Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


    Thinking of You 15

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.


When we completely transcend our fallen condition, by being devoted to You, and are all 

cleaned up, if we so wish, we can determine why and how we fell into the illusory 

contamination. As for now, we are focusing on coming out of our fallen, contaminated, 

miserable condition of life.  We are doing this by always thinking of You. 


To the extent that our existence is purified, the greater we are edified, and we realize the 

Beloved Community.  This is Your Kingdom, here and now, our original, constitutional 

position, Home. We have inadvertently fallen into the illusory contamination, Maya. This 

we know. 


This spiritual practice brings a much needed positive revolution in our internalized self-

image and consciousness.  Always thinking of You is the catalyst for bringing about this 

healing  revolution in our consciousness. 


Gradually, we are healed of bodily identification and temporary designations.  This 

happens because of  our consciousness being purified of anger, lust, and greed by this 

spiritual practice of always thinking of You.


We can always think of You by surrendering all of our thinking, feeling, willing, and

 doing to You.  Gradually, the devotion to Your Will, the Way of Peace, comes to 

the front, becomes the main business, of our life.  


As our  devotion to You increases, we begin to feel greater  compassion for other living 

beings.  By degrees, compassion evolves, enlightenment comes, and Your Endless Love 

manifests through all levels of our consciousness.


You are our tried and true, real friend.  You have been with us and will always be with us.  

It is up to us to use our little independence to fix our mind on You and thus move 

ever closer to consciousness with You.


 The more we engage in always thinking of You, the more we return to being as we always 

were, Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.  We return as we were, an ever clearer and wider 

channel through which Your unlimited Goodness, Mercy, and Endless, Unconditional 

Love flows. 


We are, by Your Grace, constantly endeavoring to think of You and meditate on You more.  

We think of You as the One without a second,  the Source of all light, inner illumination,  

practical power, illumination, and self-cultivation.  We evermore thoughtfully manage and 

cultivate our life the more we fix our mind on You and think of You, as the Source of 

our  progress and right behavior.  


We improve ourselves and raise our nation, here, and now as we always think of You and 

meditate on You.  Our reawakening begins and continues to progress the more we engage 

in the spiritual purification practice of always thinking of You.  This is the Sadhana, the 

spiritual practice, articulated here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com. 


You pervade earth and heavens. We think of You as  our Redeemer, our Divine and 

Supreme Super Soul, the Incomparable Consciousness,  Chief Spirit, Unparalleled Being, 

our Peerless Awareness.  The primary business of our life is to rejoin You, consciously, 

here in this world of eternity, knowledge, and bliss.


Doing all prayer, study, and sacrifice for You, in remembrance of You, affords us the sacred 

privilege of thinking of You. Thinking of You brings us back into conscious union with of 

You.  We think of You as the Source of the creation, maintenance, annihilation, and 

recreation of all.


In this spiritual process, we are offering a very ancient, yet very new, refining and 

salvation of self and others.  Gradually, we are seeing, there is  no other.  There is only You 

alone. This spiritual practice revolves around prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right 

association, and meditation, with You at the center.  This is articulated quite extensively 

throughout  Out Word.


We think of You as the Never Fallen One and our Greatest decency, our Highest Good,  

manifesting in different degrees through all persons and personalities.  To the degree ones 

Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified, to that degree do Your Divine qualities  and 

attributes manifest in that consciousness, also called person or personality. 


The external material world is temporary and full of suffering.  It is Maya's web, more or 

less hell.  Conversely, The Spiritual World  pervades and transcends all worlds, internal 

and external.   This Spiritual World  is eternal, full of  knowledge and bliss.  It is our 

Source, our Home, our Divine Destiny.  It is the Eternal Source of the Bliss from which we 

                                                                          have fallen.


This One, Our Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Everlasting, Supreme Spirit/Energy, is One.  It 

is known by the Arabs as Allah, by the East Indians as Brahman, by the Buddhists as 

Buddha Nature, by the Christians as G d, and by many other names throughout the 

universe.  This One, beyond all names, we know also as Most Attractive, All Powerful 

Force, Gye Nyame.


We are in transition toward conscious reunion with You, this Eternal Being, This Supreme 

Spiritual Being of all. We are already This. Our Spiritual Practice cleanses our Pineal 

Gland and consciousness.  In this way, our minds are educated and uplifted, and we 

experience the reality of this Omnipresent Self as our own Supreme Awareness. 


 Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace are some of Your limitless virtues. When we are 

able to constantly remember You, as a result of submitting all our thinking, feeling, willing, 

and doing to You, the greater the purification of our existence; the more we reawaken to 

our eternal virtuous state of existence.