Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


       Right Association  7





You are Supreme Consciousness, the Greatest Builder, the most Pure, the Ultimate Master go all worlds.  It is You alone who are perfect, free from pleasure, pain, and all dualities.  You are One without a second, pervading and transcending all images.






The more we think of You, we associate with You and are cleansed of all rubbish thoughts and desires.  Gradually, we as consciousness, return to our original pure state.  This is the Supreme, Pure, consciousness, the Ultimate Goal of all our service.  We submit, offer, serve, surrender to You alone. 





 Thus thinking of You constantly, we are gradually cleansed and freed from the aberrant propensity for violence, destruction, and death, in thought, word, or deed, toward any living entity.  Gradually, our heart becomes cleaner, freer from lust, anger, and greed.  In due course, we worship You, the Indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, with a clean heart, a right spirit, and an open and discriminating intellect.






 Associating with You through surrendering to You, and constantly chanting Your Holy Names, we associate with You, our consciousness is purified and we very naturally improve ourselves and our vibratory environment.

The greater our association with You, the more we offer  all we think, feel, will, say and do, to You. This is the surrendering process. It helps us to better receive Your righteous guidance.






You of infinite spiritual strength, by surrendering our intelligence to You we become masters of our body, mind, intellect ego, and lower self.

Before the Solar Systems came to be, You existed.  We are finite reflections of Your Infinite Glory.  Liberation and Salvation is our conscious reunion with You, our Eternal, Supreme Consciousness.





 We live for You, and You alone. By associating with You our our consciousness is purified; thus bodies, minds and intellects become fit instruments to recieve Your Divine Knowledge, and to glorify Your Righteous Will.

 Your purity and strength pervade and transcend the universe and all the sounds therein.  By virtue of Your association we are able to wake-up, clean-up, rise and thrive evermore.




The so-called mind, which is inside consciousness, and the heart, which is consciousnesss itself, are unobstructed as a result of the consciousness cleaning process. 

 Association with You through the process of remembering You, by chanting Your names and offering everything to You, cleanses the consciousness. 




 Some of the benefits of purification of consciousness are ever increasing wisdom, ever expanding love for all living entities, deeper inner joy, and evermore contentment.

  Always thinking of You brings about a gradual transformation of our consciousness.  Slowly we awaken to the realization that every sentient being is a reflection of every sentient being,  and all are perverted reflections of You.




   We fix our mind on You by always thinking of You.  By always thinking of You, we awaken to  the fact that we are spirit, and You are Supreme Spirit.  In You, all sentient beings are one.