Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 11

Thank You for showing us the importance of spiritual, intellectual,

mental and physical cleanliness, and how to realize it by

surrendering to You and offering our homage to You alone. Thus,

as our Pineal gland and consciousness are  purified, we do not to

others that which we would not want done to ourselves. 

Thank You for helping us see and experience unmoving eternity

amidst all the flux of the so-called material worlds. Thank You for

helping us remember the Self, our Pure, unfettered, Infinite

Consciousness. It is such remembrance that our consciousness

returns to its original compassion and Infinite Love for all Sentient

Surrendering to You, all our praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study,

sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation, is an ancient

method of cleaning the Pineal gland. Thus the consciousness is

cleansed and we experience You, the foundation of all

consciousness, the Supreme Self of all Selves, Pure, Infinite,

Consciousness, beyond form and formlessness.


You are the Source of the light of the Sun, Moon, and all of the

Planetary Systems. The greater our association with You through

surrendering all to You, the more we are purified and realize our

natural state of Pure Consciousness: Infinite Love, Compassion,

Forgiveness, Life, Light, Truth, Righteousness, Bliss, and Peace.
To the extent the Pineal gland is purified, we are able to see

the Self, pervading and transcending the body. Seeing the body

within the Self, and engaging in purifying our consciousness, we

gradually reawaken to our higher more enlightened states of

 Infinite Compassion and Love. This is the nature of the Pure

 Consciousness that we know, love, and respect. It is unfolded to

the degree our Pineal Gland is purified as a result of Your

righteous association.

Service to You is the key to remembering You. Remembering You

is a way of purifying and expanding the consciousness. The more

we purify and expand our consciousness, in the light of "I am not

the body with a soul. I am the soul with a body," the more we are

liberated from Your illusory energy, Maya.  

To the extent we have purified the consciousness, to that degree

we are transfigured and we manifest You from within our

consciousness. We see You, the Self within and beyond the body,

mind, intellect, ego, and all lower levels of consciousness. Verily,

we experience Your Oneness everywhere.  

  Thank You for advising us to submit all to You. By doing this,

our consciousness is purified. Gradually our will harmonizes with

Your Will, and we are evermore fulfilled. This is true liberation,

liberation from the system of suffering where repeated birth and

death take place. It is also called Maya, the illusionary energy of

God. As we clean up our consciousness and turn from our wicked

ways, we are released from the cells within cells of suffering called

All praise to You, to whom other masters come to surrender and

learn. Associating with You, through our spiritual practice of

serving You, is enabling us to increasingly to see and serve You in

others and others in You.   

By offering all to You, we are increasingly thinking of You and

thus purifying our Pineal gland. Thus our consciousness is

returning into Your likeness. This experience is the basis of our

faith. It is a faith based on the concrete evidence of our knowledge,

observation, and personal experience; thus it is that we know, we

know, what we know.
Seeing that it is You within and without various forms of "The

other", we serve You exclusively. Gradually we become again,

living expressions of Your precious, eternally selfless,

and causeless love.


 We Praise You and submit all to You continuously. You are the

Supreme Love, the Source of self and its realization. Thank You,

for revealing to us, through Service to You, our true Self.
Due to surrendering to You, we are experiencing the Self as the

consciousness looking out through the Pineal gland. Gradually, we

are experiencing You as the Supreme Consciousness, the Source of

the consciousness coming out through the Pineal gland. Truly, You

are the Omnipresent reservoir of All Pleasure, the  basis of all


 In our poverty of intelligence we were striving after the illusion,

that which does not exist. By the virtue of surrendering to You, we

see that You are the only reality, all else is illusion; it does not exist

because it has no endurance. In this strict sense, to exist means it

has no cessation; it endures eternally.

You are the only permanence. Of what value is striving for that

which has no endurance? You alone are the only One truly worthy

of our aspirations. Thank You for engaging us in Your service by

accepting our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving.


Most Unconditional Love, All praises to You and to You alone. 

Association engenders assimilation. Submission of all to You, at

all times, fixes the mind on You, forces it to consciously associate

with You and thus be extricated from the intricate web of Maya,

Although we are consciousness, we below are all fallible. You are

the Infallible, Supreme Consciousness within all consciousness

who pervades and transcends all. We are victorious in the

mundane, dream, and spiritual worlds the more our consciousness

is constantly fixed on You.


You are within and beyond all bodily designations, all

religions, colors, and species of life. Thank You for revealing to us

this process of surrendering all to You. This is a method

of worship beyond rituals. It helps us realize You, the Ever

Present, Supreme Awareness, beyond external sight, sound, and