Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 5

  Praise be to You, imageless, changeless, God of the stars and all

Cosmic Manifestations. Pervading and transcending all faces,

forms, intellects, and aspects. You are the Source of All

representations of Divinity, and are the Supreme Leader of all the

Worlds. Thank You for teaching us that we are Eternal Spirit Soul,

not the temporal material body.

  You are the Infinite, Spiritual Core who pervades and transcends

all life. Thank You for teaching us how to purify our Pineal Gland,

clean up our consciousness, quiet our mind, love ourselves, love

You, and all sentient beings, by acknowledging You in all we

think, feel, will, say, and do. To help us do this, we call  out one of

 Your numberless names while we  do everything. These are ways

that we always think of You and thus cleanse our Pineal Gland.  

Thank You for helping us remain fixed in the Spiritual

world, knowingly separated from the material world, by fixing our

mind on You and experiencing the fact that we are not the material

body. As eternal spirit, we pervade and simultaneously transcend

the material worlds, that includes the material body, which in our

ignorance, we identify as the self.

The spiritual process that is chiefly responsible for purifying the

Pineal gland is the spiritual practice of following righteousness and

always thinking of You. The more this happens, the greater is our

ability to know, comprehend, and experience the fact that the true

self is absolute.

 There is nothing with which to compare You, the Absolute,

whether that comparison has form or whether it is formless. This

true Self, is our own Supreme Being. Pervading and transcending

all nationalities, tribes, colors, religions, creeds and species of

life, it has no designations.

  The true Self is spirit, in quality one with You, the Supreme Spirit

of all. In the light and purification of this experience, we naturally

practice moderation in speech, develop our compassion and love

for all. We accomplish the goal of Yoga, union with You, by

always thinking of You.

 Ever Unsulliable, Supremely Pure in all respects, You are our

Supreme Being, Ever Existing without interruption. Thank You for

teaching us how to be free from the insanity of thinking the true

being is a body, mind, intellect, or ego.

 Lower contaminated consciousness, causes us to think and act in

the materialistic consciousness of life. However, as we clean the

lens of the Pineal gland by always thinking of You, we regain our

historical and spiritual memory. We see that the true living being is

pure awareness, and You are the Supreme Awareness of all. We are

One, Pure Spirit, beyond names, forms, formlessness, personal and

 By always thinking of You our consciousness is purified, and we

regain our historical memory and our ancient spirituality. Thus

equipped, we rise out of the insanity of thinking the self is merely

physical, mental, intellectual, or ego. We return to our best Self,

our spiritual Consciousness, and are the positive change we

wanted to see in the world.

 We return to being the change we wanted to see in the world

through Your cleansing association. We associate with You

by calling out Your Holy Names and submitting all we think, feel,

will, say, or do to You.
You are pervading and transcending all interior and exterior

worlds. The different stages of our spiritual transformation and

evolution depends on You, the Substratum of all beings.

 It is through a clean consciousness and a quiet mind that we

understand who we really are, where we need to be, and how to get

here. We are the consciousness looking out through the Pineal

gland, also known as the Third Eye, actually, it is the First Eye. In

this way, we begin to gain a modicum of insight and recognition of

You, thus we gain an understanding and greater appreciation

of others.
We need to be consciously one with the Supreme Consciousness

coming through all Pineal glands. We return to conscious union

with You, the goal of Yoga, by following righteousness and always

thinking of You. Truly, You are the Eternal, omnipresent,

omniscient, indweller of all, the Source of all thought, within all

thought, beyond all thought, and eternal.

  The beginning, middle, and end of  the cosmic manifestation,

silence, and all space, rest in You. Thank You for bringing more

light to our traditional beliefs by inspiring us to get up and do the

best for ourselves. The beginning of doing for self is to search

deeper and more critically for the truth of who we really are.
You are the source of all wisdom, joy, right understanding, Justice,

and freedom. All praise to You, Invincible, Unlimited

Consciousness, and the Infinite Ocean of Knowledge. The

beginning, middle, and end of the cosmic manifestation, and all

space, rest in You. Pervading and transcending the morning mist,

the dew, the grass, the earth and the breathing of all bodies, all has

its origin, manifestation, and dissolution in You.


 Ever Pure, pervading and transcending the impure and the pure,

matter and spirit, You are our Supreme Being, Unchangeable,

Perfect, Pure Awareness. The one indivisible complete whole, You

are equal to all but none is equal to You.

