Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


   Bhakti Yoga

     Concentrating on You  2

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You for showing us how to awaken 

in harmony with You and thereby be in sync with all throughout the 

Cosmic Manifestations. One way we do this is chanting about nby praising 

and thanking You constantly.


The goal of our life is conscious union with You, our Supreme Being.  

We concentrate  on You as the Source of the energy, intelligence, and 

creativity of the Universe.  


We think of the knowledge of Self as being the highest, the 

greatest education.  Without knowledge of Self first, all 

other knowledge, in the last analysis, has no foundation, no 

meaningful purpose.  


Thank You for helping us remember You as pervading and 

transcending the totality of all parts of the universe.  Thus, 

we are regaining true knowledge of Self as infinite Eternal 

 Awareness of all. 


Sharing knowledge, observation, and experience of You is our 

Divine  Spiritual Legacy.  You are  the Foundation and Center

 Point of all existence, our All in all, pervading and transcending



The more we gain knowledge of You by always thinking of 

You, the greater is our knowledge of  Self.  This 

 knowledge has the transformational power to change our 

consciousness from that of brute, to that of compassionate,

empathetic living being.


We concentrate on You as the Source of life and light, the creator, 

maintainer, and the annihilator  of all strife.  Conscious reunion

 with You, from whom we can never truly be separated, is the real

 goal of  knowledge and education, spirituality and edification.  It 

is the greatest aim, and gain, to be realized in this, and any other, 



Real knowledge of self, knowledge and experience 

that we are Awareness not a body with a soul but the soul, 

Awareness, with a body.  This self concept and experience, 

along with always thinking of Youbrings us back into 

conscious union with You, our original Divine Nature.  This, 

to us, is the best aim of  our life and the true goal of Yoga.


Offering everything to You is devotion to You. This is a way we

 concentrate on You, our character is refined, and our Divine Nature

 shines forth.


True knowledge of Self brings in its wake self control.  Self 

control is accomplished by always thinking of You.  By 

keeping the mind concentrated on You, the consciousness 

aligns with Your will, the way of Peace.  As this happens, the 

ego, intellect, mind, and the body comes back under Your 

Divine Guidance.