Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


          Right Association 5






By association with You, our consciousness, some call it the heart, is purified and we gradually come to know who the Self really is.  By virtue of this Self-Knowledge, we are gradually liberated from the illusory energy, Maya, and we finally rest in the Self which was always here.  We have returned to our original Pure Consciousness. 

 We come to You for development, All Attractive One.  Supreme Spirit of all. You are the Eternal, Innermost Reality of all sentient beings, the restorer of our self-confidence.  All are equal in Your sight.  The human is  no more superior to the ant or snake, nor is the human really superior in the evolution of species.  You are the same, the innermost reality of all consciousness.





By associating with You our consciousness is purified, we return to our original spirituality, and very naturally radiate more love and peace into the material worlds of suffering where repeated birth, death and rebirth are constantly taking place. 

 Purification of consciousness is the basis of self-development, the foundation of family, societal, national, and universal development.





Our mundane affairs consist of building and producing for Your greater glory. Thank You, All Mighty One, for allowing us the sacred privilege of remembering Your Holy Name, and surrendering everything to You while  we go about our mundane affairs. This is Right Association for us.

Remembering You helps us to know ourselves, to be true, do justice to ourselves as well as to others, and most importantly, remembering You helps us associate with You.  At this stage of  consciousness purification, we know that others are in reality, You in different disguises and at various levels of consciousness. 




  Remembering You, the Greatest, Omnipresent  Eternal Peace within us, keeps us totally, consciously, in the present  moment, performing our mundane tasks more efficiently with greater love and affection for You and all sentient beings.

  In remembrance of You, within and without all of Your illusory reflections, our true love  unfolds, and we are able to forgive, and to serve, without discrimination nor expectation of reward.





You are the One All Pervasive, Ultimate dispenser of justice to all sentient beings.  Every moment we are appearing before You and Your Law, answering for our thoughts words and deeds. 


We enlighten our intellect by associating with You, who pervade and transcend all dualities such as attributes and attributelessness.  Thank You for keeping us on the path of Righteousness.





You are the source of unlimited wealth, good fortunes, health, happiness, integrity, inner joy, fullfillment and all positivity in our Lives. Thank You for Your purifying association.

  By Your association, we are realizing the self as consciousness, and You, All attractive One, as Supreme Pure Consciousness, The Ultimate Reality. 





Always thinking of You, we are being illuminated by the Supreme Self within all consciousness.  We are rejoicing in the Self, standing stronger, bolder and more responsible than ever.


Thank You for granting us the intelligence to know how to associate with You.  What we are now, we made previously by our association; what we will be in the future, we are making by our association in this present moment.





As we purify our consciousness by associating with You, The Foundation of All consciousness, we cut across all superficial materialistic considerations such as religion, politics, fraternity, creeds, colors, nationality, or even species of life.  We see that we, as consciousness, with You as the source of all consciousness, have infinitely more in common than we could ever have in difference.




 Associating with You through the spiritual practice offered by everlasting omnipresent peace.com, our consciousness is being purified and we are evermore realizing You, the Supreme Unity in all the turmoil and diversity of the worlds of illusion.