forgive our so-called debtors and engage in real upward mobility to You, The Most High.



Associating  with You by always thinking of You, concentrating on Your glories, and eventually meditating on You, helps us develop the skills, patience, and judgement needed to make progress to You while we do our duties in the material world. 

Associating with You by Meditating on You purifies the consciousness. It brings about  the awareness of  Your Complete, Omnipresent, Divinity.  This Divinity is equally present in everything, everywhere, all the time,  pervading and transcending everything in full measure eternally.




 Moreover, purification of consciousness is accomplished , through our spiritual practice of associating with You through our prayer, study, sacrifice/surrender/submission/service, and meditation. This is deliberately associating the mind and all activities with You, the Most Pure, and thereby purifying our consciousness.

The more Pure the consciousness is, the more quiet it is. With quietness of consciousness comes brightening and sharpening of the intellect.  This leads to further quietening of the mind and experiencing of the eternal Self, above and far beyond the vicissitudes of material existence. 




Association with You, through our spiritual practice is powerful. It purifies our thoughts and enhances our creative powers while it simultaneously brings us back to conscious union with You through association.

Our consciousness is truly purified through Your association.  With purified consciousness,  we regain our identity, purpose, and direction, and  more naturally radiate exceedingly positive vibrations throughout our universe.   



   As our consciousness is purified, we return to humility; less "I", more thou; we pray more, praise You more, and study about You more, talk about You more, and meditate on You more.

 With You at the center of our studies, our consciousness is purified.  This purification of consciousness causes us to return to patience, increased comprehension, and kindness toward all sentient beings.  Moreover,  we are empowered to Meditate on You ever more. 



By consciously fixing our mind on You we are awakening from the illusion that I am this body, and its fruitless craving for fleeting pleasures.  In this way we lift and improve ourselves, inside and out, by associating with You,  the root and ground of all being.  

   Thus, by meditating on You, we are purified of our sinful, wicked ways and are able to know that You hear us, are healing us, and are constantly guiding us on the right path to reach You.




As we associate with You, by surrendering all to You, all the time,  our consciousness is purified and we very naturally extend and display respect to all sentient beings. 


Livingwithin You,   we  associate with You through the surrendering process and are ever mindful of  living in Your infinitely tranquil Omnipresence.     This attitude and action of surrendering all to You constantly, reflects our own appreciation of  You, The Creator, Maintainer and Annihilator of the cosmic manifestation.




 Sincerely and constantly fixing the mind on You, through surrender and chanting Your Holy Names, focusing on Your Silence, watching the body breathing deeply in and out of the lungs and stomach, we are devotedly assocating with You.

As a consequence of associating with You, through the scriptures of the world, and our personal meditation, we are developing our Divine Consciousness and thus are experiencing a richer, fuller, and more resourceful life.



 We know You, The Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself,  One Divinity in all,  Pure Awareness, in and beyond Your vast and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness.









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