Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


          Right Association  9






"You" centered, constant praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation, is our method of associating with You.  In this way we are dissolving the bondage of self ignorance. 





Changeless, beyond form and formlessness, omnipresent and omnipotent,  You are the Supreme Source of all the worlds.  All Praises  to You again, and yet again, without end. 






As we escape the bondage of self-ignorance through our spiritual practice, we simultaneously are seeking You and reawakening to Your eternal life of happiness, health, and stability.  Thus, we are regaining power and dominion over desires for sense gratification. 




  All Praise to You, Supreme Freedom and Consciousness of all the worlds.  Your One Awareness is reflected in all that exists.




 You are  the radiance, the spiritual effulgence,  the light which bestows wisdom.  Beyond experience, You are this through which we experience. 

  Meditation on  You, the centerpiece of our spiritual practice, gradually removes ignorance of self and brings benefit to all facets of our existence.  



All being emanates from You, exist within You, and dissolves within You.   All sentient beings have their common origin, maintainance, and dissolution in You.

You are the centerpoint, the inspiration, and the ultimate goal of our prayers, our studies, our sacrifices, our service, our associations, and our meditation.  Fixing the mind on You is the master key to controlling and mastering our own mind by associating with You.


Under the influence of ignorance, we identify our spiritual longing for You to be material, and seek to satisfy such longings with external  material considerations.

       Thank You for teaching us the whys and hows of our present condition.  We realize now that the life we are living, we made previously;  the life we will live later, we are making now, it is our own doing that has placed us in this present situation.



You are beyond past, present, and future.  Neither coming nor going, beyond ancient and modern, You always transcend all our ideas and experiences of what we consider reality.

Thank You for allowing us the privilege of  We  are sanctifying our time by remembering You, and  associating with You through constantly chanting Your Holy Names, and surrendering everything to You.



We are uplifting ourselves by ourselves by always thinking of You.  Thus we become  evermore Your devotees. 

   Finally we are beginning to feel whole again as a result of identifying with You, who are within and beyond nationalities, creeds, colors, races, religions all dualities and any differences.  





Universality is always our approach because You are the Supreme Consciousness of all sentient beings and the ultimate goal of our life.