Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 1

You are the Most Constant One,  the Most Generous, the basis of

all beauty, intelligence,

firmness, patience, determination, creativity, power,

humility, meaning, unconditional love, and

purpose in life. 

You alone are worthy of our service, veneration, worship,

concentration, and meditation. Thank You for

accepting this humble offering. Thank You for helping us

comprehend and experience the fact that we

are the Soul, beyond all boundaries, nationalities, and barriers. 

We are, in quality, one with You, the
Eternal Self of all.
The more we settle our mind by fixing it on You, the Source of the

Universal Silence of Being, the greater we comprehend and

experience this and the fact that we are not this body, mind,

intellect, nor ego. We are spirit, consciousness. One might call the

self, soul or energy. It is never created nor destroyed.

 Thank You for teaching us to not only submit our will to Your

Will, the way of Peace, but we thank You for teaching us how

to transcend desire and increase our moral strength by the Pineal

lens purifying process of always thinking of You.

Our Pineal lens purifying process consists of praise and

thanksgiving to You, and submitting our will to Your will by

offering all to You. This helps us in our efforts to

 always think of You. 

By offering all to You, we shed narcissistic egoism and become a

willing channel for the expression of  Your Will, the way of Peace,

through the Pineal gland. Thus we are channels for the expression

of Your greatest Love for all energy in and beyond the universe.

Thank You for teaching us to live as spirit, and to serve You. This

is done by seeing the self, not as a race, creed, color, religion,

nationality or species of life, but seeing the self as energy, spirit or

consciousness, looking out through the Pineal gland.
As consciousness, energy, or spirit, we offer  everything to You. 

We constantly call out Your Names, offer You everything and are

ever more conscious of the "Sound" and the "Sight" of Your

Silence. This, to us, is service to You and meditation on You. In

this way we fixture mind on You and gradually,

we come back to You.
Seeing the Self as spirit looking out through the Pineal gland is 

complete change, revolutionary change from the materialisticc

concept of life. This change of concept of life from material to

spiritual makes a new living being, a better being; a spiritual being

with a new and more congenial relationship with You. Through

You, we have more edifying relationships with other living beings

in and beyond  the universe. 

You are This Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, the Seer of

all levels of consciousness, which exists within Itself. Our aim  is

to serve You, with all our thoughts feelings, willings, and doings.

Living a life in service to you, who are Unchanging, Unending

Awareness, is the objective of our endeavors. The end of this

endeavor is Self-realization, total, conscious, oneness with You

who are the Everlasting, Omnipresent Divinity, pervading and

transcending all.

You are the Source of the Omnipresent Stillness, the foundation of

all being, beyond all degrees, dualities, and all concepts of

realities. Any other person, place, occurrence, or incidence, is

simply an instrument through which our Karma returns to its

origin. In this light, it is easy to see why we are ever more

enthusiastic about purifying our consciousness, by serving You. 

You are the root, ground, and nourishment of every vibration, and

You are the foundation of the stillness of the cosmic


Our consciousness is purified as we associate with You through

our service to You. This service is purifying because it is service as

offerings to You, the Most Pure.

The more our Pineal gland and hence, our consciousness, is

purified as a result of Your association, the greater our capacity to

live in equanimity, harmony and peace, with ourselves as well as

other sentient beings. We do this by submitting all we think, feel,

will, say, and do to You, the root of the tree of all creation. When

we water the root, we water the entire tree.
You, The All Mighty, Supreme Observer, are beyond all dualities

such as: Spirit and matter, personal and impersonal, dependence

and independence, not this, not that, and not, not,

this and not, not, that.

Thank You for showing us how to serve all, with love and

devotion, through service to You. Surrendering all to You is

service to You. This is a primary tool of our Pineal gland purifying

and expanding process.

Through service to You, we associate with You, our Pineal gland is

purified and expands due to this association. To the degree we

purify the lens of our Pineal gland, very naturally our

consciousness is purified of  lust, anger, and greed, the brigands of

consciousness. This is done by associating with You through

Service to You, and by seeing the Self as consciousness coming

out from the Pineal gland. Thus, we meditate on You as the source

of all energy flowing through all Pineal glands.

We surrender all to You by our service to You. We offer our

success, our failures, our imperfections as well as our perfections

as service to You. The greater our devotion to You, the more we

worship You with loving service. 

 As we serve You, our consciousness is purified and we live in ever

greater Harmony, Peace, vibratory joy and fulfillment. In this state

of freedom, we are free from egoism and the other diseases which

spring from identifying the body, mind, intelligence, and/or ego as

the self. These have no endurance. They do not exist.

Anything phenomenon that has no endurance does not exist. 

Therefore, it is not real. Through association with You, our Pineal

gland, the eye of discernment, the First Eye of consciousness, is

purified. Gradually it dawns on us, all else is illusion, the only

reality is You.