Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 17

With our offering, we stretch out our hands to You alone. You are 

the Lord of the worlds, the Originator, the Maintainer, and the 

Annihilator.  Everything we have in our mind, between our ears, 

behind our eyes, and within our hands, we bring as an offering to 

You.  This helps us to always think of You.  Always thinking of 

You is the the life of  purification and Peace, the fulfilled and 

joyous life, the way back to You. 

Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything to

You, and thus have increasing purification of the lens of the Pineal

gland. Gradually, the illusion of separation dissolves and we have

returned to where we always existed, in complete, conscious,

union with You.

As the purification of the Pineal gland and consciousness occurs,

we increasingly experience the eternal Self looking out through

this One Eye, this Third Eye, this mighty Pineal gland. 

You are the Source of the breath of life. It is to You that we must

return, here, now, in this present moment. Always thinking of You

is the  beginning and end of the purification of the Pineal Gland.

Moreover, we see that this eternal Self looking out through the

Pineal gland has its source in You, the Source and Seer of all

energy, intelligence, and creativity. Verily, it is You alone who

pervade and transcend form, formlessness, and all dualities.

You are the Supreme Power of the internal and external spiritual

forces. By surrendering all to You, The One in the many, we

function beyond desire and desirelessness and transcend the power

of these and other material and spiritual forces.


 Submitting all to You is the path of refining lower consciousness

into Divine Consciousness. Thus realizing Your Divine Harmony,

in all we think, feel, will, say, and do we live in ever increasing

harmony and peace.  These are some of the experiences one can 

have within the Kingdom of  the Most High within the Self.

We are surrendering all to You with no regard for pain, gain, profit,

loss, joy or fame. You, the Supreme source of all intelligence

within us, are realized to the degree that our consciousness is

purified. Surrendering all to You is the purifying process.

 Thank You, pervader and transcender of the incoming and

outgoing breath, for showing us how to break the cycle of

suffering and expand our consciousness by surrendering all to You.

In this way, the ego is made zero and we realize Your

As we surrender our activities and the results of all our activities to

You, we realize, there is no other. There is only You, the Eternal

Presence, pervading and transcending various temporary forms.  

Verily, You pervade and transcend the ultimate salvation,

 liberation from Maya and desire.

You are within and beyond all castes, religions, creeds, tribes and 

species of  life, and all are within You. As we surrender all to You, 

we are  working for the welfare of all sentient beings throughout 

Your  Universes and realizing You, simultaneously. 

                                                                        Ashtavarkra  Gita

                                                                           Ashtavakra Gita

Submission, Offering, Serving, Surrendering all that we think,

feel, will, say and do, to You is reawakening to Your Eternal,

Spiritual Truth which lies beyond the personal and impersonal, and

all dual concepts of life. In so doing, we realize True love and our

ever greater potential, our ever greater conscious union with You.

Submission to You is serving You with increasing love and

devotion. As we become more absorbed in You, we transcend

goodness, passion, and ignorance, and we are  reestablished in

Pure, Unselfish, Goodness and Righteousness; Infinite

Enlightenment and Peace.

You, the Source of all awareness, the highest and greatest source

of all, are realized through devotion and love for You. This unfolds

as a result of the Pineal gland purifying process of surrendering

all we think, feel, will, say and do to You.