Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Bhakti Yoga 

 Concentration  14

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You  Aum.  Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You, Supreme Purity and Power, for teaching us how

 to  worship  You, and You alone.  We are doing this by 

concentrating on You as Supreme Awareness, the Source of

 Sound and Silence.


As we increase our concentration on You, our consciousness 

and awareness are purified by virtue of Your association.  

Consequently we are performing our mundane tasks more 

efficiently with greater love and affection for You and all

 Sentient Beings.


We concentrate on You as the Supreme Awareness that is here

 before the beginning of the universe.  We concentrate on You as

being here before all other awareness.  We concentrate on You 

to regain our original state of peace of being.  This is our reunion 

with You, our Supreme  Being.


The more we concentrate on You, the more we see that no 

matter how many complete units emanate from You, are 

maintained by You, and ultimately simultaneously consumed 

by You, You always remain the same. 


We concentrate on You as within and beyond love and 

happiness.  We think of You as Eternal, Blissful All 

Auspiciousness, within and far beyond the furnace of

 affliction,  Maya.


Thank You for helping us restore ourselves us to our original 

consciousness of love, compassion, charity, sanity, sobriety, 

and goodwill.  We concentrate on You as the Source, the 

Supreme Being, the Source that is within and beyond all.


As a result of concentrating on You, our intelligence is ever 

sharper and clearer.  Moreover, we are experiencing the 

reality of Omnipresent Peace.  We are seeing that You are all 

and all is You.  However, You are here before, during, and 

after all as the Supreme Witness of all, including You.


As a result of this spiritual practice of concentrating on You,

 we are ever more in harmony with Your will, the way of Peace.  

We are eternally grateful to You for leading us in this spiritual 

practice of concentrating our consciousness on You.


 If we are to be increasingly victorious in this battle  to get out

 of Maya and continue to progress back to You, our original 

consciousness, we must reabsorb our consciousness back into the

 eternality of You.  We are doing this by concentrating on You.


As this association with You, by concentrating on You, is practiced 

 the cleansing of anger, lust, and greed happens throughout our 

consciousness. At last, all comes back to You,  the Unchanging, One

 Source, who pervades and transcends all beginnings, middles, and