Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Hearing   5

 You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.


We begin helping our self by thinking of You,  

concentrating on You, and meditating on You.  This is the

spiritual practice we are using to control our mind, purify 

our consciousness and return to consciousness of You. 


This purification process reestablishes us 

in our proper spiritual identity.  We can begin this Self-

unfolding process by chanting Your Holy names.  


As the mind becomes increasingly still, we can slowly 

release the name and meditate on Silence itself.  Gradually, 

we can release meditating on Silence, and meditate on You  

as  the Changeless Witness of the changing frequencies of 



 Later we can see You as the Changeless Witness of the space 

between the frequencies of Silence.  As we meditate further, 

we are able, as Awareness, to meditate on the Changeless Self 

meditating on Itself meditating  on all of this.


Lower consciousness is defaced of ignorance by this spiritual 

practice of remembering You. Gradually, consciousness 

expresses its original position.  


This indigenous spiritual situation, our original Awareness, 

 is beyond stress and strain, good and evil, near and beyond, 

in and out, and all other dualities.   It, Divine Consciousness, 

Supreme awareness, is always here.


Our House of worship is anywhere there is Silence, and 

Silence is always here, even in the midst of noise.  Actually, 

noise is within this Omnipresent Silence.  


We can witness Silence and listen to it as our meditation tool.

If for some reason we cannot concentrate nor meditate on 

Silence, we can chant orally or silently Your Holy names as 

our meditation tool.  The goal is to purify our consciousness 

via Your association wherever we are or whatever we are 



You are the Supreme Intelligence of the universe which 

creates, maintains, and annihilates all. We associate 

with You, by this practice of calling out Your names, and

meditating on silence from the sixth chakra, this is the area 

behind the eyes between the front and back of the head. This 

area is also known as the Chidakasa.


You are the One, Independent, Divinity pervading and 

transcending all. You are beyond thought, yet there can be no 

thought without You. Thank You for teaching us how to abide 

in the Silence, meditating on the Silence undistractedly.


Calling out Your Names is a method of fixing the mind 

on You.  When doing this, we are purifying 

our consciousness and coming into greater harmony with 

You and the universe.


We know from the evidence of our own consciousness 

cleansing  process, lower consciousness is cleansed of all 

misgivings by fixing the mind on You. This is one way we 

transcend the suffering of insatiable desires for sense 



When we have begun seeing Awareness looking out through 

everybody, we are returning to where we have always 

been: Absolute Awareness, free from the illusion of 

dismemberment, of coming and going; rising and falling, 

higher and lower; freedom and entanglement, ignorance and 



Know Thy Self. Know Thy Self  is accomplished by first 

to the spiritual platform, seeing the self as spirit 

looking out from Infinite Spirit through the Pineal gland. 

From the Pineal Gland, intelligence, creativity, and energy 

radiates throughout the material body, mind, and intellect.


You are Pure Awareness, in and beyond Your vast 

and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of 

consciousness. You are beyond the mind and intelligence. In 

the body, You are manifesting through the Pineal Gland.


From the Pineal Gland, You radiate energy, intelligence, and 

creativity throughout the body. There can be no thought 

nor imagination without You, the Source of all energy, 

known as consciousness in the body.


Chanting is one way of associating with You.  Association 

with You empowers our consciousness to reawaken 

to  Its original essence:  The Most Pure, Oneness in 

harmony with the Limitless Freedom of You.


Gradually, by the grace of chanting Your Holy Names and 

meditating on Silence, we are healed, whole, Pure Awareness 

again.  Thank You for helping us to purify our consciousness.

  To the degree this is done, we fearlessly see awareness looking

 out through everybody.