Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                             About Us 

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

We thank "You," the Source of Truth, Righteous, Love, and 

 Peace, for revealing to us how constant remembrance of You 

purifies, raises and expands our consciousness. 

Certainly,  You are the Supreme, egoless, "Self," the Super 

Soul, the Supreme Consciousness, Pure Energy, within and 

beyond all.  Thank You for encouraging us, and showing us 

how, to always think of You.

Always thinking of You is the way to come back to You.  

Coming back to You, we redevelop the infinitely free and 

independent consciousness that is our original state of Being.

By always thinking of You, we rise from the consciousness of 

brute, to the consciousness of a compassionate human being,

 back to our original position of  Divinity, Pure Energy.  

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we Meditate on 

You.  We see You, as the One, the Eternal Omniscient, 

Omnipotent, Omnipresence, the Source.  There is nowhere 

where You are not, no power which You are not in front, 

within, and behind.  

Within and beyond all, there is nothing which You do not 

comprehend.  You pervade and transcend Names, Suns, 

Systems, Sound, Silence, Space, Nothing, and 


Thank You for revealing to us how to always think of You.  

Additionally, thank You for accepting this humble offering.  

Thank You for helping us  make sense of it all.  Thank You 

for helping us return to Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace

Thank You for teaching us the art and science of always 

thinking of You, the foundation of meditating on You. This 

scientific process is the ancient method of surviving, and 

thriving in security, freedom and peace while we accomplish 

our ultimate goal of union with You.

Many of us know through observation, knowledge, and 

experience, that possession of things does not immunize us 

against suffering; everlastingomnipresentpeace.com helps us 

understand how to use things to help us remember You.

 This remembrance of You is is the real immunization.  It 

protects us from the various ramifications of sufferings  

related to birth, old-age, disease, and death.  Finally,we come 

back to You, our  Supreme Being, our original Home.

For us, You are the Greatest Benefit, the Absolute Truth with 

whom there is none to compare. In You, our own Supreme 

Being, there are no dualities nor shortages. You permeate and 

reign Supreme over Everything and Nothing.

The more we think of You, the thick muck and mire of 

ignorance, that keeps us revolving in the illusory worlds, dissolves, revealing the Eternally Omnipresent You.

We think of You as the Source of all Consciousness, Ethics, 

Truth, and Strength.  You pervade and outshine all 

colors, tribes, races, creeds, nationalities, species, and any 

other temporary, illusory designations.

Although within and beyond all names, understandably, You 

are addressed by many different names throughout the 

universe.  Here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, we 

call You the Safest, Cleanest, and Freest of all. The closer we 

get to You, the cleaner, safer, and freer we are as individuals 

and as communities.

As we continue to purify our consciousness through constant remembrance of  You, we evolve from the level 

of a compassionate human being to the consciousness of an understanding, warm, and loving living being. 

 Gradually, through remembrance of You, our consciousness is purified of all traces of anger, lust, and greed.  Now, we begin to experience You as our original consciousness, our Eternal, Primeval, Divinity. 

You are no longer a mystery.   We know  from our research, 

knowledge, and experience, that You are our 

Supreme Being.  You can be experienced and known, here, 

and now through this spiritual practice that revolves around  

always thinking of You as Eternal, Pure Being.

Please bear with us, and pardon us here at 

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, when some of our sources 

refer to You in the masculine gender.  We know in fact that 

You pervade and transcend all races, genders,

nationalities, descriptions and designations. 

According to our knowledge, observation and experience, with the exception of referring to You in the masculine gender, the sources are, for the most part, correct in  their understanding of  the experience of  You. 
You are Eternal Spirit or Energy, greater, better, and stronger than any sort of form or formlessness. 

You can only be experience and then known as the Self.  This experience is beyond description, and You can only be experienced.  The experiences of You, beyond intelligence, mind, and body, increase as the consciousness is purified by always thinking of You.

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.com is a collection of ancient 

and modern information about You who are beyond time 

and space.  Those who partake of the information offered 

here are encouraged to take what they want, what will help 

them, and  leave the rest behind; come back for seconds, or

thirds, if they want.  

The information here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is 

 free, edifying, and intended for the benefit of all who are not 

about overturning or even disturbing Maya's world.  It is 

about getting out and staying out of any degree of 

involvement with Maya. 

