Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 16

You, the ground of all consciousness, the foundation of all life, the 

blueprint back to You, are life's ultimate goal.  You, our Supreme 

Being,  are beyond Atheism and Theism and any other duality.  

Verily, You are the Supreme Stillness within all movement.

You are within and beyond all degrees, including 

three hundred and sixty, seven hundred and twenty, and so on. 

You are the Supreme Witness of the comings and goings of the 

biggest and the most subtlest of the Cosmic Manifestation, 

including the Cosmic Manifestation.

You are more subtle than the subtlest and more vast than the 

vastest.  Just as no image can be made of the air or either, no 

image can be made of  You.  It is You, our original Supreme 

Awareness, who pervade and transcend either, space, Aum, Your 

original, primeval Word, and all other words and sounds.  Truly, 

You are beyond zero, nothing.

Verily, You pervade and transcend all Solar systems, all matter, 

throughout the cosmic manifestations.  It is by meditation on You, 

our Supreme Soul, that our Pineal gland is cleaned and our 

consciousness is raised from that of a brute, to that of a human, to 

that of  Divinity.

Verily, we offer You our hopes, our dreams, our plans, our

schemes. We offer You our nights our days our hopes and our

praise. Thus, we realize the true freedom of increasing

contentment, inner joy, and fulfillment by doing what we do as an

offering to You. This is our surrender, our service, our submission

to You. This is our self-restoration process.


The  more we submit to You, in the light of seeing the self as spirit

and You as supreme Spirit, the Eternal Source of all, the  more we

remember You. The more we remember You,  the more we unfold

our original courage and commitment to come back into conscious

union with You, our own Divine Quintessence, the Highest  Goal 

of our life.

True knowledge of our History, and our spirituality leads us back

to You. This return to our quintessence, our Spiritual Self, is the

solution to our problems. We are looking from the Pineal gland

out. Gradually, we are seeing from You out to You. Gradually,

there is nothing to see. You are all.


As we surrender all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, we

purify our Pineal gland and refine our consciousness. This process

frees the consciousness from addictions and gradually transforms

it back into its original, eternal, God Conscious nature.

Beyond negative and positive, You are the Source of Freedom,

Justice, and Equality. You are the Supreme Energy, the Spiritual

Force which we experience and transmit internally and externally,

ever greater, the more our Pineal gland is purified.


You are the root of all creation. 
Thank You for revealing various

methods for remembering You. Always thinking of You in light of

the scriptures, observation, and experience, is the key for purifying

the Pineal gland. We become more in tune with You, actualize our

greatest potential, our Highest Nature, by always remembering

Through service to You, we remember You, and simultaneously

we render service to all sentient beings. This is the main ingredient

that we use for purifying the Pineal gland. Yes, consuming the

right physical, mental, and intellectual nourishment is very

important for revitalizing the Pineal gland. However, always

thinking of You is crucial for bringing the Pineal gland back up to

its fullest potential.

You pervade and transcend man and beast, male and female,

darkness and light, wrong and right.  Reminding ourselves that we

are not the perishable material body,  we are the eternal spirit

soul, in quality one with You, is the beginning of the way out  of

Your Maya, the illusory energy. 

Surrendering all to You, and  calling out Your names, purifies our 

Pineal gland. The more the Pineal gland is purified, the greater we 

experience our original Pure Aware state of existence.

Purification of consciousness is accelerated the more we decalcify

the Pineal gland. We do this primarily by fixing the mind on You. 

Gradually our consciousness heals from the material disease. That

disease burns like fire and is never satisfied. To the degree our

consciousness is purified, to that degree we experience Your


Progressively, we are healed and restored to our original pure

nature. You are this Supreme pure nature. The purpose and

ultimate goal of the material world is You, the Supreme Power that

pervades and transcends Nature and Nature's God. Please accept

these humble attempts to serve You through deferential praise and

thanksgiving.  Thank You for resurrecting us from a less or more 

insane and dead state of existence.  Thank You for redeeming 

us us from the quicksand of Maya.  Thank You for restoring us to 

our former glory, union with You.

You pervade and transcend the strength of all. Surrendered

thoughts to You rids the heart of misery by cleansing it of the

propensity to even think of committing sins or transgressions

against others. Verily, even thoughts of weakening others dilutes

our own strength. Conversely, the more we treat others the way we

would like to be treated, the closer we get to You.

In reality, "Others" are Your reflections. By coming to the spiritual

platform, calling out Your Name and surrendering all to You, we

are gradually purified and empowered to see and serve You in each

other. We are now the change we want to see externally and


Our Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified as a consequence

of always thinking of You. Hence, we transcend the ignorance of

discriminating against others because of physical, mental, or

intellectual abilities; race, species of life, creeds; colors,

nationalities, religions; class, tribe or caste differences.

You are the source and substance of gods, light, darkness;

calmness, distress; non-duality, duality; personal, impersonal, 

transpersonal, and Nothing Itself. 

Ignorance of self and its best interest, prevents us from

surrendering all our thinking, feeling, willing, saying, and doing, 

to You.  This is the key to unlocking  the door of our 

imprisonment  in Maya and returning to the Infinite freedom of 

the Self.   

 The more we hear and  chant about You and do for You, the 

more we increase our taste for hearing and chanting about You 

and doing for You.  When we hear, talk, and do for You, we are 

thinking of  You.  Thinking of  You is the master key to our  

liberation and salvation.

Various ways of thinking of  You, all the time, purifies the Pineal

gland. This process cleans the consciousness within which is the

intelligence and the mind. Thank You, countless times, for

teaching us various ways for thinking of  You always.  This is our

way of  edifying  our life while steadily progressing back to You.

 This ancient, spiritual, self purifying, process of surrendering our

all to You is a solution to the problems of life.  Those problems

have their roots  in feeding from ignorance of  the Self.

Verily, You are the Source of everyone's most Enlightened Self. 

This is the Supreme Self that flows down through the Pineal

Gland, giving life to the body.  Of course, the cleaner the Pineal

gland, the greater  is  Divine life  manifest through out the body.

Always thinking of You is the way we direct the roots to receive

nourishment from You, Divine Reality, the Most Enlightened Self

of all.