Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Remembering  You   11

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You for showing us how to remember You in the sad as 

well as the happy times by remembering to do all as 

submission to You. This is the way we are lifting ourselves by 

Our Self out of the ignorance, sin, and bondage in which we 

found our consciousness in the material world.


As Divine Reality, You are Supernatural Being, The Primeval 

Energy, The Life Activator, The Prana, Ultimate Pure Awareness

of all Consciousness.  Thank You for teaching us how to remember

You and thus be consciously whole again:  Centered, balanced, and in

 harmony with the universe.  We are doing this by first being centered, 

balanced, and in harmony with You.  We are doing this by remembering

 You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.


As a result of experiencing the inner joy and contentment 

which comes from serving You, we are losing our attachment 

to that which does not exist, the material world, Your illusory 

energy.  Moreover, with increasingly purified consciousness, 

we are reclaiming our ancient Educational System and our 

Cultural Heritage centered in You. 


 Armed with the right knowledge  of Self, we we regain our 

self-esteem and our original culture.  Gradually, we evolve to 

the best we can be in this universe, truly United, God

Conscious individuals, One Universe pervaded and 

transcended by You with Liberty and Justice for all.


The rising and falling of the ocean's surf, its mist and all the 

grains of sand on the shore are all pervaded and transcended 

by You, the only true endurance, the One Omnipresent 



Thank You for helping us restore our individual and collective 

memory.  Please engage us ever more in Your transcendental 

loving service. You are the only reality.  Everything else is 

illusion.  It has no endurance.  It does not exist.
  You never 

cease existing.  Therefore, You are the only reality.


We think of You as the Supreme Power which pervades and 

transcends every subatomic particle.  These constitute 

ocean, air, fire, mind, intelligence and ego of all sentient 



We think of You as the Sustainer of the space in which the 

cosmic manifestations have their beginning, maintenance, 

dissolution, and resurrection.  Thank You for helping us to 

serve You ever better than before.


We are thinking about You, concentrating on You, and 

meditating on You.  In this light, we are arriving at the 

conclusion that all identity, and coherency are within You and 

You are within all.  Nonetheless, all can never contain You.  


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Supreme Holy Spirit and Ultimate Guide.  Thank You 

for helping us transcend the trouble inherent in Your illusory 

energy, Maya, by remembering and serving You in all we do.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as Supreme Love of all. Your eternal Peace is always with us.  

Thank You for revealing to us this ancient method of 

purifying, awakening and restoring our total consciousness. 

This is done by always remembering You, and serving You in 

all we think, feel, will, say, and do.


       We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on 

You as the Supreme Witness of all complementary and 

opposite values.  We think of You, we concentrate on You, we 

meditate on You as the One Witness of  the coming together, 

the pausing, and the dissolution of all phenomena.


 We think of You as the Supreme Divinity of all. We are all 

One in You. You are truly the only One worthy of service and 

worship. All of our spiritual practice revolves around 

fixing the mind on You, the Supreme Spiritual Energy 

flowing through all. 


 We transform ourselves into higher, more enlightened beings 

by thinking of You, offering to You, concentrating on You, 

and meditating on You.  Thank You for teaching us how to 

always think of  You.


Fixing the mind on You purifies and re-inflates the nearly 

dried out Pineal Gland.  The more the Pineal Gland becomes 

flexible, by the consciousness being fixed on You, it expands, 

and has a greater capacity to channel Your energy, creativity, 

and intelligence.  


 Please accept this humble offering with our love and 

devotion to You alone.  This service, submitted to You 

with love and devotion, helps us fix our consciousness on You.

By doing this, our knowledge of Self is regained, and our 

strength, dignity, and unity are restored.


We think of  You as the One, the Greatest Animating Force, 

which circumscribes, suffuses, and is simultaneously beyond 

the planets, galaxies, interspace, outer space, and all cosmic 



All manifestations, no matter how big or small, they all come, 

are maintained, and dissolve within You. Verily, You are

spread through, keep within bounds, and are above the 

highest, lowest, grossest and most subtle vibrations 

throughout the cosmic manifestations.