Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve  18

Boundless One, You are our strength and our salvation. As we

exercise our sacred privilege of meditating on You by constantly

surrendering all to You, we purify our Pineal gland, sober up our

lower levels of consciousness and live again totally as Omnipotent,

Eternal, Omnipresent Peace. 
Remembering You, the One Unlimited Consciousness that

pervades and transcends the universe, is also surrendering to You. 

In this manner, we fully focus, develop, and purify our Pineal

gland. Gradually, our love for You is uncovered. 

You are more subtle than the air, either, and silence, pervading and

transcending all. As a consequence, of  dominating our mind with

thoughts of You, we develop our original love for the Earth, the

Universe, and all Sentient Beings.

All being is sentient and intelligent, to some degree, and You are

 its all pervasive, Transcendental Source. Your Source

is incomprehensible at this stage of the evolution and expansion of

our consciousness. At this point, it can only be said by us that

You, Supreme Intelligence, are Your own Source.  The other 

worlds are but temporary reflections.

 Based on prior experience, knowledge, and observation, we 

know that as the Pineal Gland is purified by the spiritual practice 

of always thinking of You, we comprehend Your Supreme, 

Tranquil,  Majesty ever more in this moment.

We draw from all revealed scriptures, the indigenous spirituality of

the world, and experience, in order to always think of You.

 Always thinking of You is the main tool for purifying our Pineal

Gland. The consciousness is high or low according to the purity of

the Pineal Gland. 

Within the consciousness is the mind. We purify our

consciousness, master our mind, transcend, the misery of

biological entity identification, and free ourselves from the

bondage of illusion, madness, and envy by purifying the Pineal

gland. We do this by always thinking of You.


Thank You for revealing to us methods of surrendering everything

to You. This is a means of Purifying the Pineal Gland, developing

our inner joy, contentment, and manifesting the Infinite Love that

is our original nature. These are some of the by products of

surrendering to You.



Absorption of our mind in thoughts of You is surrender. This

delivers us from psychiatric disordered sub-consciousness, into

Your Eternal, Changeless, Omnipresent, Blissful Sanity.


   Incomprehensible and Most Righteous One, thank You for

helping us understand that good thoughts are those thoughts which

are surrendered to You. They help us reawaken to Your

Righteous Omnipresence.

We offer You our hopes, our dreams our plans, our schemes. We

offer You our nights our days our hopes, our praise, our traditions

and our folkways. Everything we have, we bring as an offering to

You. The ultimate goal, purpose and benefit of our education and

liberation is You, in this immediate moment.

Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything to

You, thereby thinking of You evermore.  This surrendering to You

allows us to gradually realize Your mercy, omnipresence,

omniscience, guidance, and support which is pervading and

transcending all.

As a consequence of always thinking of You and serving You,

we redirect and our lives to the path of Righteousness and are

restored to our original position of one with and beyond the

universe, Divine Consciousness.

 The greater our devotion to You, the more we worship You in

complete surrender. This surrender  purifies our Pineal Gland and

consciousness because it fixes the mind on You, the Most Pure. 

Almighty One, by surrendering all to You we fix our mind on You.

Thus, we rise to our ever higher levels of Spiritual Consciousness,

overcoming the suffering inherent in Your illusory energy, Maya.

You are the Source and goal of our spirituality, our history, our

culture and our Dignity. We offer You our life, our every breath. 

Everything we have been through, everything we are going

through, everything we will go through, we offer unto You.