Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 4

You are the Supreme Being of  Nature, the Supreme Love at the 

foundation of all consciousness, Supernatural in all respects. You 

are Absolute. None can compare with You. Thank You for 

teaching us how to come out of  illusion, and stay out of  it by 

always thinking of You.  This is the medicine, the 

spiritual technology, that is fixing us up; healing us, spiritually, 

intellectually, mentally, and physically. Your Endless Love is 

the primary inspiration, motivator for all we think, feel, 

will, say, and do.  You  are the  ultimate purpose and Goal of our 


You are the Eternal, living presence, who purifies, pervades and

transcends  all Pineal glands.  Most Pure, the Source of the energy,

intelligence, and creativity that flows through the Pineal

gland, thank You for enriching our life constantly, and guiding it

life in the Right direction, union with You.


 By seeing the awareness as eternal spirit and always thinking of

You, the Most Pure, we associate with You. This activity cleanses

the lens of the Pineal gland which in turn purifies the

consciousness. The more our consciousness is purified, the more

our will aligns with Your will, the way of Eternal Truth,

Righteousness, Love, and Peace.


You are the eternal Observer who pervades and transcends all

frequencies of silence and the space between the frequencies. By

always thinking of You, the Pineal gland is cleansed and becomes

a greater conduit through which Your energy, creativity, and

intelligence, after coming in through the Thousand Petal Lotus, 

radiates throughout all levels of consciousness for the greatest

benefit of all Sentient Beings.

 According to the Purity of the Pineal gland, after Your energy,

creativity, and intelligence goes through the Pineal gland, and

radiates throughout the levels of consciousness, it exits back into

Itself, through the Pineal gland, the Sixth Charka, and the Seventh

Chakra, the Thousand Petal Lotus.

Otherwise, if the Pineal gland is clogged up, or otherwise calcified,

Your energy not only does not flow through sufficiently, after

finishes its course in that particular body, It exits through one

or the other of the nine gates of the material body: the eyes,

nostrils, mouth, ears, genitals, or rectum, according to where the

consciousness is situated at the time of so-called death. 

According to the "Theory" of  Karma and Reincarnation wherever

ones mind is most situated at the time of death, one attracts the

appropriate womb and environment to continue to work out ones


According to this "Theory" of Reincarnation and the "Supposition"

of the Law of Karma, if one has been serving You with love and

devotion, ones mind is fixed on You. At the time of so-called

death, one escapes the law of Karma and reincarnation and

proceeds from the Thousand Petal Lotus to conscious union with

You again. 

The possibility that we might consciously be reunited with You

again, through this spiritual technology of fixing the mind on You,

is another reason why we are endeavoring to always think of You

in all we think, feel, will, feel, say, and do. This helps us fix our

mind on You, and gradually brings us, as consciousness, back into 

complete harmony with You, our Supreme Being.

So, we can see how important it is that the Pineal gland is purified

of all spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical impurities. All of

these impurities have their origin in identifying either the body,

mind, intellect, and/or ego as the self and seeking lasting

satisfaction in insatiable material desires.

Always thinking of You, and seeing the awareness as infinite,

eternal Spirit, beyond all dualities, including self and none-self,

changes the way we think and act towards the world. In this way,

we overwhelm the dessicated Pineal gland and the lower

consciousness, which is contaminated with lust, anger, and greed,

with Your eternal Love, compassion, and charity. Thank You for

helping us to see, by always thinking of You, that the self 

is Indestructible, Infinite, Eternal, Spirit.

All praise to You, The Source of all Divinity. You are the Source 

of all Righteousness. Our motto is "All for You and You for all". 

Thank You for showing us how to remember You in the sad as

well as the happy times by remembering to do all as submission to

You. This is the way we are lifting ourselves by Our Self out of the

ignorance, sin, and bondage in which we found our consciousness

in the material world.

