Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


       Serve 1    

Any other person, place, occurrence, or incidence, is 

simply an instrument through which our Karma returns to 

its origin.  In this light, after pondering the logic within the 

silence of our being, we are ever more enthusiastic about 

purifying our consciousness through this spiritual practice of 

always thinking of  You.

We think of You, we  concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as Now, the Apogee of Knowledge, the Supreme Witness 

of Everything; this includes Sound, Silence, Space, 

Nothing, and Now.  Remembering You in this way, we clean 

ourselves up.  

To clean ourselves up means we first clean ourselves 

spiritually by always thinking of You, concentrating on You, 

and meditating on You.   As we are doing  this, we are 

cleansed intellectually, mentally, physically, and 


Confidence and humility in our dealings with others are by 

products of our association with You.  We are exemplars 

of  meaning and purpose in life, and unconditional love, 

because of  the purity of consciousness we gain by the virtue 

of  Your association. 

You are the subtlest region of all beings, the consciousness 

coming  through the Pineal Gland.  The cleaner our Pineal 

Gland, as a result of Your association, the stronger does Your 

consciousness come down through our Pineal Gland.  As this 

happens, the more we straighten ourselves up. 

We meditate on You as the source of  all consciousness the 

 Source of all awareness of consciousness and the Source of 

awarenesss itself.  Beyond the beyond, You are the Source of  

the witness  of awareness and Everything, and that includes 


Most Constant One,  You are the Most Generous, the basis of 

all beauty, intelligence, firmness, patience, determination, 

creativity, and power.  The more we associate with You, the 

greater is our expression of those qualities.

You alone are worthy of our praise,  service, veneration, 

worship, concentration, and meditation. Thank You for 

helping us comprehend and experience the fact that we 

are the Soul, beyond all boundaries, nationalities, and 


We are, in quality, one with You, the Eternal Self of 

all.  It is to You that all praise, and nothing but praise, is due.  

Thank You for  accepting this humble offering.  It is through 

spiritual practices such as this that we get back consciously 

on Your side, surrendering intentionally to Your will.

                                                     From the Kena and Katha Upanishads

The more we settle our mind by fixing it on You, the Source 

of  the Universal Silence of Being, the greater we comprehend 

and experience this and the fact that we are not this body, 

mind, intellect, nor ego.  We are spirit, consciousness. One 

might call the Self, Soul or Energy.  It is never created nor 


 Thank You for teaching us to not only submit our will to Your

Will, the way of Peace, but we thank You for teaching us how

to transcend desire and increase our moral strength by the 

Pineal lens cleansing process of always thinking of  You.

Thank You for teaching us to live as spirit, and to serve You 

in spirit and in TruthThis is done by seeing the self, not as a 

race, creed, color, religion, nationality or species of life, but 

seeing the self as energy, spirit or consciousness, looking out 

through the Pineal gland. 

 This is the born again process.  We stop seeing the self as a 

body, mind, intellect, or ego, but as the most  subtle 

consciousness pervading and transcending the body, mind, 

intellect, and ego.  We must be born again if we 

would experience the Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace that is 

the our original nature.

As consciousness, energy, or spirit, we offer  everything to 

You. We constantly call out Your Names, offer You 

everything and are ever more conscious of the "Sound" and 

the "Sight" of Your Silence. This, to us, is service to You and 

meditation on You. In this way we fix our mind on You.  

Gradually, we come back to consciousness with You.  One 

Love, One consciousness.

Seeing the Self as spirit looking out through the Pineal gland 

is complete change, revolutionary change, from the 

materialistic concept of life. This change of concept of life 

from material to spiritual makes a new living being, a better 

being, a spiritual being with a new and more congenial 

relationship with You. This is the way we love our neighbor 

as our Self.

Through You, we have more edifying relationships with other 

living beings in and beyond  the universe.  This is spiritual 

revolution, enlightened revolution.  We change the way we 

look  at the self.  We 

When we change the way we  see the Self,  we change 

the way we look at the world.  When we change the way we 

conceive or see the world, the world for us changes.

You are This Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, the 

Seer of all levels of consciousness, which exists within Itself. 

Our aim  is to serve You, with all our thoughts 

feelings, willings, and doings.  This is one of the methods  we 

are using to always think of  You, and in this way we return 

to consciousness of  You.

Living a life in service to you, who we meditate on 

as Unchanging, Unending Awareness, purifies our 

consciousness, gradually frees us from selfishness, and it 

leads us straight on this path of union with You.  As we come 

back to You, meditating on You as the Supreme Witness of 

the Greatest silence, we learn how to better take care of our 

health on all levels.

Everlasting, Omnipresent Divinity,  is who You are. 

 Pervading and transcending all and nothing,  You are the 

objective of all of our endeavors.  The end of this undertaking 

is union with You, Self-realization, total, conscious, 

oneness in service to You.

You are the Source of the Omnipresent Stillness, the 

foundation of all being.  This is beyond all degrees, dualities, 

and all concepts of  realities.  This knowledge  is our  good 

fortune to have  as a result of  our good Karma.  

Your grace and Your mercy is a consequence of our  Karma. 

 We  are  directly  responsible for our predicament.  No one 

else is  at fault.   Karma is best of  judges, and the rewarder 

of the results of our activities.

You are the root, ground, and nourishment of every 

vibration, and  You are the foundation of the stillness of the 

cosmic Manifestations. 

Our consciousness is purified as we associate with You 

through our service to You. This service is purifying because 

it is service as offerings to You, the Most Pure. 

The more our Pineal gland and hence, our consciousness, is

purified as a result of Your association, the greater our 

capacity to live in equanimity, harmony and peace, with 

ourselves as well as other sentient beings.

 We associate with You by submitting all we think, feel, will, 

say, and do to You, the root of the tree of all creation. When 

we water the root, we water the entire tree.

                                                        From the Kena and Katha Upanishads

We meditate on You as the All Mighty, Supreme 

Observer, beyond all dualities such as:  Spirit and matter, 

personal and impersonal, dependence and independence, not 

this, not that, and not, not, 

this and not, not, that.

Thank You for showing us how to serve all, with love and 

devotion, through service to You. Surrendering all to You is 

service to You. This is a primary tool of our Pineal gland 

purifying, expanding, and rejuvenating process.

Through service to You, we associate with You, our Pineal 

gland is purified and expands due to this association. To the 

degree we purify the lens of our Pineal gland, very naturally 

our consciousness is purified of  lust, anger, and greed, the 

brigands of consciousness. 

We associate  with You by always thinking of You. This is 

done by Service to You, and by seeing the Self as 

consciousness  coming out from the Pineal gland.  

Service to You begins by calling out Your name and 

submitting all to You. Thus, we meditate on You 

and associate with You as the source of all energy flowing 

through all channels, vibrations, all Pineal glands throughout 

 all bodies in and and out of the  Cosmos.


As we serve You, our consciousness is purified and we live in 

ever greater Harmony, Peace, vibratory joy and fulfillment. 

In this state of freedom, we are free from egoism and the 

other diseases.  

Those spiritual diseases mentioned in the previous 

paragraph spring from identifying the body, 

mind, intelligence, and/or ego as the self. They have no 

endurance.  As reality, they do not exist. 

Anything that has no endurance does not exist.  Therefore, it 

is not real. Through association with You, our 

Pineal gland, the eye of discernment, the First Eye of 

consciousness, is purified.  Gradually it dawns on us, all else 

is the illusion, Maya.  The only reality is You.

We surrender all to You by our service to You. We offer our

success, our failures, our imperfections as well as our 

perfections as service to You. The greater our devotion to 

You, the more we worship You with loving