Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


               Right Association 12



 You are the supreme, uncreated, self-existent being from whom all energy emanates, in whom all are maintained, and within whom all things are annihilated.  As we engage in the scientific spiritual practice articulated at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, we gradually realize Your Omnipresence. 

Beginning at conception, Your Divine energy, Spirit, comes in through the Pineal gland.  It enters the spine, and from there to every nerve,  throughout the body, mind, intellect, and ego, according to the maturity and purity of the Pineal gland. 





 You, the Supreme Pure and never polluted, are the Source of all the grace and mercy of self-transformation.  You are within consciousness and are available to us.  We call Our Self "Soul" or "Consciousness", free of all designations.

Verily, You are our ultimate and only ancestor. To the degree we, as consciousness, are purified from the Pineal gland down,  we are transformed as it were, through Your association, into your likeness again.





Thus, the mind is renewed.   Association engenders assimilation.   In this way, we become spiritually cleaner/ stronger and can renounce the temporary material worlds of illusion.  Gradually, through Your Divine Association,  we as consciousness are cleansed of anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness, and envy.  Now we return to union with You and accomplish the goal of Yoga,  You, the Supreme, Eternal, Omnipresence.    


You are the smallest of the small and the biggest of the big, eternal, full of unlimited grace and knowledge. With many sincere appellations we are reaching You who pervade and transcends all names, forms, and formlessness, and who are within ourselves, closer than the breath our bodies breathe.  





Thank You for showing us why we do not want to die, why we do not want to be ignorant, and why we want to be happy. 

We do not want to die because we are the eternal Self, the Soul, the Spirit, Pure Energy,  the Everlasting Soul, in quality one with You, the Unborn, Undying, Super Soul.  Death is foreign to our eternal nature. 



We do not want to be ignorant because we are the soul, and the soul is unlimited knowledge, comprehension.  

We want to be happy because we are the soul, and the soul is infinite, ecstatic bliss. You are the source of this infinite, ecstatic, bliss and peace. 







   You pervade and transcend all dualities.  Your reign of power and glory pervades heaven and the entire universe.  You are beyond past, present, and future.  


We offer You our hopes, our dreams our plans, our schemes.  We offer You our nights our days our hopes, our praise.  Everything we have, we bring as an offering to You.  In this manner, we associate with You and are gradually cleansed of anger, lust, greed, and all other negative vibrations. Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything to You.





You are here before the beginning, during the middle, and You pervade and transcend the end.   Everything we have been through, everything we are going through, everything we will go through, we offer to You with our praise and thanksgiving.


You pervade and transcend tears and smiles, wrinkles and frowns, ups and downs, jokers and clowns. Duality and nonduality have their origin, manifestation and dissolution in You, The Indivisible, Supreme Absolute. 



As a consequence of fixing the mind on You by always thinking of You, we are realizing the Omnipresence of Your Perfect Peace, and  how to remain consciously one with Your Perfect Peace in all the trials and circumstances of our life as we transcend Your illusory worlds, Maya.

You are the ultimate Monarch, Most Righteous Lawyer and Judge. We come to You for the resolution of our inner and outer conflicts. Thank You for showing us how to realize who You are, the Ultimate Truth, where You are, Everywhere, who we are, part and partial of You,  and where we are, eternally with You in Spirit and in Truth.





You are everywhere and are directly perceptable through purification of awareness and the mercy of previous good Karma. Thank You for helping us control our mind and senses by thinking of You.  As a result of thinking of You we are associating with You. 

Again, purification of consciousness is a consquence of associating with You.  Gradually, as the consciousness is purified our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing is more beneficial to all sentient beings.  We are making a better future for ourselves by making better Karma. 




You are Truth, that which always is, the greatest benefit for all.  Unborn and undying, eternal, changeless spirit, the source of the center, inner and outer space, thank You for being here with us and for us, in the Truth of this present moment. 



  You are Infinite, the power of the mighty, pervading and transcending everything,  and able to satisfy all of our hungers. You are the light on our path and all around us. thank You for teaching us how to consciously associate with You. 

 Your reign of truth transcends all the Heavens.  All the Cosmic Manifestations are within You.  Furthermore, all the heavens and Cosmic Manifestations cannot contain You.  Thank You for allowing us the sacred privilege of consciously associating with You.



We do not want to die because we are the everlasting soul, in quality one with You, the Unborn, Undying, Super Soul.  Death is foreign to our eternal nature.  We do not want to be ignorant because we are the soul, and the soul is unlimited knowledge, comprehension and bliss.   We want to be happy because we are the soul, and the soul is infinite, ecstatic bliss. You are the source of infinite, ecstatic, peace and bliss.

 You are the Supreme Divinity of our life.  You are our inspiration.  By thinking of You constantly we are more than victorious in the waking and dream states of Consciousness.  You are the only reality. You are the only Good , the only one we can truly depend on.  Everything else, putting the puzzle pieces together, etc., etc,.  is all Your illusion, Maya.  The way out of the illusion  is to always think of You.