Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



 Bhakti Yoga 

 Concentration  13

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You  Aum.  Thank You Gayatri.


Our purity of consciousness increases as a result of  concentrating on You.  

We concentrate on You as the Source and Witness of all Consciousness.   All 

 we think, feel, will, feel, say and do is witnessed by You.  We concentrate on 

You.  Gradually our  consciousness is  cleansed and there is restoration of our

 original pride, dignity, and self respect leading back to Divine Awareness.


We concentrate on You as within and beyond space, time and 

circumstance.  Moreover, we think of You as the Source of 

Spiritual Consciousness and the Righteous Power that 

protects Justice, Karma.  Thank You for granting us success 

in our humble attempts to concentrate on You in so many 



Concentration on You is is accomplished through righteous prayer, study,

 sacrifice, service, meditation, right association, and constant praise and

 thanksgiving offered to You. Thank You for accepting this and all of our 

other humble offerings.  They are definitely helping us accomplish our 

goal of conscious union with You.


Concentrating on You, the Most Pure, our character is purified; we are 

transformed from unconscious, inconsiderate, devilish, brutes, to kind, 

loving, understanding, and forgiving beings.


In the process of  concentrating on You, reclaiming our vision, 

and returning to Divine Consciousness, comes the  realization 

that "Others" or "Them" are really reflections of  Supreme 

Being, just as we are. "They" are "Us."


As a result of experiencing the inner joy and contentment, the

fulfillment of You, by concentrating on You, we are regaining

 our original conscious union with You, the only reality.


We concentrate on You as Unchanging, the Source of all, 

inauspiciousness and auspiciousness.  The more we know 

You, through research, observation, and experience, the 

more we are at peace with every sentient being.


We concentrate on You as the Highest, Best, and Most Exquisite 

and powerful of all tastes.  Purification of our consciousness back to 

You is an ever better peace.  This empowers us to more easily release 

the lower, enslaving taste and desire for insatiable sense gratification, 

Maya.  Thank You for showing us how to concentrate on You


We concentrate on You as our Original Prime Cause of all causes, 

the Unbounded One who pervades and transcends all cultures 

and species of life.  While concentrating on You through our

 prayers, studies, and nonviolent sacrifices, we develop attachment

 to You.