Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Welcome to Our Word

  Indigenous Spirituality;

  A Positive Contribution,

  an humble Offering to the 

  Light of Divine Intelligence

   for the Good of our Universe.

Mungu Ni Moja

 You are the Eternal, Transcendental, 

Light of Divine Intelligence, pervading 

and transcending the consciousness, 

 awareness, and intelligence of all. 


Our Word is an offering of Indigenous 

Spirituality to You, the Light of our 

Divine Intelligence. 


Our Word is Submission to You.   It consists of  

revelations and research shared freely for our

 Cultural Refinement, Inspiration, Spiritual 

Healing and Enrichment.  


 Ultimately, Our Word is shared to help us 

remember  You, and thereby attain our Union 

with You.  This is our greatest blessing, our

 maximum Potential:  The Light of Divine



Our Word is a Praise and Thanksgiving narrative

 about You, The Light of Divine Intelligence.  

You are also also known as Allah, Gye N yame,  

Supreme Being, God, Ngai,  Brahman, Buddha

 Nature, Mungu, and other names.  


Our Word also knows You by many other names, and by 

no name at all.  Our "Roots" begin, grow, and end in

You, who we know as our own Light of Divine 



We know You as our Foremost Being, within

and beyond the Most Gross and the 

Supreme of Subtle Vibrations simultaneously.


Our purpose, thinking, and our action must be 

properly generated, organized, and mobilized.  

 This happens most properly to the degree our

  knowledge, consciousness, awareness,  and 

 intelligence are in alignment, in union with 



Indigenous Spirituality, our understanding 

of History, and our experience, declares that 

You, the Most Perfect, within and beyond all,

are always here, and more than enough.


 Moreover, our Historical research, 

observation and  experience, goes on

to inform us that You are the Eternal

Unity pervading and  transcending all

 levels and diversities of thought, forms,

 consciousness, awareness, and 



 We think of, contemplate, and meditate on 

You as the unfathomable and indefatigable,

 pervading and transcending the totality of

all intentions,  creations, maintenance, 

and destruction.  


As we remember You, we reawaken to the Light 

of our Divine  Intelligence.  This is within and

 beyond thought, consciousness,  awareness, and

 intelligence.  We are awakening and returning

to our Blissful Tranquility of Being, 



We  know, from research, observation, 

experience, and reflection, that You are the

 Source of all Ancestors, and all  Ordinary, 

 Extraordinary, and Supreme Personalities.


 We have seen, and are seeing, You deeply  

and quietly within everything.  Seeing You 

 and remembering You, we are reawakening 

to union with You.  


We know You and offer to You as our Most 

Enlightened, Unconditioned, and Civilized 

Self, within and beyond time, place, space,

 and circumstances.  


As the Light of Divine Intelligence, You are

 the Omniscient Source of the Self.   

 Serving You and worshiping You, we are 

serving and worshiping all.


 All other sorts and levels of  Education, 

Metaphysics,  Morality, Intelligence, and 

Enlightenment, are more or less infinitesimal 

sparks of Your infinite splendor.  


The more we offer to You and remember You,

 the more we experience an Unconditional 

Loving,  Soul Restoring, Comprehensive 

Education, based on Knowledge of  who

 we really are.


   The more we know about You the more we 

    know about who we really are. The more 

we know about who we really are, the more

 we know about You.  Knowledge and 

experience of  Self is what Our Word

Indigenous Spirituality is all about.

Please pardon some of our references for their use of  the masculine gender when referring  to You.  Aside from that 

oversight, our  sources are highly reliable, and for the betterment of all.  We are striving for perfection.  If you see 

something that does not look right, email  eopeace@aol.com to contact us.

Our Word consists of  submissions of  Hymns and Thanksgiving  to You alone. 

We review and update our content regularly to ensure its accuracy in spelling, punctuation, sentence 

formation,  paragraph development,  substance and completeness.  Corrections to Our Word are done

 in the light of our research, observation, experience, reflection, spiritual practice, education, and


Our Word is our nonprofit offering to our Light of Divine Intelligence also known in most Western

 Countries as God.  It is a work still in progress.  The commercials  are  of  You Tube.  

This is Our Word

for our

 Resurrection and Ascension

Thank You.  

      Brother E.O. Peace   

    Mungu Ni Moja