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Source of all Consciousness, Ethics, Truth, and Strength, the Sages and Holy call You by many different names. Here, at, we call You "You." As far as we are concerned, You, the Lowest and Highest Awareness simultaneously, are the Source of all consciousness, the Source of the Greatest Consciousness of all.
As we awaken to our original Self, we treat others as we would treat ourselves. As we have done to the so-called least of the sentient beings among us, we have done it unto You.
You are the Source of our independent thought and freedom of inquiry. Thank You for revealing this well-worn path of meditating on You for reviving our original Awareness. We have no reality other than You who never cease existing.
We meditate on You as the One Supreme Reality who pervades and transcends the vast and variegated diversity of life throughout the Cosmos. Our Everything and Beyond the Beyond is You, the Supreme Awareness of all.
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 Thank You for teaching us the art and science of always thinking of You, the foundation of meditating onYou. This scientific process is the ancient method of surviving, and thriving in security, freedom and peace while we accomplish our ultimate goal of union with You.
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We meditate on You as the Real Self, the pervader and transcended of body, mind, intellect, and ego; the Supreme Spirit, Eternal, the Source of Unlimited knowledge and Bliss; beyond form and formlessness, Transcendental to knower, knowledge, and known. Thank You for inspiring us to seek Truth relentlessly.
You pervade and transcend Your original primeval Word, AUM. All praise and glories to You! You are the only One worthy of praise, adoration, worship and meditation upon. All our praises are to You.
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Thank You for helping us to remember to be conscious of our breathing, to chant Your Holy Names, and to be consciousness of Your presence as the Eternally, Tranquil, Silence that exists within all.
We are evermore blessed to be conscious of Your presence in the midst mundane activities. this activity is the main association that is responsible for truly cleansing and purifying the Pineal gland into to its elastic roundness again.
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Truly, it is purification of the Pineal gland which leads to cleansing of consciousness. Thus it is that meditation on You, the Source of our freedom of inquiry and critical thinking, helps us come back to You, here, now, in this present moment. Meditating on You is the primary tool we are using for cleansing our Pineal gland.
Thank You a thousand times over for advising us to follow Righteousness and to side with Truth, the greatest edification for all. Thank You evermore for the great gift and Divine Blessing of meditating on You. 
In our sickness of consciousness we think we are dealing with systems created by other living beings. Meditating on You fixes the mind on You and purifies it of illusory beliefs and other unedifying things. The ultimate goal of all of our endeavors is a return to You, conscious union with You.

Meditating on You, the Source off all terrestrial and extraterrestrial worlds, has been, and is our refuge, and our spiritual strength. You are our ever-present, Supremely Wise, friend in and beyond all times and causations.  
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The illusory senses are controlled and the monkey mind, the instigator of the insanity of the senses, is calmed and dissolved. As this happens we rise out of the world of delusion, Maya, and gradually settle here in the spiritual world, where we have always been.
Meditating on You, our very own Supreme Being, within and without, decalcifies our Pineal gland and reveals our original fullness of Being. For us, You are the GreatestBenefit, the Absolute Truth with whom there is none to compare.
In You, our own Supreme Being, there are no dualities. The thick muck and mire of ignorance, the illusory worlds, dissolve, revealing You, the Supreme, egoless, "Self," the Super Soul, Supreme Consciousness, within and beyond all.

Maya punishes, with vast and variegated kinds of suffering, any living being who is caught and trapped, tangled, and frustrated in our attempts to be free from it. Everything else we think we understand will, in the final analysis, only confuse us more if we fail to understand how to be free from Maya.


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Meditating on You, our own Super Soul, our very own Supreme Leader, purifies us of wrong concepts, such as the self is a temporary body, mind, intellect, or an ego.
Gradually, as we truly awaken, we see that the system of all systems is Maya, Your illusory energy. The more the Pineal gland is purified, the greater our power to come out of Maya and realize our original Divinity.
By fixing the mind on You, we purify and control it. This is the secret of controlling the mischievous, mind and insatiable senses.
We can overcome the illusions of Maya. We comprehend what it is, exactly how it works, and how we can remain free from its pains and other sufferings.
Freedom from Maya and conscious union with You is true freedom, real liberation, our original nature of being. 
The system of systems, Maya, is an elaborate lie. It is the illusory energy of the Most High, Supreme Being. We can transcend and are freed from Maya by fixing our mind on You, the master of Maya.
The system of systems, Maya, is an elaborate lie. It is the illusory energy of the Most High, Supreme Being. We can transcend and are freed from Maya by fixing our mind on You, the Generating, Organizing, and destroying Power of the Cosmic Manifestation.
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