Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 3

You, Supreme Consciousness, are within and beyond big and

small, bondage and liberation. Truly, You are our One Supreme

Being, our One aim, our One destiny, our One Love. We unfold

and realize You, Divine Silence and Peace of Conscience, as our

Pineal gland is purified. Submission to You, by always thinking of

You and offering all to You, is the basic process for purification of

the Pineal gland. 

To the degree the Pineal gland is purified, the consciousness is

cleansed and we gradually elevated and slowly, in most cases, 

suddenly in others, re reestablished in the Divine Purity and 

Strength of our original, Eternal Being. 

This is the program articulated for our redemption here at


You are the Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, One in the many. 

Service to You is association with You. The more we are in

association with You through transcendental loving service, the

more we return to harmony with You.  

The greater our harmony with You, the more we are in harmony

with the universe. To accomplish this task, all that we do is an

offering to You. Offering to You is service to You. Service is

synonymous to submission.

This is association with You, the Most Pure. As a result of this

association our consciousness is purified of anger, lust, and greed,

and we ever-more enjoy peace of mind and contentment of heart. 

This is harmony with You. The greater our harmony with You, the

more we are in harmony with all.

Moreover, as our awareness is purified of all material

contamination, we are empowered evermore to hear Your Most

Righteous Voice, to love those who hate us, bless those who curse

us, do good to those who do us wrong, and pray for those who

despitefully use and persecute us.

We will not compromise our integrity. With an ever cleaner

consciousness, we know that it is not how others treat us that

determines how we will live.  It is how we treat them that

determines what comes back to us. This is cause and effect. The

law of the universe, the law of Karma.


 Furthermore, we appreciate the freedom of clean conscience that

comes as a result of association with You, the Undefinable. 

Therefore, we have to treat others as we wish to be treated. We

cannot, in the light of free, clear, consciousness, be purposely

unrighteous in our dealings with others.

Most importantly, as a result of Your purifying association, we are

better equipped to observe and follow Your nature of a Pure

consciousness and righteous spirit. As we manifest this clean

consciousness and righteous spirit we automatically work for the

edification and rejuvenation of  this earth and the entire universe.


We offer You, the God of Truth, our life, our every breath.

Everything we have been through, everything we are going

through, everything we will go through, we bring as an offering to

You. By offering everything to You, our consciousness is purified

and we better love, serve and assist all sentient beings in their

efforts to reach You.

Always serving You surrenders all levels of our consciousness and

brings forth You, our Divinity, while we work with Nature for the

good of all planets, and sentient beings throughout the Cosmic

manifestations. Most importantly, constantly serving You keeps

negativity out of our mind while it simultaneously purifies our 

Pineal gland and consciousness. 

  You are our inner reservoir of Truth, Righteousness, Love and

Peace. The more we submit to You the  more we remember You. 

Remembering You, we "Reawaken" to Your Eternal

Omnipresence, pervading and transcending our Pineal gland, all

Pineal glands and all levels of all consciousness.

Association brings assimilation. Through surrender to You, we

associate with You. The effects of this is positive transformation at

the very foundation of our consciousness. This is nonviolent

spiritual revolution. Prior to we saw the self as material being with

all sorts of designations. Now we see, in the clear light of Truth,

the self as eternal spirit, in quality One with You, Supreme Spirit,

eternally free from all designations, definitions, and affiliations.

 Supreme Source of all sound and silence, the Most Pure. thank 

You, for granting us the Peace of understanding that keeps us 

humble, polite, and surrendering to You. By Your Most Positive 

and Pure association, our consciousness is being cleansed of 

negativity and our positive pure consciousness  is being restored. 

 We are truly grateful to You.

Thank You, Unalterable One, for helping us to  Submit all to You

consistently. This empowers us to remember You. Remembering

You is the spiritual practice above all other spiritual practices; It

helps us live ever freer from suffering while we awaken and live in

Your eternal, blissful, reality.

 Pineal glands are sacred vessels, conduits through which the 

Supreme Consciousness enters the bodies. The true being is 

located here. From this point, this channel, creativity, energy, and 

intelligence radiates throughout the body.  

You, the source of all awareness, the highest and greatest source 

of  all, are realized through devotion and love for You. This 

unfolds as a result of  always thinking of You; surrendering to You 

all we think, feel, will, say. and do. 

Our consciousness is purified through Your association. Slowly 

we enter the purity of consciousness wherein we truly feel pain at 

even the thought of doing to others that which we do not want 

done to ourselves.   

Through Your association our Pineal Gland, and hence, our bubble

of consciousness is purified, transformed, and absorbed into You

again. The bubble is filled with the Infinite ocean again. All we

think, feel, will, say, and do, is done as an offering to You. 

One tried and true method of absorbing our finite,  polluted 

consciousness into the infinity of Your Purity, is this spiritual 

practice of submitting all to You. Thus, our cross is lightened 

while our Pineal Gland and consciousness is purified into its 

original nature by virtue of Your association.


You, the Supreme source of all intelligence within all, are

experienced to the degree our Pineal gland and hence,

consciousness is purified. Surrendering all to You is the

purifying process. By this practice we revive our eternal loving

relationship with You.

Surrendering to You allows us to gradually realize Your mercy,

omnipresence, and guidance. You are the Supreme, Absolute, 

Reality,  pervading and transcending all, including Nothing.


Uncreated One, You are more subtle than the ether and closer

than our life's breath. Thank You for helping us remember to

surrender to You.

 As we practice surrendering all to You, our consciousness is

cleansed, our self concept changes, and we are able to see and

serve You and You alone in all sentient beings and in all


As lower consciousness is cleansed of all contamination we

recover our total Peace, our natural pure state.  This is our original 

state of being wherein all levels of consciousness are consciously 

in harmony with You, the Source of  infinite happiness and 


This self, as Infinite Spirit, always safe and free, is our true nature, 

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. This Peace is here before the

universe begins, while it expands, and when it withdraws again. 

This is the Peace of Supreme Being. It pervades and transcends all