Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



  Remembering You  15

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We meditate on You as here and beyond. We meditate on You 

as the One who pervades and transcends I, am, 

inner, outer and all other dualities.  We meditate on You as 

our own Supreme Being, Eternal, Pure Awareness.


We meditate on You as within and beyond being and non-

being, self and non-self, empty and full, center and center-

lessness, visible and invisible, Ying and Yang, and any other 

versions of dualities.   Thank You for allowing us to experience

how You are the Supreme Absolute, All Pervasive, Transcendental, 

Ultimate Reality.


Thank You for teaching us to believe and speak only when 

what we have seen, heard, or experienced aligns with our 

knowledge, observation, and experience.  Moreover, it should 

help us remember You, return to consciousness of You, have 

direct experience of Oneness withYou, in this moment.  


Otherwise, if our surroundings are not conducive to  

remembering You, Silence and Silent meditation on 

the Witness of the Sound and Sight of the infinite frequencies 

of Silence is best for continuous self  improvement and the 

return to You.


We think of You, we concentrate  on You, we meditate on You 

as within and beyond the energy which vibrates at various

frequencies.  Verily, You are immanent within the

vibratory fields, and simultaneously, You are far beyond 



We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Immovable Witness of the Infinite Stillness of Being

 and all other states of Being and Nonbeing.  Thank You for 

showing us how to remember You.


Thank You for showing us how to purify our lower 

consciousness by remembering to serve You. The more this is 

done our consciousness is freed from contamination and we 

increasingly exhibit loving kindness toward all sentient 



We think of  You as the Supreme Divinity of all the gods and 

lords. Thank You for advising us to Serve/Submit all we 

think, feel, will, say and do to You.  By doing this our 

consciousness is purified and our will gradually harmonizes 

with Your will, the way of Peace.  


As our will gradually harmonizes with Your will, the more 

abundant are our virtues.  Moreover, the greater our ability 

to hear You and follow Your Righteous guidance.  Thus we 

return, back to our historical accuracy, our 

 transcendental memory, and our material and spiritual  



We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the only One Beyond unconditioning and conditioning.  To 

us, You are the basis of all spirituality and religion, suffusing 

and transcending all sorts of character and substance. 

Simultaneously, You are supporting and sustaining 

all attributes of morality and all levels  of  consciousness

throughout the universe. 


This spiritual practice of constantly remembering You is our 

real solution.  It works,  bringing us back to our beginning, 

beyond DNA, Ancestors, Galaxes, time and space. 


We are living in the present moment, doing good, not for 

expectation of future rewards, but simply out of the clean 

consciousness and right spirit that comes as consequence of 

our purification process.  It occurs as a result of constant 

remembrance of You. 


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the First, the Last, the Ultimate Witness of the Greatest 

Noise and the Greatest Silence.  Thank You for granting us 

this sacred privilege of increasingly remembering You.  The 

few glimpses we have had of You and Your Glory are the 

basis for our optimism.


Our  service to You is surrender to You. This entire action 

plan and spiritual practice is designed to help us to associate 

with You and remember You.  Associating with You is how we 

are coming back to Awareness with You.  


There can be focus points or things that help us remember 

You.  However, sooner or later, these focus points have to be 

discarded.  Even so,  they can be of help at the beginning of 

our spiritual evolution.  


However, at a certain point these so called focus points 

 hinder our spiritual vision, experience, and our union 

with You.  Undoubtedly, You are beyond all names, forms, 

and mental concepts. 


Meditating upon and within this Great Silence, the 

individual self is totally absorbed. We think of You, we  

concentrate on You, we meditate on You as the One who 

pervades and transcends the breath.  You are the Source

 of this Great Silence, the Greatest of all energies, and the 

Supreme Awareness of all. 


No doubt, You are in the many and the many are suffused 

with You.  Nevertheless, You are beyond the many and the 

Great Silence.  The Ultimate Goal of our action plan and the 

motivator of our spiritual practice is longing to be reunited 

with You, Our Supreme Being.