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Mount Kilimanjaro

Mungu Ni Moja: "Supreme Being is "ONE"Omnipotent, Omnipresent,

and Omniscient " Kiswahili language.

GYE N YAME: " Supreme Being is "ONE"; Omnipotent, Omnipresent,

and Omniscient " Akan language.

Adinkra symbol.jpg

Adinkra symbol meaning, " Gye N YAME, the Indivisible,

Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute is the ONE and only

reality.  All else is illusion; it does not exist, has no endurance."




Everlasting Omnipresent Peace (Our Word) is a Website that has a

plan of action for purification, cultivation, and realization

of our noblest character, Divine Intelligence.



We are doing this by remembering You, our Supreme Intelligence.

"You" centered, constant praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice,

service, right association, and Meditation, are the tools we are employing

to accomplish this objective.



Whatever the situation, happy or sad, we praise and thank you and

immediately transcend emotional involvement with the situation.

Our prayers to You are of praise and thanksgiving, not asking for




Sacrifice, service, offering, surrender, and submission are synonymous

to us. they all mean, to us, that we are doing everything, every honorable

endeavor, as service to You.  We submit all to You alone.



Our Word is about You and our seemingly forgotten relationship

with You. We say "Seemingly" because the little glimpses we have had

of You, backed up by our research, observation, and reflection, as our

very own "Divine Intelligence," makes it seem impossible to have

forgotten You.



We are striving and devoting serious effort to being alone, if we cannot

associate with those who are seeking Your purifying association. This

to us is right association. We know You are the best, and only

association we truly need.



We Meditate on You as our Eternal, Most Excellent, Immanent and

Transcendent, Divine Source of all Energy, Frequency, Vibration and

Purity of Culture. Our doorway to You is Meditation on the

"Soundless" sound and stillness of Silence Itself.



You are known by many names, yet within and beyond all names. For

this presentation, Our Word, we are addressing You by the name,

Supreme Intelligence.



Through ever greater conscious union with You, we are gaining

greater willpower, freedom, and Peace, awakening out of Maya, the

 ocean of suffering.



All of us are part and partial of this ONE living GOD who is

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. This is Our very own

Infinite, Divine Intelligence. Who is not part and partial of the One

living GOD, the Eternal Divine Intelligence of all? All is within Divine

Intelligence. Nonetheless, all cannot contain Divine Intelligence.

"Brahman Satyam Jagat Mithya. Brahman Satyam, Jagat Mithyä." 

Aum_Eye of Horus_Sacred Blue Lotus flower_Ankh.png

Aum, Eye of Horus, Sacred Blue Lotus flower,  Ankh.

Our Word is an offering of Indigenous
Spirituality to You, the Knower of the
Light of our Divine Intelligence.  
You are the absolute Knower of 
everything and that includes no-thing.
When we reflect on the experience of You,
 we remember that You are within and 
beyond knower, knowledge, knowing, and

 By serving You first and only, we are
 serving all.   Verily, You are our Eternal 
Light of Divine Omniscience,  Pure
 Intelligence, Smaller than the space
between subatomic particles, and
bigger than the Cosmic Manifestations,
   simultaneously.  Your energy, frequency, 
and vibration pervades and transcends
 all;  However, all can never contain You.
(Hear also John Coltrane,  "A Love Supreme,"  recorded live in Seattle, October 1965.)
Being Eternally Omnipresent, Omnipotent,
 and Omniscient, You,  Pure Intelligence, 
 beyond pervading and transcending, are
 always Here. 
 Knowing and experiencing You, as our
 Eternal, Omnipresent, Light of Divine
    Intelligence, is the goal of our life, and 
 the purpose of our endeavors here at
You are also also known as
Allah, Gye  N  Yame, Supreme Being, God,
Ngai, Brahman, Buddha Nature, Mungu,
Atum, Supreme Intelligence, many other 
names, and by no name at all.  Our "Roots"
 begin, grow,  and end in You, who we are 
referring to our Light of Divine 
We are purifying our consciousness of
 lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and
envy by our spiritual practice, centered
 in always thinking of You.  
Always thinking of You is remembering 
You.  This is association with You, 
"The Most Pure."  In this manner, we are
 improving our lives constantly by 
associating with You, and reawakening to 
our Eternal Union with You, our Supreme
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