You are pervading and transcending all interior and exterior

worlds. The different stages of our spiritual transformation and

evolution depends on You, the Substratum of all beings. 

Through service to You our consciousness is quieted, purified,

expanded, and freed from desires. As this happens, we can see

You, serve You, experience You, and more easily follow Your

Righteous lead, away from illusions, back to the eternal, blissful,

tranquil Silence, our Original, Loving, Nature. 

You are the Supreme Knower, the Ultimate Creator, the

Unequivocal Maintainer, the Perfect Annihilator, and the

Consummate Observor. You are within and beyond The Silence.

Time, the stillness of space, and Silence, all are within You. Thank

You for revealing to us various ways in which we may serve You

and thus purify our lower consciousness of Self ignorance, the

primary contaminant of the consciousness.

Constantly serving You, offering all we think, feel, will, say and do

to You, is a part of the ancient spirituality that our righteous

ancestors used for meditating on You, and eventually experiencing

You. They were positively transforming their consciousness,

and gradually reuniting with You consciously by submitting all to


You are the witness, the doer, the deed done, and the source of

Everlasting life. Thank You for revealing to us how to lead our

lower self with our higher self by always serving You.

When we increase our service to You, we realize what we need to

resuscitate our lower consciousness from its more or less spiritual,

intellectual, mental, moral, and physical slavery.
As resuscitation occurs, we regain true love for You, ourselves,

and others. At this point, we are regaining real freedom, our total,

original, endless spirituality. 

In the process of purifying the self by always thinking of You, the

Source of all spirituality and moral uplift, we gradually realize

Your Omnipresence. Beginning with our own lower

consciousness, we reawaken, restoring that which was seemingly

You are our sole refuge, strength, and inspiration. We know we

have nowhere else to turn for succor other than to You. The Source

of our great spirituality has You as its Generating Principle. Your

Righteousness is Everlasting, Omnipresent, and available to help

us in this moment, this second, this instant. Thank You for helping

us remember to do all as submission to You.

 All praise to You, Sustainer of the space in which the cosmic

manifestations have their beginning, maintenance and annihilation.

Thank You for helping us to serve You. Thus, we clean the

consciousness and the mind, and as a consequence are able to look 

through consciousness as Awareness and reawaken evermore to

You, Our Most Conscious, Ever-Awake, Providence.
The more we see and serve You in each "Other" and identity with

the Consciousness/spirit as the Self, our identification with the

illusory ego as the self fades. Gradually we come into ever greater

consciousness of You, and our egoless, equal-mindedness toward

all sentient beings is a natural result.

 Always serving You progressively merges individual

consciousness with universal consciousness, universal

consciousness with cosmic consciousness, and cosmic

consciousness with Divine Consciousness. This consciousness

pervades and transcends all cosmic manifestations.

 All praise to You, Invincible, Infinite Ocean of Knowledge. You

are the source of  centeredness, balance, love, fortitude, Infinite

Joy, and the most subtle of pure, healing vibrations, and the

Infinite stillness of Being. Our  service to You is surrender to You.

This is association with You.


Through association with You our vibration, also known as the

electromagnetic field or Aura purifies and harmonizes with You. 

Thus, it contributes to the propagation of positive,

healing vibrations throughout our universe.

You pervade and transcend the fullness and emptiness of time,

space, and circumstances. You are the Source of everything,

the deepest Peace, and the highest joy. Thank You for showing us

how to purify our lower consciousness by remembering to serve

You. The more this is done we increasingly exhibit loving

kindness toward all sentient beings.

You are Supreme Divinity of all the gods and lords. Thank You for

advising us to Serve/Submit all we think, feel, will, say and do to

You. By doing this our consciousness is purified and our will

gradually harmonizes with Your will, the way of Peace. As this

happens, the more abundant are our virtues and the greater our

ability to hear You and follow Your Righteous guidance back into

our historical and transcendental memory.
You, the basis of all spirituality and religion, pervade and

transcend character and substance. Simultaneously, You are

supporting and sustaining all attributes of morality and reality

throughout the universe. 

     You are the One from whom vast and variegated creations, are

engendered, maintained, and annihilated; yet, You always remain

the same, The Supreme Absolute beyond change, changelessness,

and all other dualities. Thank You for helping us develop the kind

of intelligence that guides us to serve You with ever increasing

devotion and love.