Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


  Serve 2

Everything, including Nothing, comes from You, is maintained by 

You, and eventually returns to You.  By always thinking of You, 

our Pineal Gland is gradually cleansed of ignorance contaminated 

consciousness. As this happens, we are  reeducated, reformed, 

revolutionized; we experience ever greater sense control, internal 

and external peace, and ever higher levels of  realization of who 

we really are. 

Who we thought we were the drop, the mind, the intellect, the 

ego. Who we really are is spirit/soul, in quality One with You, the 

Supreme Spiritual Force/Power, the Eternal Witness of the 

comings and  goings of the Infinite Ocean of  Pure Consciousness.

In this spiritual practice, the Ocean is overwhelming the drop. As 

this happens we live in greater simplicity, our thoughts are more 

noble, we think higher, and we have a deeper appreciation and 

practice of morality. 

 Gradually, we are being consciously reunited with You of 

limitless power, who pervades and transcends everything, 

everywhere.  You are our Supreme Awareness, the Supreme 

Witness who eternally pervades and transcends all, including the 

Infinite Ocean of Pure Consciousness.
 Moreover, as our consciousness is purified, our differences settle, 

and we live in greater harmony with higher values and deeper 

respect for ourselves as well as others.  We are others.

Step by step, we are being reunited, reinstated in our original 

position of  Divine Consciousness.  By Your Grace and Mercy

This is our dream;  this is our  vision.  This is our Eternal Home.

Thank You for showing us a way to unity, a method of

experiencing the Self as far beyond physical, mental, intellectual,

or any ego designation. The true self, we have experience, sees out

through the Pineal gland. It is spirit, in quality one with You.

Truly, You are the Supreme Spirit, the Source of all spirit/energy

flowing out through all Pineal glands in all species of life, whether

their Pineal gland be almost dried out or fully developed/totally


Seeing the self as Spirit and You as Supreme Spirit, cultivating 

our natural capacity to learn, thinking critically, and striving to 

remember You constantly is spiritual revolution. It leads us out of  

divisive ignorance, frustration, and despair to a life of 

righteousness, unity, inner joy,  fulfillment and peace.  

Fixing our mind on You by serving You is acknowledging You at

every breath of our life. This spiritual practice is proving to be a

very efficacious method of  decalcifying our Pineal Gland,

elevating our thinking, awakening us, and helping us to regain our

self-confidence.   Thus we rise from the ocean of ignorance and

suffering, the nature of the toxic environment, Maya, to the most

sublime realms of Pure Awareness.


You are the Most Pure Awareness, beyond material and

immaterial, self and selflessness, one and many, duality and

non-duality. You are the only consciousness worthy of veneration,

worship, and service. All glories to You. May You be pleased

with these humble offerings.

We offer You our humble praise and homage. This helps us to

consciously associate with You. By doing this, our historical and

spiritual memory are gradually restored. As this happens we can

better see where we are, where we have come from, how we got to

where we are, and how we can return to our origin which is here,

now, in this present moment.

We are submitting, with love and devotion, all activities and

everything else to You. By serving in this manner, we are

acknowledging you in all we think, feel, will, say, and do. 

Consequently, we are transcending obstacles while we

simultaneously attune our lower levels of consciousness with You,

the Highest and Greatest State of Awareness/Consciousness.

Boundless Source of all that exists, in You there is no East nor

West, North nor South, free nor slave, no left nor right, no 

dualities.  Thank You for showing us how to transcend the worlds 

of duality by constant remembrance of You.

  By constantly serving You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do, 

we remember You and experience  the fact that all is You.  All, 

including nothing, exists inside of  You.

You, The Original and  inexhaustible Consciousness of all, are

beyond past, present, and future. Please accept our obeisance. We

offer You our life, our so-called death, and every breath our body



We submit to You our hopes, our dreams our plans. 

We offer You our nights our days our  hopes, our praise. By the

grace of the process of submitting to You, we are being purified,

and are returning to our original, deathless state, beyond the one

and the many, and all other dualities.

 Everything we have, we bring as an offering to You. Thank You

for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything to You; doing

so, we transcend ignorance, passion, and goodness and put our

wealth where birth, disease, old age, and death cannot touch it.

You are the Most Pure. Association brings an assimilation. We

associate with You through surrendering all we think, feel, will,

and do to You. By this service the lens of our Pineal gland inflates,

widens, and our consciousness and intuition becomes more lucid.

Through this purifying process of associating with You, our old

polluted understanding gives way to pure understanding,

channeled directly from You.

 We abide by this understanding given from You in the light of

history, the revealed scriptures, and our prior experience. In this

light of reason we see that You are not an artificial imposition on

the mind or some phantasmagoria that we cannot comprehend. 

You are the unchanging, Supreme Reality at the base of our

awareness, the Source of all comprehension, all else is illusion. We

know this through association with You, and in the light of history,

revealed scriptures, and experience.  Beyond all duality, such as I, 

 Am and others, You are Thisness, Amness, Pure Nondual 

Awareness. All credit, all glory, all praise 

belongs to You alone.