Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


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You, are the Perpetual, Enlightening Presence, the Everlasting,

Exceedingly Beautiful, Perfect Harmony within us, and within and

without, all around all.  There is nowhere  one can turn where  

You are not.  Verily, You, the birthless and deathless One, are 

always everywhere.

Transcending duality and non-duality, You are the All Knowing,

Ultimate Reality.  There is not and cannot be a symbol for You,

the Infinite One.  Aum is Your original, primeval Word.  Allah 

and Gye N yame are two of  Your many names.  However, You 

are It, Infinite perception.  No name can fully describe Your 

Infinite Greatness.

You exist as Ever  Greater Consciousness, the Supreme 

Awareness and beyond; everlastingomnipresentpeace.com  is a 

map, a well used, time tested, way to You.  This spiritual 

information can help us remain in, and continue to grow back to,

Eternal Peace.  

By Your grace and mercy, Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.com is, 

as documented, supported by  all the major

scriptures, avatars, incarnations, and prophets.  Surely,  You are

Divine Presence and hence the Most Righteous influence.  It is

our great, good Karma to be consciously within Your  Eternal,

illuminating and liberating  Presence. 

Everlastingomnipresentpeace is Your association.  It is  

Your association and Divine influence that uplifts and restores 

us to original Divine Consciousness.  This is our original, 

Eternal, Omnipresent, Love, the Real, egoless, "Self", within 

and beyond all things, no thing.  You are the Most  Subtle, 

nothing is within yet never beyond You.

It is through Your loving service that we associate with You and

constantly remember You. Through constant remembrance of

You, who are within and beyond all attributes, our awareness is


Purified Awareness brings in its wake the regaining of our 

historical memory, proper self-esteem, and confidence, the proper 

ingredients for liberation from mental slavery. Moreover, loving 

service to You re-establishes us in our original Purity of Being. 

This state is Eternal, Unadulterated Peace, the Greatest Awareness 

Abiding Endlessly.

You are the Supreme Source of the Highest Truth and 

Righteousness of our best ancestors in all species of

life. Please accept our most humble service from all sides, ends,

from above and below, inside and out.

 It is through work for You that we renounce the world while 

simultaneously working with devotion, dedicating all of our 

efforts to You. In this way, we honor our ancestors 

through worship You, and You alone. 
You are Infinite Awareness, the radiant essence of our 

intelligence, flowing down and shining out through the Pineal

gland. Thank You for enlightening our discrimination and leading

us on the right path to reach You. It is through always thinking of 

You, The Supreme Liberator, Liberation, and Liberating Power of 

all, that we restore our lives to completeness:  Eternity, bliss and 

total comprehension. 

You are the Eternal Pure Consciousness, the Divinity who

pervades and simultaneously transcends all parts of the body

including the Pineal gland. You are beyond waking sleeping,

dreaming, and deep sleep. 

Thank You for allowing us to be aware of Your immediate, 

Loving, Omnipresence.  We  are grateful.  We repent.  Please 

pardon  us for all the  almost unpardonable  things we did to You  

in the sickness, disease, foolishness, the ignorance of  


 Thank You for granting us, even though we were almost 

totally ignorance, a few soul redeeming  peeks, a few 

modicums  of experience, of  the True Self, which has You, 

Eternal Pure Awareness, as its Source. 

Thank You for inspiring us to glorify and praise You in all we 

think, feel, will, say and do. These spiritual practices purify and 

reactivate the Pineal Gland, allowing Your energy, creativity, and 

intelligence to more easily flow through it ever more abundantly.

Thank You for giving us righteous direction, thank You for 

teaching us, and motivating us to continue in the

consciousness purifying  path of  constant remembrance of

You.  Verily, You are the Supreme Source of  all  great

Virtues.  We offer our thanks, praise, and glorification

to You alone.  We forgive, we are grateful, we repent,  please  

pardon us.

You are the source of the goodness and love that are present

throughout every positive vibration. Thank You for helping us to

realize You, and to live in Your Loving Omnipresence while being

afforded the sacred opportunity to offer our meager service to 

You, the Supreme of  beings, including all energy.  

Un-originate One, Your reign of power and glory pervades heaven

and the entire universe. You are beyond past, present, and future.

 Thank You for helping us to remember You constantly. It is

through remembrance of You that we regain our internal strength,

our integrity.

You are the everlasting coherency that holds all together. 

Everything we have we bring as an offering to You. Thank You

for allowing us the intelligence to recognize You all the time,

everywhere. It is our sacred privilege to offer everything to You.


You are Supreme Divinity of all the lords. The Supreme

Awareness within all beings, You are here before the beginning,

during the middle and You pervade and transcend the end. It is

You alone who are our common goal, mutual theme, ultimate

purpose, and meaning to life.

