Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 14

This spiritual practice, which we identify as "The 

Indigenous Spirituality of the Earth, expands and purifies the 

consciousness from Mundane to Universal, to Divine.  

  Simultaneously, as we regain knowledge, observation and 

experience of this True Self, we live with ever greater 

confidence in who we are and what we have to offer to 

You for the eternal edification of our universe.

Thinking of You, the most Pure, purifies our consciousness, 

keeps us focused on the Divine and brings us in ever greater 

alignment with You. The Source of the energy which flows 

permeates and transcends the Third Eye and all 

consciousness is You. 

 This information concerning the Self, Its Source, and 

how to attain It, is what we have.  It is all by the Grace of our 

Supreme Being, and is for the eternal edification of our 


You pervade and transcend every sentient being. All is within 

You, and You are within all.  By surrendering all to You, we 

always think of You, the origin of our very Self. 

  Moreover, You are the origin of all wisdom and virtue, the 

Source of consciousness in the body, the means and the 

end, the Gateway to You, the Infinite Consciousness in 

and beyond all.

 You are the Supreme Being of the spiritual forces which we 

experience internally and externally. By surrendering all to 

You we are thinking more of You, thus cleansing the lens of 

the Pineal gland. 

You pervade and transcend every sentient being.  All is 

within You, and You are within all.  By surrendering all to 

You, we always think of You.  Slowly we see that You remain 

complete although infinite complete unites seem to to 

emanate from You.

Intensely thinking of You is the major nourisher and cleanser 

of the lens of the Pineal gland; Thus, we are putting our real 

wealth where, if necessary, we can get it next lifetime. 

More importantly, we are engaging in an activity which helps 

us experience the reality of You here, now, in this present 

moment.   The more this happens, the  more we know our 

self, be our self, and help our self with maximum respect for 

others to do the same. 

We think of You by hearing about  You from the various 

scriptures of the world.  We concentrate on You as 

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.  We meditate on  

You as the Supreme, Most Moral, Consciousness of all. 

Fixing our consciousness on You in the above mention 

way empowers and sobers us up to You, who are beyond 

birth, death, rebirth, fear and doubt. You are 

definitely eternal existence, knowledge and bliss, the 

Supreme Self Knowledge and Experience.

Thank You for teaching us how to keep unwanted, negative, 

and wicked thoughts out of our consciousness.  We are doing 

this by thinking about, concentrating on, and meditating on 

the Sound of Silence. 

 In this meditation practice, although the means and 

the end seem to be synonymous, Silence is a means to go 

beyond Silence to You, the Supreme Absolute, beyond Silence 

and all definitions.

Surrendering all our activities to You means working for 

You and  becoming completely absorbed in You. As we are 

absorbed in You, time, space, all selfish concerns, and 

sufferings are left behind in the ocean of birth, death, and 

rebirth. Thank You for helping us be a better instrument of 

inspiration and liberation for  others.

Thank You for showing us how to purify our consciousness of

desire, desirelessness, and all traces of ego, by surrendering 

all tYou. You are the goal and purpose of true religion, 

and education.  The more our consciousness is purified, the 

more we regain our  dignity and self-respect.

True spirituality, engendered by surrendering to You, 

gradually purifies the Pineal gland.  Gradually, we realize 

our transcendence,  far beyond the body, mind, intellect and 

the ego. 

The "I am this body; I am this mind; I am this intellect; I am 

this ego" are all slowly effaced from our consciousness the 

more we think of You,  concentrate on You, and meditate on 

You as the Supreme Witness of the blackness of space, the 

sound of Silence, and Now.   


Like the sun rising at dawn, the more our consciousness is

purified, the Source of the "I" thought is seen as the 

beginning of our consciousness. As a consequence, of our 

engagement in this purification process, we are always more 

honest with others and serve You with greater devotion in 

ever greater states of consciousness.

It is through loving devotional service to You that we regain 

our natural appreciation, understanding, and acceptance of 

You. The more we have this living, loving, relationship with 

You, the more we appreciate, understand, and accept 

ourselves and "Others." We gradually see that "Others" are 

Your reflections, just as the one moon is reflected in the water 

contained in numerous earthen pots.

Thank You for showing us how to purify our consciousness of

desire, desirelessness, and all traces of ego, by surrendering 

all to You. You, the Supreme Pure, are the goal and purpose 

of  True Spirituality; this restores our spiritual identity and 

proper self esteem.

The ultimate goal of this practice is greater, conscious, union 

with You.  You are the Supreme Awareness within all 

awarenesses, the Source of all consciousness, and the restorer 

of our Honor as spirit souls.  The ultimate goal of our life is to 

return to You in this moment.

  In quality One with You, the Supreme Soul of all souls

throughout the Universe, is the original nature of all sentient 

beings.  In the final analysis of all, there is only You, the 

Innermost Self of all, who are prior to consciousness itself.

Gradually, we regain knowledge of  this Eternal Self which is 

beyond visible and invisible, conscious and unconscious and 

all other dualities.