Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Bhakti Yoga

Hearing   2

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.


When the consciousness is unclean, our thoughts 

are unclean.  Negative, unclean, harmful, deeds have their 

roots in impure thoughts.  We suffer as  a result of our 

unclean, harmful deeds to our self as well as others.  We must 

reap that which we have sown. 


 Therefore, it is in our enlightened self interest to clean our 

consciousness so that we will be clean and strong enough to

 treat others better than we want to be treated.  This  is a way

 we  can get out of Maya and be ever freer from suffering.


 The more we remember You, the more we purify our 

consciousness and see how to be free, and be free, from 

the illusion, madness, and envy of Maya.  


Your illusory energy, Maya is truly the Slave Plantation 

of deep, almost inescapable, misery.  Thank You for helping 

us remember You and thus be free from Maya.


Positive, clean, beneficial, liberating deeds have their  roots 

in pure thoughts.  Our thoughts become pure as our 

consciousness becomes pure.  Always thinking of You, the 

Most Pure, is our consciousness purifying process.


When the consciousness is unclean, our thoughts are 

unclean.  Negative, unclean, unbeneficial deeds have their 

roots in impure thoughts, which have their source in unclean,

impure consciousness. 


Exodus, for us, means remembering You, purifying our 

consciousness of anger, lust, and greed, and transcending 

Maya.  Unless we come out of Maya, we are doomed to 



We are in Maya because of our impure thoughts 

and deeds.  Forgetfulness of You is the main reason 

we remain in Maya.  Thank You for helping us remember 



We purify our consciousness by focusing it on You. We purify 

our thoughts by always thinking of You.  This is association with 

You, the purifying agent for our consciousness.  Association breeds 



Positive, clean, edifying deeds have their roots in Pure thoughts.  In

 the light of our knowledge, observation, application, and experience, 

we think of You as the Most Pure.  Again, thinking of You is the purifying 

agent for the edification and unification of our consciousness.


We gradually stop making bad Karma, caused by our own 

unethical deeds, the more our consciousness is purified by 

always thinking of You.   


Positive, clean, beneficial deeds have their roots in pure 

thoughts.  The total Peace of You is the origin of Pure 

thoughts.  Thank You for helping us to always think of You.


Deeds that we participate in that are not offered to You, and  

cause the spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical 

suffering of others are wicked deeds. 


Thoughts that we let enter our consciousness that  are 

negative and unedifying are wicked.  Remembering You 

wards them off, turns them around and keeps them out of 

our consciousness.


We must move away, to the best of our ability, from

 participation in wicked deeds that deprive innocents of the

 same rights which we hold most dear. 



We move away from wicked deeds by always thinking of You, 

we purify our consciousness.  The more our consciousness is 

purified, the less we entertain wicked thoughts, participate in 

wicked deeds, make bad Karma, and eventually suffer. 


The more our consciousness is  purified, the more we want 

and grant for our siblings, all Sentient Beings, that which we 

want and grant to our self.  This practice moves us ever closer 

to conscious unity with You, the quintessence of what Every 

thing and No thing is.


 However, we cannot work our way out of the results of our 

own doings, Karma.  Submission to You does that. Selfish 

thoughts words, or deeds contaminate our consciousness and 

keep  us in Maya.  Submissions to You purify our consciousness

 and empower us to transcend Maya.