Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



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Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gayathri.


Always thinking of You, concentrating of You, and meditating on 

You as Supreme Awareness is the Operating System, the means, 

we use to purify, guide, and restore our awareness to Conscious 

union with You. 


Filling our consciousness with thoughts of You keeps out negative 

thoughts and helps our consciousness come out of conflict back 

to Purity, Sanity, Harmony, and Infinite Tranquility.  This is the 

Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace of Union with You,  the

 Source of all Self Cultivation, Culture, Awareness, and Divine



Association with You, by always thinking of You, cleanses the

 consciousness bringing it back to compassion, love, and charity on 

Its return to You, Pure Awareness.  So, our education, entertainment, 

and association should be edifying.  It should help us to always 

think of You.


Always thinking of You, concentrating of You, and meditating on You is 

the Operating System, the means, we use to purify, guide, and restore 

our awareness to Conscious union with You.  It guides our consciousness 

from conflict back to Purity, Sanity, and You, The Love Supreme.  


Remembering the self as Spirit, Energy, or Awareness, and You as the 

Most Righteous Beginning,  the Supreme Spirit, Energy, or Awareness

 of all,  is the Source of the intelligence of everlastingomnipresentpeace.com. 

 This Means, this Operating System, this Spiritual Practice, cleanses our

 consciousness and It returns to Its original nature of  Blissful Tranquillity,

 Supreme Awareness, Eternal Union with You.


We believe, in the light of research and critical thinking, that 

Your cosmic Law is the Law of Karma:  Reaping and sewing; 

cause and effect.  We suffer,  or we are at peace because of 

our own Karma.  


We think of You as Eternal, All Mighty, Pure Awareness.  You are Infinitely 

Knowledgeable, the Most Righteous, and Infinitely Free of all flaws.  Thank You 

for teaching us the importance of doubting, and thinking independently and critically 

about everything, including Karma, Maya, and You.


All praise is due to You alone. It is the constant remembrance 

of  You that purifies our consciousness and raises our 

character out of more or less hell.  As this happens, we are 

reestablished us in our original position of  conscious union 

with You.


We think of You as the Greatest Spirit or Energy, the Source of all, that 

pervades and transcends the Cosmic Manifestations. The closer we 

get to You, consciously, the more we transcend Karma, Judgement 

Day, every day, and experience the Eternal, Ecstatic Bliss of Your 



Our original, Divine Virtuousness naturally manifests through 

our behavior the more our consciousness is purified by the

 Divine Virtue of  Your association.  Through Your 

association our Pineal Gland is  decalcified.  The more

this happens, the greater we experience Your Divine Love

vibrating through every pore of our being.


We think of You as the Monarch of all Loves, the ultimate 

goal of all life processes, the source of character building 

knowledge, and You are the goal of real Education, Soul 

Restoring  Education. 


This Site is an offering to You, the One in the many in whom

 the many are One.  May You, the reservoir of all Love,

 creation, maintenance, and dissolution be pleased with our 

humble offerings of devotion and love.  


Directly perceptible  through experience, supported by

great spiritual leaders and scriptures, reason and common

sense, the practice of remembering You is our real solution.

It frees us from the worldly poisons of lust, anger, and greed.

Simultaneously, we arte reestablished in Love, Compassion, 

and Charity.


We remember You as immanent and transcendental Love. 

 This Love simultaneously fills all space and time.  It 

vibrates in ecstasy throughout earth and every pore of 

our material body. It is within and beyond the complete 

being of the universe. 


Thank You for helping us experience the fact that Your 

Eternal, Omnipresent Kingdom of Tranquil, Vibrational 

Love is, in fact, within and beyond our own immediate 

 consciousness and awareness.  It is Transcendental Bliss.