Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 15

Our spiritual practice revolves around always thinking of

You, surrendering all to You, chanting Your Holy Names and

meditating on You, The Eternal, Omnipresent, Observer of all,

including the Silence.

All of this is done as an offering, a service to You. It is through

service to You that we associate with You, are purified of the

material disease, and are reestablished in our original position of

eternal life. This is a life full of unlimited bliss and knowledge. It

is reached through the Pineal gland, 6th Chakra, up through the 7th

Chakra, the middle of the top of the head.
You are life, our every breath, beyond birth and death. Everything

we have been through, everything we are going through,

everything we will go through, we humbly offer to You. Through

this spiritual practice our Pineal gland is cleansed of all

contaminants. Gradually our eye becomes One. We see that we are

seeing from the Pineal gland. 

Offering all to You empowers us to always think of You. Thinking

of You is remembering You. Remembrance of You is the source of

our spiritual health, stability, power, and dominion over our

otherwise restless, pointless, deceitful mind.
 Supreme Love of all the worlds, we are able to see and serve You

in each other, the more our consciousness is purified and edified. 

Verily, You are the source and substance of all purification and

edification. This consciousness we regain, by submitting all to


By rekindling our love for You through this science of

surrendering to You, we think of You increasingly; we associate

with You. You are the greatest purifier, the source of the light of

the Sun. By association with You our awareness is cleansed of all

misgivings. Gradually, we sober up to our original love for You;

thus we are empowered to want the very best for all sentient

beings, who are but transient reflections of our very Self.

We have no desire to accumulate wealth, followers, knowledge,

nor fame. We simply are interested in being fit instruments of Your

righteous will, and doing all we do as humble offerings to You.

 By offering everything to You, we free ourselves from the

repeated causes and effects of mundane existence. In the process

we are freed from the bonds of attachment to all impermanence.
By surrendering all we think, feel, will, say, or do to You we edify

as well as purify our awareness. Thank You for revealing to us

simple and practical methods for cleaning our lower

awareness; thus we realize our total freedom from entanglement

with Your illusory energy,  Maya.
Thank You for revealing to us this ancient method of purifying our

consciousness by always thinking of You. Thank You, for allowing

us to offer this meager service to You.
You are beyond characterlessness and character. All life has its

origin in You. By Your grace and mercy we are surrendering to

You. Now we are realizing the fact that You are our true,

everincreasing, potential. You are One. Beyond all dualities of

time, space, and place, You remain One and the same eternally.
While supporting and sustaining all attributes of reality, You

pervade and transcend substance and space. Thank You for helping

us remember to offer all our austerities, and all we give away to


Thank You, for helping us to serve You in all we do. Through this

constant submission to You, we detach from the delusions of the

physical and spiritual worlds, and the impersonal and personal

concepts of ultimate reality.