We get out and stay out of Maya's world by always 

remembering You.  Thus, we continue reawakening to 

our everlasting life of Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace.

This is our original, eternal Life of freedom and bliss

Many of us know from observation, knowledge, and 

experience, that possession of  things does not immunize us 

against suffering; everlastingomnipresentpeace.com helps us 

understand how to use things of Maya's world to help us 

remember You.  In the final analysis we see, it all belongs to 

You.  Pervading and transcending all is You. 

Remembrance of You is the real immunization.  It protects us 

from the various ramifications of sufferings caused by 

birth, old-age, disease, and death.  We remember You as 

Eternal Vibratory Bliss, none different from the Self.

We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of the Stillness which is suffused and at the same time outstrips all worlds. As far as we are aware and know, You are the Highest Awareness,  the Most eminent Consciousness, the Source of the Greatest Awareness of all. 

 As we awaken to our original Self, which is within, encompassing, and transcendental to all genders, nationalities, species, et al, our consciousness is cleansed of contaminations and misgivings.  We return to manifesting Your qualities of goodness and mercy toward all being, the more we think of You.

 With an ever cleaner consciousness/heart, as a consequence 

of always thinking of  You, we strive  to treat others 

 better than we expect them to treat us.  As we do to the so-

called least of the sentient beings among us, we do it unto You.

We think of You as the Source of our independent 

thought, freedom of  inquiry, and our centeredness. Thank 

You for revealing this well-worn path of devotional service to 

You.  It is reviving our original Awareness and in the process 

is enlightening our intelligence, enhancing our balance and 

ability to think critically and independently. 

We think of You as our One, Omnipresent, Omniscient, 

Omnipotent, Eternal, Supreme Being.  No one, neither 

nothing, can harm You, nor diminish You in any way.  We are 

seeing that we have no reality, no endurance, other than You,

the Ever Existing One.

We think of You as the One Supreme Reality who 

spreads through and goes beyond the limits of the vast and 

variegated diversities of life. Our Everything and Beyond the 

Beyond is You, the Ultimate Truth, beyond the ordinary

awareness and consciousness of all.  

Thank You a thousand times over for advising us to follow Righteousness and to side with Truth, the greatest edification for all. Thank You evermore for the great gift and Divine Blessing of  remembering some of  Your glories and meditating on You. 

We meditate on You as the Eternally, Tranquil, Silence that exists within and beyond all. Thank 

You for helping us remember to be conscious of our

breathing, to chant Your Holy Names, to be still without thoughts and conscious of Your loving presence. 

Thank You for inspiring us  to seek Truth relentlessly.

You infuse and surpass Your original primeval Word, 

AUM.  We think of You as the Truth, Its source, and Its 

Eternal Witness.

All praise and glories to You, the only One worthy of

praise, adoration, worship and meditation upon.

All of our praises are to You.

We think of You as the Real Self, the pervader 

and transcender of body, mind, intellect, and ego; the 

Supreme Spirit, Eternal, the Source of Unlimited knowledge 

and Bliss; beyond form and formlessness, Transcendental 

to knower, knowledge, and known. 

Meditating on You, our own Super Soul, our very 

own Supreme Leader, purifies us of wrong concepts, such 

as the self is a temporary body, mind, intellect, or an ego.  As we are purified from wrong concepts, right concepts naturally come to the forefront.  This is our natural condition.

Gradually, as we are purified by Your association and truly 

awaken, we see that the system of all systems of suffering is 

Maya, Your illusory energy.  

These illusory energies, the senses and the 

monkey mind, the instigator of the insanity of the senses, are 

calmed and dissolved the more we are purified by the

association of always thinking of You.  Thank You for 

helping us to be free from the frustration and deep suffering 

of Maya by the spiritual practice of always thinking of You.

As the monkey mind is dissolved, our consciousness clears of 

the worlds of delusion, Maya.  Gradually, it returns to its 

pure spiritual nature.  This is where we have always been, 

albeit unconsciously because of  contamination and 


Meditating on You, our very own Supreme Being, within and

without, decalcifies our Pineal gland and reveals our original

fullness of Being. The more the Pineal gland is purified, the

greater our power  to come out of Maya and realize our 

original Divinity.

