Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



  Thinking of You  11

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.



When we changed the way we looked at the self, we changed
the way we looked at the world. When we changed the way 

we looked at the world, the world we looked at changed. 

Always thinking of You cleanses our consciousness.  As this 

happens, our dormant will and intelligence shines through, 

dispelling the clouds of ignorance.  The greatest ignorance is 

ignorance is ignorance of  Self.  Thank You for showing us 

how to know and master "Me" by always thinking of You.


The more we fix our mind on You our consciousness is 

cleansed of deceit and unrighteousness.  While this happens, 

our honour, pride, and self-respect are restored.  Thank 

You for teaching us how to always think of You.


Through the spiritual practice of thanking and praising You our

 consciousness is purified and returned to its natural quiet state.

 As this happens, and we can see, serve, experience, and follow 

You everywhere without leaving here.


We think of You as the subtlest foundation and region of all 

beings' consciousness.  This is Your Divine Awareness coming 

into the body through the Pineal Gland. 


Thank You for showing us that remembering You leads us 

forward to wisdom, enlightenment, unity, and familyhood 

with all Sentient Beings.  We think of You as the Be All in All, 

the Totality of the Consciousness and Awareness in and of all.


Everything is within You.  We think of You as the 

Supreme Awareness within and beyond everything, 

including emptiness and no-thing.  Always thinking of 

You leads to Enlightenment of the individual and 

eventually to the community at large.


We think of You as Absolute, Supernatural in all respects.  

You encompass, pervade and transcend nature and 

the cosmic manifestation.  Smaller than the smallest and 

larger than the largest, none can compare to Your Greatness. 


The more we see and serve You everywhere and in "Each 

Other" the greater is the spiritualization of our consciousness.

We are living in consciousness of spirit, Pure Energy as the 

Self.  We are living in consciousness of You as Supreme Spirit, 

Most Subtle, Most Powerful Energy, the Supreme Self.


We think of You  as Life Force, the Prana, Ultimate 

Pure Consciousness. Thank You for helping us to think of 

You constantly, thereby purifying our Pineal gland and our 



We think of You as the Supreme Absolute, beyond the un-

manifest, manifest causal states of  cosmic awareness.  Truly, 

You are the Indivisible One within everything.  We meditate 

on You as the Silence and the last Witness of all.


We think of  You as Divine Reality, the Primeval Energy, the 

 Eternal, Omnibenevolent One, the only reality, the 

foundation which surrounds, pervades and surpasses 

us and others, evil,  good,  and any other dualities.


Thank You Supreme Spirit of our Most Righteous Ancestors for 

teaching us the importance of  keeping an open mind and being flexible.

 Thank You for teaching us the importance of staying open to positive 

change  in light of new evidence, as we regain greater harmony with 

You and the universe.  We think of  You as our  Greatest Spirit, the 

Supreme Being  of all.


We think of You as the Eternal, Absolute, Source of all.  Anything

 else is temporary, therefore illusion.  It does not exist, does not endure.

  This includes names related to the material body, partnerships with You, 

and any other sort of identity related to the temporary body, mind, intellect,

 or ego.


All praise to You, Most Merciful and Completely Generous 

One. Thank You for helping us to always think of You. Your 

ceaseless mercy upon us. Thank You for showing us how 

remembrance of You brings us back to enlightenment and 

unity with ourselves and others.


We think of You as Eternal and Omnipresent.  Within and 

beyond pain, gain, joy; disappointment, thinker, thought; 

noise, silence, and all dualities, You are the undifferentiated, 

indivisible, Supreme, incomparable,  Absolute.  


 Thank You for helping us to know that purified intelligence  

helps us to know more about You. We purify our intelligence 

and raise our self knowledge and self esteem by always 

thinking of You.


We see that You  are the Power, the source of everything.  

You are the power that animates the  body, mind, intellect,

 ego, and illusion. You are the Source of the energy which

 flows through the Pineal Gland.