Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 10    

Everything we have been through, everything we are going

through, everything we will go through, we serve to You. We

escape the dense, dangerous illusions of internal and external

existence by gaining greater realization of  You.  We accomplish  

this Supreme Goal  by always thinking of You. 

The essence of this spiritual practice,  this devotional service

to You, this always thinking of  You, is fixing the mind on You. 

This practice consists of calling out Your name  and offering all

to You.  In this way, we gradually conquer our mind and come

back to You.  This is something we can do right now to improve

ourselves, to put more distance between us and suffering .  It

depends on no material considerations.

Serving You in all we do heals and restores the capacity of  the

One Eye, the 3rd Eye, the Eye of  Discernment, the Pineal Gland.

So, serving You in  all we think, feel, will, say, and do is a

purifying, a healing process, starting with the Pineal Gland.

It helps us to return to our original position of total union with

You.  We are committed to You  alone.

This union with You is the goal and purpose of our life. The

beginning of this healing process, this shutting out the physical

world and controlling the mind, begins with the spiritual practice

of always  thinking of  You, the Greatest Instrument of  our 

Absolute Liberation.

Uncontainable One, the One who pervades and transcends Om,

the Sound beyond personal and impersonal into which the greatest

of the great Seers has not been initiated.

The body is ultimately within You even as You pervade and

transcend all bodies and all states of polluted and pure states

of consciousness. You are the Ultimate, beyond any concept of

high or low, rich or poor, black or white, physical or spiritual,

personal or impersonal.

As we surrender to You, we think of You, and our Pineal Gland is

increasingly purified of all traces of debilitating, materialistic,

contamination. Consequently, we experience our original position

of inner quietness and harmony with and beyond the

manifested universe of name, form, formlessness, time and space. 

This the goal of the therapy herein named Our Word as presented

at everlasting omnipresent peace.com.

Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything to

You. This is service, surrender, submission, and sanity. It cleanses

the Pineal gland and thereby cleanses the consciousness. The more

the consciousness is cleansed, the greater our understanding,

appreciation and experience of You.

 The greater our understanding, appreciation and acceptance of

You the greater our understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of

others. Intelligence shows us that this process enables us to do ever

greater good for the benefit of all. We gain this greater

understanding by always thinking of You.

Surrender to You means we forgo temporary sense gratification, no

matter how dear, for the sake of keeping You, who are always

closer than the air our body breathes, increasingly near. This helps

us become ever stronger and more disciplined in our patience and

determination to regain You, our Supreme Being.

By surrendering all to You, the Source of all centeredness,

balance, order, harmony, righteous, love, and peace, we associate

with You.  In this way our consciousness is cleansed of the

nonsense ego which identifies with that which is diametrically

opposed to the virtues mentioned above. Surrendering all to You

brings us back to that which is eternal, that which truly exists, that

which we really are, our own Saviour.

May we forever keep our minds fixed on You by surrendering all

to You. By this means, the lower "self" is disciplined by

association with the highest "Self". As the lower self is disciplined,

it disciplines the intellect, this disciplines the mind. The

disciplined mind better disciplines the body. In this way, by

association with You, the Most disciplined, we continue to

reawaken to our eternal position of infinite bliss and


You are the Supreme Intelligence at the foundation of the

intelligence of all. By persevering in surrendering to You, we

develop deeper discernment, greater equanimity, and sincere

humility. Thank You for showing us a way to the Supreme

Knowledge, the Knowledge of Self as our own Supreme Spirit.

When all we think, feel, will and do is surrendered to You our

consciousness is purified and freed from slavery to attachments. 

Thus, our consciousness is cleansed of hatreds and desires, and

reinvigorated with with its natural love, unselfishness, and


Always thinking of You has proven to be the surrender

that purifies our Pineal Gland and our consciousness, of

anger, envy, and covetousness, and replaces those brigands with

our natural state of compassion, goodwill, and charity for all. 

Thank You for helping us unfold and experience our own

 quintessential nature as Eternal Spirit, here now, in this moment.