Thinking of You, concentrating on You and Meditating on 

You are the primary tools we are using for cleansing our 

Pineal gland.  It is purification of the Pineal gland which 

leads to cleansing of consciousness. 

We think of You as the Source of our freedom of inquiry 

and critical thinking.  Thinking of You, concentrating on You 

and meditating on You helps us come back to You, here, now, 

in this present moment. 

In our wellness of consciousness we know we are dealing with

systems created by other living beings.  Meditating on You 

fixes the mind on You and purifies it of illusory beliefs and 

other unedifying things. 

The ultimate goal of all of our endeavors is a return to 

conscious union with You.  We think of You as Pure 

Intelligence, the Creator, Maintainer, and Annihilator of all.

We think of You as the Source off all terrestrial and 

extraterrestrial worlds.  You have been, and are spiritual  

refuge, and strength. 

By always thinking of You we transcend and remain free 

from Maya.  Truly, You are our ever-present, Supremely

 Wise Friend in and beyond all times, causations, and


We are evermore blessed to be conscious of Your presence in 

the midst of mundane activities. This activity is the main 

association that is responsible for truly cleansing and 

purifying the Pineal gland into to its elastic roundness again.

Maya punishes, with vast and variegated kinds of  suffering, 

any living being who is caught and trapped, tangled, and 

frustrated in our attempts to be free from it.  Everything else 

we think we understand will, in the final  analysis, only 

confuse us more if we fail to understand how to be free from 


By fixing the mind on You, we purify and control it. This is 

the art and science of controlling the mischievous mind and 

the insatiable senses. 

 We can overcome the illusions of Maya;  

we comprehend what it is, exactly how it works, and how 

we can remain free from its pains and other sufferings by 

fixing the mind on You in constant remembrance. 

The system of systems, Maya, is an elaborate lie. It is the 

illusory energy of the Most High, Supreme Being. We can 

transcend and are freed from Maya by fixing our mind on 

You, the Generating, Organizing, Maintaining, and 

Destroying Power of the Cosmic Manifestation. 

Freedom from Maya and conscious union with You is true

freedom, real liberation, our original nature of being.  This is 

our eternal state which we can experience  now. 

Conscious union with You is the only state worthy 

of being attached to, for it cannot leave us. It is us.  All  

else will have to leave us.  You are Everlasting, Omnipresent, 

Peace.  You are always with us.  

 The more we are attached to things of the temporary worlds 

of illusion, the greater our suffering when it is torn from us. It 

will be torn from us.  Why become attached to that which will 

eventually be taken from us.  Better to be attached to You, the 

Self, Supreme Awareness, that which cannot leave us.

Our suffering is caused ultimately by our impurity of

consciousness. We can emancipate ourselves from suffering by

purifying our consciousness of anger, lust and greed. From 

these brigands arise illusion, madness, and envy. It is a 

process of cause and effect, or Karma. We can see 

this process throughout the creation.

We are reaping or bringing into our lives that which we

ourselves have sown; be it good or evil. Others are simply

instruments through which our Karma is delivered unto us. 

Our Karma can even come back to us in our dreams, through 

our thoughts, and schemes.

 Spiritual vexation, intellectual bondage, mental

agony, and physical pains of all sorts, can be sources of 

suffering, regardless of our material resources, honors among 

people, or influence in our community.

By nature we are eternal, full of unlimited bliss, and 

knowledge.  However, to experience this, we must clean our 

consciousness and be pure again.  The beginning of cleaning 

our total being is to engage our mind in always thinking of 


We think of You as eternally, pure, perfect, and free from all

sins.  To us, anything that takes us away from You is sin. 

What is called the mind is just bundles of sense impressions 

inside of consciousness.

By employing our mind in the purifying practices offered at

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, we can bring an 

end to our spiritual, intellectual, mental, and 

physical suffering.  We can be free again, in our original 

nature of Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace.

In Our Word, offering, submitting, serving or surrendering 

to You are all synonymous. In our spiritual practice, You are 

at the center of all we think, feel, will, say and do. 

These techniques or practices of submitting all to You enable 

us to gradually associate with You. Thus, our consciousness is 

purified and we gradually reawaken to our original nature, 

Your Eternal, Loving, Omnipresence. 

This reawakening is Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace, our 

original nature. This is where we were blissfully 

existing before we fell into Your illusory energy, Maya. 

