Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 8

 Never diminishing, always the same, You are the most

  Magnificent. We associate with You, our True Self, who are

beyond ego, desire, expectations, and any frustrations, through our

spiritual practice of surrendering all to You. This is acknowledging

You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do. Thus we are purified

and empowered to see our self and others as Divine and Precious,

and You, the most Divine and Precious, Super Soul of all.

You are our Innermost, Supreme, Omnipresent Reality. Through

Meditation on You, and praying to You, we see that we are not this

temporary material body. We are eternal spirit, most intimately

connected with all sentient beings, moving and non-moving,

visible and invisible throughout this cosmic manifestation, through

our eternal, unbreakable union with You.

 You are the eternal, changeless soul, full of bliss and knowledge,

pervading and transcending manifest and un-manifest. You

are, always have been, and will always remain the same, the never

exhausted Super Soul of all. Through all the vicissitudes of life in

the temporary worlds of illusion we are reflections of Your

Eternal, Constant, Supreme Magnificence.

 Surrendering to You helps us comprehend how Your Judgment,

the Law of Karma, is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent. 

In this light, as our Pineal gland is undergoing the rejuvenating

process of always remembering You, we are ever more profiting

by recognizing and obeying this universal law. As a result of

surrendering all to You, the realization of our oneness with You,

within and beyond the vast and variegated dualities, as an eternal

soul, becomes more lucidly revealed.

Thank You for revealing this well-worn path of fixing the

consciousness on You by always thinking of You. This is the

greatest tool used in purifying the Pineal gland. Always thinking of

You brings us back up through the Pineal gland, through the

Seventh gate at the top center of the head, the soft spot for babies,

also known as the Sahasrara, or the Thousand Petalled Lotus. It is

also known as the gateway of Infinite Consciousness, the Source

of all consciousness throughout the universe. You, our everything,

our only reality, are this Source, our Original, Primordial


Glory!  Glory! Glory You, Supreme Being of all the worlds. Thank

You for Your association. The greater our association with You,

through service to You, the more our Pineal gland is cleaned of all

impurities, physical and spiritual, and we realize our natural state

of love, compassion and forgiveness. Thus we naturally strive to

restrain from causing suffering to others.
Most Unconditional Love! All praises to You. Thank You for

showing us show to serve You and You alone. The more we submit

all we think, feel, will, say and do, to You, the more our Pineal

gland and consciousness are purified. Hence, the greater is our

strength to restrain from criticizing or in any way directing ill

toward another. We discern that You are everything and everything

is owned and controlled by You. 

  You are the Source of all consciousness, intellectual depth, mental

sharpness and physical health. Moreover, knowledge of Self, the

greatest education, is gained by always thinking of You. In this

enlightening knowledge, we see that it is through service to You

that our consciousness is purified, and our dormant love for You

shines forth. 

Moreover, in the light of this knowledge of Self as beyond body,

mind, intellect, and ego, we see that we serve each other best by

serving You within the so-called other, first. So-called others are

temporary reflections of Your infinite glories just as the light of the

sun, moon, or stars are reflected in many different clay pots of


You, the culmination of all knowledge, are the One, The

Greatest Spirit, who pervades and transcends all dualities. Thank

You for revealing to us a methodology for cleaning up our Pineal

gland and living in the world in touch with You our Omnipresent


Serving You keeps us ever more in touch with You. Living in this

manner, we are increasing our wisdom while purifying our Pineal

gland. As our Pineal gland is cleaned and purified, our

consciousness is freed from the contaminants of lust, anger, and

greed. Thus, we ever less inclined to engage in unedifying

thoughts, words, or deeds.

Serving/Surrendering all to You allows us more intimate

association with You. Through this association we are purified, our

intelligence is raised, and we awaken from the insanity that the

body is the self and can lead to happiness, contentment, or escape

from misery and boredom. In this way of sobering up by

surrendering all to You our life is increasingly fulfilled.

 Our consciousness becomes pure, wholesome, and noble again by

associating with You. Thank You for showing us how we can

surrender all to You and thus associate with You for the

purification of our Pineal gland.

The most important sacrifice we can make is simply fixing our

mind on You by serving You. This is the manner in which we tap

into Your unlimited reservoir of intelligence which leads to greater

purification and expansion of our Pineal gland.

The more we surrender all to You, the more we are awake, alive in

the present moment. At this state of consciousness we are

increasingly free and enlightened to the fact that from the

ignorance that causes us to think that consciousness depends on

the brain. Consciousness actually depends on the energy,

creativity, and intelligence that comes through the Pineal gland. 

The more this gland is purified, the greater its capacity to radiate

Your energy, intelligence, and creativity.

You are the Most Righteous and Benevolent, Inner Being and

Voice of all. Surrendering all to You fixes the mind on You

and purifies our Pineal gland. Consequently, we are gradually

freed from desire, vanity and the mentality that attaches to

temporary joys and sorrows. Moreover, submission to You,

acknowledging You in all we do, helps us comprehend how Your

Judgment, the Law of Karma, is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and



As a result of surrendering all to You, the realization of our

oneness with You as an eternal, incomparable, beautiful soul,

becomes more lucid. The more we surrender all we think, feel,

will, say and do to You, the greater is the Purification of our Pineal

gland. Thus unfolds our spiritual education, edification, and

realization that the cosmic manifestation is one within and under

You, the Supreme Spirit of all.

Thank You for teaching us the art of surrendering all to You. This

scientific process is the art and science of surviving, and thriving

in security, freedom and peace again. Simultaneously, we unfold a

clean heart, divine vision, and the spirit of righteousness. If

we want anything, it is wanting for others that which we want for

ourselves, You.

 We meditate on You. By this association we are positively

transformed. We regain our Spirituality, Identity, History, Heritage,

and Culture. Consequently, we again become  truthful, humble,

polite, giving and forgiving without discrimination, and we are

able to love others as ourselves.