Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



    Thinking of You  17

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayatri.


Our offerings to You is associating with You.   Associating with You, the

 Most Pure, purifies our consciousness of wickedness. As this happens, we 

cease committing wicked deeds, making bad Karma, and life has more 

meaning, feeling, and purpose. We are gradually freed from Maya's fears 

and  addictions.  Slowly we reawaken to the Eternal Ecstasy of Your Divine, 

Tranquil, Bliss Filled Omnipresence.  


Always thinking of You is a way of concentrating the mind on 
You and avoiding, 

turning away, negative or wicked thoughts before they come into consciousness

 and settle here.  In this way we keep the consciousness at peace and returning 

to the  bliss of Your Infinity.


Gradually, as our consciousness is purified, we return to You, our original 

Divinity,  here, now, in this present moment, where we have always been.  By 

constantly thinking  of You, our Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified, 

and we are increasingly  able to give up sense desire and turn from our wicked 



Our suffering or joy is the result of our own doing, our Karma, which comes 

out of our own thoughts, wicked or good.  Other people, places, things and 

occurrences are simply instruments through which our Karma, bad or good,

 returns to us.  We are responsible for our condition.  This, to us, is the Law 

of the Most High.  This is Karma, Justice in the universe.


We think of You as the Source of Real Love, Unselfish, Unconditional Love.

 Endless Love.  This is the Love that gives the best without a test, that waits

 not for a blessing in return.  This is You, our Everlasting Love. 


Taking refuge in You by always thinking of You, we overcome the dominance of

 Maya.  Point in fact, other than You, no power can rescue us from the spiritual,

 intellectual, mental and physical wretchedness, the torment and other agonies of 



If allowed, wicked thoughts will fill our consciousness.  As that happens, our consciousness 

sinks ever deeper, into the miserable frustrations, and heavy strains of Maya's strong webs 

of entanglements.  Constant remembrance of You purifies our consciousness.  We are able 

to treat others in the spirit of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace, as we would like to be 

treated. In this spirit, we awaken and rise out of the bondage of Maya, Hell.


We think of You as the Source of Infinite Freedom.  By the spiritual practice of seeing the 

self as awareness and by always thinking of you, we return to total liberation in union with 



Always thinking  of You purifies our consciousness.  Some of the fruits of purified 

consciousness are recognition of Silence, increase energy, joy, and enlightenment. 

 These some of the attributes of freedom from Maya.


We thank our good Karma, our Ancestors, and You, for awakening our discrimination and 

guiding us in the right way to reach You.  All that we do, with our most sincere Praise and 

and Thanksgiving, we offer to You.  Glorification, and Exaltation, through the Sun, Silence, 

Space, and Nothing, we submit wholly to You. 


We think of You as the Center-less Center point within and beyond all atoms, subatomic

 particles and vibratory phenomena.  Throughout the Cosmic Manifestations, no 

matter how subtle,  a phenomenon might be, You are the Most Subtle, the Supreme 

Knower, and Witness of all.  


We think of You as the Source of  the beginning, middle, and end of all creation, 

maintenance, and annihilation.  Of the eminent, no matter how large or small, You, 

the beginning beginning, middle, end, and beyond, are the Greatest.


Purity of consciousness empowers us to treat others, all others, as we would 

like to be treated.  We know, it is not how others treat us, but how we treat others that 

determines what comes back around to us.  This is the law of cause and effect, the Law of 

Karma.  However, we do not behave in this way just because it is the Law.  We do this 

because of our purity of heart/consciousness.


We think of You as the Supreme Absolute, the Source of the  reconciliation of all 

paradoxes.  Thank You for showing us  how to resurrect ourselves from spiritual 

death by always  thinking of You. 


We think of You as the Supreme Knower and Observer in all sights, forms, sounds 

and silence. Verily, You are the Most Powerful, the Immovable who empowers 

others to move.  You can do what no amount of material wealth can do; get us 

out and keep us out of Maya.


We think of You as within and beyond creation, maintenance, and annihilation.  As 

we associate with You by remembrance of You, our consciousness is purified.  As this 

happens, we understand and accept Karma.  Gradually, we stop complaining about 

having been treated wickedly, and we stop treating others, any others, with evil, 

exploitative, intentions.


You are the Uncreated, Omnibenevolent, Supreme consciousness of all.  The 

Omnipresent One, You are the Source of all Creativity, Intelligence, Mercy,

Forgiveness and Stillness.  As we have done to anyone, we have done to You.


We think of You as the Conscience, beyond unconsciousness and consciousness. 

 Thank You for raising us from ignorance to knowledge.  Your Divine Presence 

radiates through out our being from the Pineal Gland for the benefit of all.