Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 7

Our purity of consciousness increases as a result of

serving/surrendering to You, The Source and Witness of all

Consciousness, all that we think, feel, will, feel, say and do. 

Consequently, we are led back into the straight path, into Your

favor. Evermore, we are able to see and serve You in each other as

well as become detached from the vicious game of illusory



 The more we see the Self as spirit and we surrender to You, the

more we activate the Pineal gland. Gradually, we reawaken and are

blessed with glimpses of You in each other. We gradually realize

that the enemy we must struggle against is our own mind out from

under our control. The primary instrument in our struggle is fixing

our mind on You.

The mind out from under our control leads us deeper into the sin

and despair of ignorance. Seeing the Self as spirit and

Surrendering/submitting to You, the basis of our educational

system, leads us back into our original, eternal life of bliss and

knowledge, back to who we really are.


As our Pineal gland is enlightened by virtue of Your association,

we experience the fact that our best friend, under You,  is our mind

under our control. There is no "other". There is only "You" within

and beyond various forms and disguises of ignorance. Truly, You

are the Balm in Gilead that makes the wounded whole. You are the

Balm in Gilead that heals the sin sick soul.

Thank You for helping us Purify our Pineal gland and thus grow in

Your Wisdom by surrendering to You. The spiritual practice You

are revealing to us is empowering us to bathe our Pineal gland in

Your purifying presence. Thus we are evermore coming back to

our best Self, thereby by making a humble contribution to the

betterment of our universe.

Thank You for revealing to us how to realize Your Omnipresence

through constant loving service to You. This too is another way of

freeing our mind and coming back to You in this present moment.

 This is how we righteously rebuild our character; something that

must be done before we can intelligently rebuild anything else.

You surpass all others in excellence. Thank You for awaking us

and enlightening our discernment. Above all, thank You for

showing us how to submit to You constantly. By offering

everything to You, with love and devotion, we fix our mind on



Fixing the mind on You is the mechanism that cleans the Pineal

gland. From cleanliness of the Pineal gland comes cleanliness of

lower consciousness, and frees it from the frustration,

disappointment, despair, and general suffering of the illusory

material encagement.

Beyond past, present, and future, You are our life, our so-called

death, our every breath. You are the only one worthy of worship. 

All glories to You! Please accept our obeisance, unconditionally,

with love and devotion.

The spiritual practice that leads to knowledge of You as ones

Supreme Being, is the Right Education, the proper education that

develops us spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and physically

Right education liberates us from the shackles of ignorance of Self.

It is ignorance of Self that destroys us as sentient beings. It is

knowledge of Self, knowledge of Truth, the Pure Awareness that is

the Observer of emptiness, that truly Liberates us from the many

bondages of ignorance.

Every illusion we have experienced, every illusion we are going

through, every illusion we will experience, we offer unto You.

Thank You for helping us to remember to offer everything to You.

 As a consequence of surrendering all to You, we gaining in

wisdom and strength while realizing enlightenment. Thank

You, the Reservoir of all pleasure, our innermost reality, the very

basis of all consciousness and culture, for teaching us how to serve

You with love and devotion.

When we are able to constantly remember You, as a result

of surrendering all of our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing to

You, the greater is purification of our existence. You pervade and

transcend all the Galaxies and all the intelligences within them. 

Please accept our humble submissions of praise and thanksgiving.

Infinite One, You are entirely self-existent and Self-reliant.  

Everything we are depends on You. You and You alone are within

and beyond all. Thank You for teaching us how to serve You with

love and devotion.

Causeless One, Unmovable Mover of all, You are Eternally

pervading and transcending the cosmic manifestation and all

space. You are ever changeless amidst constant change.

Most Righteous One, You who are without beginning, middle, or

end, no one is equal to, nor co-eternal with You. We offer You our

life, our every breath. Everything we have been through,

everything we are going through, everything we will go through,

we offer unto You.

Source of all compassion and wisdom, thank You for helping us to

control our mind by always thinking of You. We offer You our

hopes, our dreams our plans, our schemes. We offer You our nights

our days, our hopes, our praise.


 You are Supreme Divinity Who pervades and simultaneously are

beyond waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and all levels of

transcendental consciousness. Thank You for Your guidance on the

right path to reach You.


In our ignorance, we continue to perpetuate the illusion that we are

the material body, mind, intellect, and ego. As a result of thinking

of You, we are fixing our mind on You and purifying our

consciousness of anger, lust, and greed, the impediments to

wholesome cognitive, intellectual, and spiritual development.

 Most of all, by always thinking of You, we are freeing our

consciousness, from the foolishness and deceitfulness  of

Maya, mystery Babylon, Your illusory energy, material and


 You are the originator of the Cosmic Manifestation. The more we

are repaired from our sin sick forgetfulness of You, by always

thinking of You, the more we worship You and You alone. We

know in fact that You are the only One worthy worship. The more

we worship You alone, the more we are purified, the more

abundant are our virtues, and the more we are liberated,

independent, prosperous, secure, and at peace.


Thank You All Mighty One, The Source of all Beauty, Education

for knowledge of Self, Simplicity, and Righteous Order.  

You are Entirely Whole, no matter how many wholes emanate

from You. All the wholes are coming forth within You, lasting

within You, and dissolving back into You. How can You, who are

infinite, and so Supremely Wonderful, be explained or thoroughly


 Constant remembrance of You keeps us totally, consciously, in the

present moment, performing our mundane tasks more efficiently

with greater love and affection for You.


You are the Heart, the Centerless Center, and The Infinite

Awareness within us. All Merciful Supreme Being of the Cosmos,

all we need is You.

Our Word is a 
song of praise to 

 to whom 
all praise is due. 

 Consciousness, its control and purification can be attained by

fixing the mind on You. This can be accomplished by the spiritual

practice of seeing the self as spirit, calling out Your Name, and

offering everything to You, constantly.