Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


             Right Association 4


Associating with You by always thinking of You is a spiritual purification practice.  It removes hatred, desire,  all traces of ego and all ideas of duality from our consciousness.  Thus, we are reestablished in the Infinite, Eternal, All Knowing, Awesome Silence of  You.

You are our greatest asset, and only real capital.  Everything else is illusion. The greater our association with You, the more we come to know You, here, now, in this present moment.




Associating with You is fixing the mind on You.  This spiritual practice is helping us traverse the path of self-knowledge and refinement.  Thus we are more firmly fixed in the Self. 

Knowledge of Self unfolds other righteous dimensions,  higher levels of consciousness, as well as our Divinity.  This Divinity, beyond dimensions and levels of consciousness, is the realization of our eternal Oneness with You.  Thank You for the ability to look within consciousness to find You here, there, and everywhere.




Oneness with You is the ultimate goal of our life, our original constitutional position.  This is accomplished by associating with You.  The more we know You, the more we know the Self ad infinitum. Association brings assimilation.

Association with You gives us the top most education.  It frees us from desires and reveals to us the secret of how to work for You and You alone, freeing ourselves from attachment and renunciation.   




 As a consequence of associating with You through fixing the mind on You, we  are realizing the Omnipresence of Your Perfect Peace and are becoming more spiritually powerful, righteous, and serene. 

Always thinking of You is pure spiritual nutrition, and the key to the door of higher consciousness. This is so because always thinking of You cleanses our consciousness, masters our senses, and brings us back to the serenity of You, our original pure consciousness. 





   The most important thing we can do for ourselves is to fix our mind on You. Thus, we learn how to use everything:  Spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical, in Your Your service.

Thank You for engaging our bodies, minds, senses,  intellects, egos, our everything in Your service. It is engagement in Your service that is helping us to fix our mind on You.  The more we fix our mind on You, the more we are purified, awake, alive, fulfilled in the present moment.  





You live in everyone and everyone lives in You.  We thank You for the power to look back and thank You.  As a consequence of being absorbed in thoughts  of You our consciousness is purified and we are consciously One with You again. 

 To the degree that the cleansing process of always thinking of You occurs, we reawaken to  the truth of who You, I, us, and others truly are. You are the Supreme Unity which pervades and transcends all diversities. 




A life centered in You is a life in association with You.  We thank You for the power to look ahead and trust You.  through this trust we associate with You.  Through association with You, the Supreme Pure, our consciousness is purified, we cleanse ourselves, consciousness, into its original, natural purity.

Positive social change is living evermore in the cleanliness of Your association.  The first step in this process is serving You in all we do.  Thank You for the power to serve You,  surrendering all to You. This way, we cleanse rubbish thoughts from consciousness, thus undergoing a complete positive change.  Consequently,  we are increasingly devoid of the propensity to mistreat others in thought, word, or deed.


As a consequence of always remembering You by associating with You in thought, word, and deed, we are lifted out of degradation, realizing our original position outside of the illusion of space, time, persons and personalities.

 Thank You for helping us control our mind by associating with You.  As a result of associating with You, we are cleaning our consciousness, making a positive change in our lives, and are increasingly able to see others as ourselves.




You are the Source and Supreme Witness of Silence, the breath, and thought.  By the spiritual practice of always thinking of You our mind is gradually fixed on You.  Fixing the mind on You quiets it and leads us into more association with You. 



 It is by Your association that our consciousness is cleansed of all dirty things and we are led by to You, where we have always been.  However, we were unaware of Your loving presence because of the impurities clouding our consciousness.

  Purification of consciousness is the process of unfolding the most positive change in our lives, development of our original Pure Consciousness.  This is accomplished by unalloyed devotion to You.



 Purification of consciousness is an awakening process.  Increasingly we are awakening and able to remain consciously one with Your Perfect Peace during all the challenges and discomforts of the material world.

   Until we began to purify our consciousness by always thinking of You, we were almost spiritually dead, ignorant of the fact that we are eternal spirit, full of unlimited bliss and knowledge, beyond the illusions of the material worlds.


Through Your association we experience transformation at the very foundation of our consciousness. We reawaken to our spiritual identity, confidence, and nobility of character. 

Please accept our obeisance, Supreme consciousness of all the worlds.  Thank You for showing us how to associate with You and thus to always think of You, thus purifying our consciousness.





Living increasingly in Your Love, we are able to love, bless, do good, and pray that You continue to awaken our discrimination and lead us on the right path to reach You, here, now, in this moment. 

Living increasingly in Your Love, we gradually realize that the pain we cause anywhere, to any sentient being in nature, is the pain we receive from anywhere, or any sentient being in nature. 




 Thank You for allowing us to constantly pray to You, study about You, sacrifice for You, and surrender all to You.  Thus, we meditate on You, purify our consciousness, and make real, positive change in our lives.

The consciousness, is purified as a result of fixing it on You.  Thus, we are liberated from cravings, and the trains of sufferings that follow wicked thoughts, words, and deeds that have their roots in impure consciousness.





Forgetfulness of You, and going contrary to Your will, is the tap root of the ignorance that causes  our spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical suffering. 

  Supreme Consciousness of all the worlds. Thank You for Your  association.  The greater our association with You, the more we undergo positive change.  We are transformed into our original state of Pure Consciousness.




 You, our inspiration and salvation, are the Supreme Consciousness of our life.  By thinking of You constantly we are more than victorious in the waking, and dream states of Consciousness. 

Most Gorgeous One, You have no beginning, middle, and nor end. The more our consciousness is purified through association with You, the more our spiritual growth and development is enhanced and the more we realize our infinite nature.




  By virtue of You association we are transformed from beings of anger to beings of compassion, from beings of greed to beings of charity, from beings of lust to beings of Love.  The beginning of this  association is to always think of You. Thank You for the intelligence to always  think  of You.