Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


      Right Association  6



By this spiritual practice of always remembering You, we are obtaining evermore freedom, greater mental peace, inner joy, contentment  and happiness.    

We know from the scriptures, Saints, and experience that  always thinking of You and eventually meditating on You, is the Royal, simple, and true path to liberation from the entanglements of the illusory worlds. 





May we forever keep our minds fixed on You so that we continue to reawaken to our eternal position of infinite bliss and  knowledge.  We are not alone.  We all one in You.  This is the clear realization we receive by keeping the mind fixed on You, and thus purifying our consciousness.

The more our ignorance is effaced through association with You, the greater our natural state of enlightenment shines forth.


You are the Supreme Transcendent One.  Association with You, through service to You, reestablishes us in our original transcendency. 

 You are the Source of all thought.  Therefore, all creativity, courage, strength, and intelligence emanates from You.  Association with You makes us upright, strong, and independent. 



 You are the Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme, Absolute Consciousness. Association with You, the Ultimate Goal of our life, raises our consciousness above all fears, doubts, inconsistencies, and dualities. 


Always thinking of You brings about a gradual transformation at the very foundation of our consciousness while simultaneously returning the lower levels of consciousness to Infinite Calmness and Peace. 





Through our spiritual practice we are associating with You, the source of all Truth, Righteousness, Moral Excellence and Peace.  Association with You brings us back to our very best self, You.


We are reacquiring a clean consciousness and right spirit as a result of Your association.  This purity of consciousness empowers us to treat others the way we would like to be treated. 



You are the light on our path and all around us.  Thank You for keeping us forever on Your path of  purification of consciousness.  This purification brings in its wake truth, righteousness, love and peace, the very corner stones of true civilization. 


   A life centered in You is a life in association with You.  Through association with You, the Supreme Pure, our consciousness is purified, and we live, evermore consciously, in Your  Harmony, Your  Peace and Your  Love.






Always thinking of You, the Source of all morality and discipline, delivers us from  psychiatric disordered sub-consciousness prevalent in the material worlds. 

Always thinking of You leads to meditation on you.  In this way we reawaken to sanity, high morality, collective discipline, and the true sanity and salvation which lives within as the Omnipresent substratum of all consciousness.



Seeking You, the greatest truth, and following  righteousness are the greatest virtues.  They are catalysts for our spiritual resuscitation.  This empowers us to be ever freer of spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical fear and slavery.


  When we are constantly thinking of You we gradually arise, awake and realize our Divinity. Thus, we cease running from one sense pleasure to the next, thinking the next sense pleasure will surely bring fulfillment and peace. We can live anywhere and everywhere in ever greater peace.



By the virtue of Your association, we are returning to our spirituality.  Our consciousness is evolving from brute level to ever higher levels of refinement and peace.  We are well on our way to the very highest level, beyond all levels, reestablishment in Divine Consciousness.


As we purify our consciousness by always thinking of You, we slowly transcend the ego and gradually realize harmony with Eternally Pure, Universal Consciousness, You.



By constantly thinking of You we are realizing the ephemeral nature of material joys, and the reckless primitiveness, of chasing after them. It goes contrary to the law of harmony in the universe.  The law by which You reckon all is the Law of Karma, reaping and sowing. This is the justice of the universe.  It is going on constantly dispensing, dispassionately, the fruits of one's activities.

 Our spiritual practice for conscious reunion with You consists of  submitting all to You.  This spiritual activity enables us to transcend the laws of Karma while we purify of our consciousness.  Gradually we are realizing we are not the material body, mind, intellect, nor ego.  We are the unchanging, eternal, presence which pervades and transcends the body. 





Chanting Your names and glories, submitting all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, and being ever conscious of  You is our purification process.  It slowly brings us to the realization that You, our Supreme Being, are The Source of The Infinite Silence of Being at the base of all consciousness.