As Divine Reality, You are Supernatural Being, The Primeval

Energy, The Life Activator, The Prana, Ultimate

Pure Consciousness. Thank You for teaching us how to be

consciously whole again, centered, balanced, and in harmony with

the universe by remembering to submit to You alone.

By constantly submitting/offering to You, we are realizing the

ephemeral nature of insatiable material desires, and the insanity of

trying to fulfill them. Thank You for showing us how to actually

experience the fulfillment of You and the realization of our ancient

and constant identity with You by remembering to submit all we

think, feel, will, say and do to You. 

As a result of experiencing the inner joy and contentment which 

comes from serving You, we are losing our attachment to that 

which does not exist, the material world, Your illusory energy.

The rising and falling of the ocean's surf, its mist and all the grains

of sand on the shore are all pervaded and transcended by You, the 

only true endurance, the One Omnipresent Reality. 

Thank You for helping us restore our individual and collective

memory. Please engage us ever more in Your transcendental loving

service. You are the only reality. Everything else is illusion. It has

no endurance. It does not exist.

You pervade and transcend every atom which constitutes ocean,

air, fire, mind, intelligence and ego of all sentient beings. You are

the Sustainer of the space in which the cosmic manifestations have

their beginning, maintenance and annihilation. Thank You for

helping us to serve You ever better.


       You are Supreme Consciousness/Spirit. All identity, and

coherency are within You and You are within all. Nonetheless, all

can never contain You, The Supreme Holy Spirit and

Ultimate Guide. Thank You for helping us transcend the trouble

inherent in Your illusory energy by serving You in all we do.

Supreme Love of all. Your eternal Peace is always with us. 

Thank You for revealing to us this ancient method of purifying,

awakening and restoring our total consciousness. This is done by

always remembering You, and serving You in all we think, feel,

will, say, and do.


 You are the Supreme Divinity of all. We are all One in You. You

are truly the only One worthy of service and worship. All of our

spiritual practice revolves around fixing the mind on You, the

Supreme Spiritual Energy flowing through the Pineal gland.

Fixing the mind on You purifies and re-inflates the Pineal gland.  

The more the Pineal gland expands, the greater its capacity to

channel Your energy, creativity, and intelligence for the good of

the Cosmos. This is our primary duty. Please accept this humble

offering with our love and devotion to You alone; it helps us fix

our mind on You.

You pervade and are simultaneously beyond the planets, galaxies,

interspace, outerspace, and all cosmic manifestations. They all

come and go within You. Verily, You pervade and transcend every

vibration throughout the cosmic manifestation.

 You are the source of the radiance that illuminates every spark,

every atom, every vibration of being. Thank You for revealing to

us the benefits of serving You through the vicissitudes of life in the

waking, dreaming, and deep sleep phases of life.


    Thank You for showing us how to serve all sentient beings

through service to You. By this service we associate with You and

through Your association our awareness is purified and

transformed back into conscious union with You.

The lights throughout the blue-blackness of the universe are

infinitesimal sparks of Your infinite splendor. Thank You for

showing us how to remember to serve You during the painful and

joyful moments of life.

You alone are the only reality. All else is illusion. Thank You for

revealing to us various methods of remembering to serve You

during all the vicissitudes of  waking, sleeping, and dreaming

states of life.

Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient, You Transcend time,

space, all limitations and circumstances. You are the only

permanence. Of what value is serving that which  has  no


 By serving You, our consciousness is purified and our 

natural compassion, selflessness, and attraction to You, the source

of all that truly endures, fills our lower consciousness. Gradually,

our only experience is You, the only reality. Awareness

experiences Awareness.

You are the source  of the power to overcome the enemy,

ignorance. This enemy keeps us unaware of the light of the Self. 

Thank You for helping us recover from our sickness of identifying

the Self as a temporary material phenomenon. 

This Soul restoration is accomplished by always thinking of  You.

Offering to You, surrendering to You,  submitting to You, this is

our service to You. You are the Infinite Source of time, space, and

sound. All sentient beings are finite waves in Your infinite

consciousness. Through loving service to You

 we love and serve all.