You are the source of our cultural identity.  By seeing the self as

spirit and offering everything to You, we positively

revolutionize our way of life. The more we engage ourselves in 

remembering You, the greater is the restoration of our historical

memory and hence, our spiritual and cultural identity.

You are the Divinity of our life, the One Supreme Being at the

Source of all so-called individuals. In You is our completeness.

You are our inspiration and our true greatness.  

By constantly thinking of You while we do all we do, we are

keeping You in front, as we engage on the Battlefield of life. With

You as our refuge, our guide, and the Source of our strength, we

are evermore victorious in the waking and dream states of


Existing before, during, and after everything, including the "Big

Bang",  if it ever happened, and nothing. You are the only reality. 

You are the only Good, the only one we can truly depend on. 

Everything else is the game of the illusory

energy,  Maya.  It does not really exist.

Your reign of truth pervades and transcends all the heavens. All the

heavens are within You. However, all the heavens cannot contain

You, the Most Enlightened, the 
Throughly, Completely Intelligent.  
By Your association we purify, free our consciousness 

of  sin and slavery of ignorance.

The changeless witness of the past, present, and future, You are

beyond glamorous, and glorious. Mere words can only make a

feeble attempt to point out Your Super Excellence. Like a child

offering the vastness of the universe a leaf or an infinitesimal

portion of water, we offer You our humble service.

Serving You, our Ever Greater Consciousness, in all we do helps

us fix the mind on You. Fixing the mind on You purifies the

awareness/consciousness. To the extent that our consciousness is

purified, we regain our natural clean heart and right spirit.

 Gradually, we consciously enter Your Divine Presence again.

 You pervade and transcend the trees, the birds, the bees, the

earthworm, the pollen and the breeze. Thank You, thank our

for blessing us with intelligence to engage evermore in 

Your  transcendental loving service. It is through this kind  of  

Service that our awareness is cleansed and we regain control over 

the seven senses, including the mind.

You are Supreme Divinity alone, the only one worthy of worship. 

All glories to You! You are our One Divinity, our One Love, 

One Aim, our One Destiny. Please accept our thinking, feeling, 

willing, speaking, and doing, saturated with all the unconditional 

love and devotion we have at our command. 

light of Heaven and earth emanates from You, the Source of 

 Infinite Wisdom, exposed to which our consciousness is 

completely changed from that of a ignorant brute to that of a 

divinely inspired being, to that of a being manifesting divine 


Your Divine, Omnipresent, Energy comes into the body at

the time of conception, down through the Seventh Chakra at what

later becomes the top center of the forehead, builds  and  

flows into the Pineal gland, radiates out from the Pineal gland 

throughout the temporary physical sheaths, and eventually returns 

to You, Infinite, creativity, energy, and intelligence. 

 Our primary duty to  You and ourselves is to always think of You. 

In this way we free the Pineal Gland of  all obstacles to the free 

flow of  Your Divine  Currents of  Supreme, Majestic, Energy.

You are The One Creator, Maintainer, and Annihilator who

pervades and transcends all. Indeed, You are the One Supreme

Presence within and beyond the Pineal Gland. So many controllers

emanate from You, yet You remain eternally the same.

You are that from whom all is born. You are beyond all dualities

such as form and formlessness, life and death, duality and

non-duality. Through loving devotion our awareness is purified,

we overcome the material world, and sober up to our original

position of liberation from all dualities.

Thank You for helping us to recognize and lovingly serve You. 

Through Your Omnipresent, Most Righteous guidance, we move

forward to meet You who are always here.

Thank You for teaching us how to do all in remembrance of You. 

Doing all in fond remembrance of You affords us the sacred

privilege of serving You and reawakening to our eternal union with

 You who are Pure Consciousness.

You are the source of thought, the One at the source of all being.

You are all the resources we will ever need to do whatever we

need to do.  What we really need to do is that which helps our

Divine Consciousness to come forth by day and night.

You, our Source, are the fountainhead of Infinitely, Magnanimous

Positivity and Omnipresent Love. We are all one in You who are

our everlasting foundation, refuge and strength. With You we

flounder not.

Thank You for showing us how to be still inside so that we might

follow Your righteous will.

When we are so fortunate as to be Spiritually clean enough to be

able to remember to serve You in all we do we better follow Your

Righteous Will. This empowers us to remain constantly the

purifying fire of Your association.

Thank You, Supreme Intelligence of all, for leading us in the light

of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace. It is in this light that we

are empowered to keep our minds fixed on You.  This is the main

"Tool" or "Cleanser" for purifying the Pineal gland.


Thus we continue, coming forth by night and day, reawakening all

levels of awareness to our original position.  This is Infinite

Stillness of Being, beyond bliss, and knowledge,  the Eternal,

Infinite Witness and Observer of "All things" and "No thing." 

Smaller than the smallest and greater than the greatest, You, the

only one worthy of worship, pervade and transcend all and