Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


      Concentration  8

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You for revealing to us various methods of 

concentrating on You.  By concentrating on You through our 

prayers, studies, and nonviolent sacrifices, we are empowered 

to restrain the senses from their objects and gradually experience 

the Omnipresence of Your Peace


Thank You for our fulfillment. Thank You for our peace.  

Thank You for our returning to our original respect and love 

for You. Thank You for showing us how to realize Your 

Loving Omnipresence within and without everyone by 

concentrating on You.


We are surly sowing what we will reap, and reaping what 

we have sown. Thank You for helping us clean our Pineal 

Gland by concentrating on You.  The more this happens, we 

are strong enough to turn from our wicked ways and sow

                         righteous thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Concentrating on You, we gradually awaken and realize You 

as the changeless truth.  You are within and beyond the vast 

and variegated images, names, forms and formlessness.


The various degrees of suffering are associated with the 

illusory worlds of dualities. Those illusory worlds are also 

known as hell, Maya.  Thank You for encouraging us to 

concentrate freely and independently on You.


Coming to the spiritual platform, seeing the self as spiritual, 

changes our mind and the way we see the world.  Most of all, 

concentrating on You, the source of the power of the objects of 

the senses, and perception, gradually liberates us from the 

bondage of sense gratification and attachment to illusory 

objects of perception.


Thank You for helping us transcend the miseries of 

material existence.  We concentrate on You as the Original 

Progenitor, the One, the Greatest Simplicity, and the 

Source of infinite beauty and boundless blessings.


We concentrate on you as the Most Perfect, the Radiant 

Essence, the Source of steady intelligence.  You are the 

Centermost  Divinity which makes our unity perfect. 

  Aum Tat Sat.


You, the One, the Greatest, the Self Produced, Supreme 

Being, are within all the gods yet all the gods together cannot 

contain You.  We concentrate on You, through our prayers, 

studies, and nonviolent sacrifices, for our spiritual 

development and eventual union with You.