Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 13

Before we started using our service to You to think of You 

constantly, we languished in the mistaken belief that the Self 

was a body, a mind, an intellect, or an ego. How ignorant we 


 Thank You for advising us to always think of You and 

become Your devotee.  Since applying your advice, our life 

has become more light filled and easier.

You are the Source from which all natural laws emanate.  The 

beginning, middle, and the end are all happening within You. 

 Verily, You are the Absolute, within and beyond all three.

Simultaneously, You pervade and transcend all natural laws. 

You pervade and transcend darkness, light, wrong and right; 

forms and formless are pervaded by You.  Thank You for 

teaching us how to use righteous, nonviolent, service to You 

as a means to fix our mind on You. 

You are our Supreme Power, the goal of knowledge of Self. 

 You are the Source of our folkways  traditions, norms, 

standards, and behavior.  When we are in remembrance of 

You, we can avoid entrapment,  overcome and further avoid 

entrapment and enslavement to Maya, Your illusory 



Fixing the mind on You, the Most Pure, is the primary 

vehicle we are using for bringing us back to our original Pure 

Awareness.  This is Absolute Freedom, beyond breathing 

and restraining the breath.  It depends on no material 


Thank You Supreme Power for teaching us how to use our 

service to You to fix our mind on You. You are the Source 

from which all natural laws emanate. Simultaneously, You 

pervade and transcend all natural laws. 

Worshiping You, in all we think, feel, will, say and do, is a 

way out of the sin, suffering, problems and puzzles of life in 

the seemingly natural worlds.   Although seemingly natural 

and real, those world are temporary, illusory and full of more 

or less suffering, Maya.

The first, the middle, and the last, You are the Source of 

morals, decency, and honesty. Thank You for again revealing 

to us, as You revealed to our ancient ancestors, the science of 

using service to You for reuniting with You in Spirit and in 

Truth. It is by Your association that we regain our virtues.

By fixing our mind on You, through our service to You, we are

realizing a state of consciousness we had almost completely

forgotten.  You are our Supreme Being, increasingly blissful, 

simply natural, within and transcendental to all worlds, and 

aware of awareness itself.

Thank You for showing us how to simply repent.  Thank 

You for redeeming us from the enslavement of our root 

enemy, ignorance of  Self.

The more we worship You, and You alone, through service to

You, the greater is our recovery from the sin-sick insanity

that forgetfulness of You causes. Our service to You to helps 

us remember You and be done with the sufferings of the 

illusory worlds.

You pervade and transcend all words, sounds, vibrations, 

states of  being and the infinite, tranquil, silence of Now.  

Thank You for showing us how to purify our consciousness of 

negative instincts and emotions by offering all that we think, 

feel, will, and do to You.

Serving You in all we think, feel, will, say and do, is a way out 

of the sin, suffering, problems, puzzles and natural laws of 

life in the temporary worlds of ignorance, Maya.

The ultimate goal of all our service to You is union with You

The Omnipresent Enlightenment of Now. Thank You for 

revealing to us how to relax and attain our original stability, 

dignity, and self- respect by calling out Your names and 

serving You in all we do.

Thank You for showing us how to recognize You in all 

beings.  Thank You for helping us overcome ignorance of 

Self.  Thank You for helping us bring the otherwise unruly, 

rascal mind, under our control and thereby make it our Holy 


Thank You for helping us see the Self as Consciousness or 

Pure Energy looking out through the body from the sixth 

Charka or center of the forehead at the Pineal Gland. 

 Thank You for showing us how to recognize, communicate 

through, and meditate on Silence.  Thank You for helping us 

to never forget and always remember You.  All of our praise 

and thanksgiving is humbly offered to You alone.