 Our spiritual practice, as articulated here at 

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, is a way out of Your 

illusory energy, Maya, and to be reinstated in our original 

nature, an eternal life, full of unlimited knowledge, bliss, and 


We have come too far from where we started from. Thank 

You for helping us, for guiding us and protecting us us in our 

humble endeavors to help others while we return to You, 

here, in this moment.  

May we never despair, give up nor weaken, in this quest for  

ever greater union withYou, our Original Nature.  We think 

of You as the Highest Power, the Lowest Power, the Greatest 

power, the Supreme Being of our understanding.  

We believe You are within and outside of the 

Cosmic Manifestation.  

We think of You as the One Supreme Deity, Most Wise, Most 

Praise Worthy, Most Exalted.  For our greatest liberation, we 

Submit all to You alone. This process reinstates us here, 

now, in our original nature of Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace.

Thoughts are within consciousness.  
Feelings come out of 

thoughts.  Willing arises from  feelings.  Doing comes from 

willing.  Suffering comes to us as a consequence of our own 

wicked doing.  The more our consciousness is impure, the 

more we do wicked, selfish deeds and fall deeper into Maya, 

Your illusory energy. 

The more our consciousness is purified of  the contaminating 

influences of anger, lust, and greed, the more we are freed 

from Your illusory quagmire and covering  of Maya.  To the 

degree this is done, we exist in our original, pure nature of 

 Omnipresent, Eternal Peace.

We believe before there were any scriptures You existed, and 

we were offering all to You. Before there were any "Holy" 

places of pilgrimage, we were following 

righteousness, wanting for others that which we wanted for 

ourselves, while submitting all to You. 

Verily, we believe before time, places, and all circumstances 

You existed, pervading and transcending all beginnings, 

middles, and ends.  Before Alpha, the space between Mu and 

Nu, and after Omega, You exist.

Association engenders assimilation. This spiritual 

practice offered at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is an 

ongoing purificatory process; it enables us to consider and 

practice ways to associate with You, the Most Pure, the 

Supreme Love at the foundation of all being.

 We think of You as Pure Energy, within and beyond all 

genders, creeds, nationalities, plants, animals, hybrids, 

and species.  You are the Most Pure, the Source of all 

cleanliness and strength.  By Your Righteous association, we 

are purified and are reestablished in our original nature.

In our world, offering, submitting, serving or surrendering to 

You are all synonymous.  In our spiritual practice, You are at 

the center of all we think, feel, will, say and do. All that we 

think, feel, will, say, and do, we submit to You.

These  techniques or practices of submitting all to You enable 

us to gradually associate with You by always thinking of You. 

Eventually, we are able to meditate on You and gradually 

reenter Your eternally bliss-filled existence.

We are reawakening to Your Loving, Omnipresence.

This reawakening is Everlasting, Omniscent, Peace, our 

original nature. This is where we were blissfully 

existing before we fell into Your illusory energy, Maya.  

May we never despair, give up, nor weaken, in this quest for

You, our Original Nature.  We think of You, we concentrate 

on You, we meditate on You as the Omniscient Eternal 

Witness of Silence.  

We think of You as the Most Wise, the Greatest Power.  You 

are the Supreme Being of our understanding, inside and

outside of the Cosmic Manifestation.

We have come too far from where we started from. Thank 

You for helping us, for guiding us, and for protecting us in our

humble endeavors to help others, all sentient beings, while

we return to You, here, in this moment.  

We think of You as the Most Wise, the only Praise Worthy, 

Supremely Exalted.  For our self-refinement and greatest 

liberation, and consciousness reunion with You, we  Submit 

all to You alone.  This process reinstates us here, now, in our  

original nature of Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace.

How we fell or why we fell into Maya is not as important now 

as how to get out and stay out of Maya.  Our spiritual 

practice, as articulated here at

at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, is away out of 

Your illusory energy, Maya.  Moreover,

everlastingomnipresentpeace is a way back here, back to 

Your Sat Chid Ananda, Eternity, Knowledge, Bliss.  

As we get out of Maya by fixing our mind on You, we are 

reinstated in our original nature, an eternal life, full of 

unlimited knowledge and bliss. Gradually we are 

understanding how and why we fell into Maya.  However, the 

first business is to get out, and stay out of Maya.

                                                                            Om Tat Sat